Before you forward that fascinating email, please check to see if it is true first. to the rescue.

I get a lot of email. I have to sift through a bunch of garbage to see if there is anything worth reading.

There are a whole bunch of emails going around that demand to be forwarded to everybody you know. STOP!

Most of these fascinating stories, pictures, history, virus warnings, news articles, etc, are fake. does a fantastic job of researching all the new (and old) emails going around.

Here’s what to do. Copy one line or a few words that are unique about this story and put it in a search engine. More likely than not, will be near the top.

I got an email today telling everybody about a new virus. Well here is the page that says it is a hoax: says whether it is true or false. It it is true, just copy the Snopes url and paste it at the top of the email and forward it along. Your friends will thank you for the confirmation that it is true.

But, if it is false, please do not forward it.

Thank you,


President of the Committee to Keep Fake Stuff out of my Email Inbox Already!

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20 responses to “Before you forward that fascinating email, please check to see if it is true first. to the rescue.


    Since I first went online nearly 16 years ago I have seen tones of urban legends, hoaxes and plain old fantasies passed around. Once my contacts diiscovered that I consider rumor mail and chain letters to be a waste of bandwidth and that I rarely forward anything, the number of hoaxes popping up in my inbox fell off drastically.

  2. X-Evolutionist

    Rocket: I rarely forward anything, maybe one thing a month, and then only to my mother and husband. I think most of it is a waste of time, apparently like you. My father thinks he is a historian, but likes to forward stuff that is not true even after I send him a snopes link. X

  3. Jen

    This is a brilliant idea. Well spotted.

  4. Fernando

    What? Are you becoming an skeptic? Be careful X, if you start checking your facts you may lose your fait =P

  5. Cynical

    I don\’t recall finding a study anywhere that scientifically correlated faith with stupidity. I did a rant about three (?) months ago on this subject. Forwarding becomes even more dangerous when you don\’t even bother to remove the last five or six mailing groups that sent it to you. I\’ve been doing a relatively unscientifically sound study about how many private emails are exposed by forwarding useless stuff. So far, I have 37 pages of live addresses that have been exposed to more than the irritation of having to delete them from their mailbox.Peace, Doc

  6. Mandy

    When I get those type of emails X, I check, just google generally comes up with several pages you can check it on, I have not found one to be true yet!! When they come up false as they do I forward result to sender and everyone they\’ve kindly let me see, in recipient list! I get fewer and fewer! They are after all just as much SPAM as spam!incidentally I got an email from coffee group this AM!

  7. X-Evolutionist

    Mandy: Sorry about the mass mailing to Coffee Talk. That is against all my groups policies and I responded to the sender yesterday. X

  8. X-Evolutionist

    Doc said: "I don\’t recall finding a study anywhere that scientifically correlated faith with stupidity" Great line, Doc! Thanks. X

  9. X-Evolutionist

    @Fernando: Hi! It\’s nice to see you again. Stump the Creationist merged with sister group Coffee Talk: If you are not a member yet, we\’d love to have you. X

  10. X-Evolutionist

    Rocket and Jen: I\’m glad you agree! X

  11. Fernando

    @Cynical Psychologi​st.Are you saying that a person that forwards an email that a friend sent him is stupid? No sir, that person is just uninformed and credulous. Faith is just the superlative, institutionalized expression of credulity; so my comment is perfectly valid.X, I\’m joining the group. Shouldn\’t you close the other one to avoid confusions?

  12. X-Evolutionist

    @Fernando: I sent an email to everybody in Stump the Creationist that it was merging with Coffee Talk, and to reapply there. do not want to close Stump the Creationist because there are too many great conversations I want to save there. X

  13. Cassie

    Faith, my dear Fernando, is alright in its way. But read Judges 6:36 on and you will find that checking the facts has Biblical sanction. If only more people were aware of what the Bible actually SAYS there\’d be less silliness talked about "faith".

  14. X-Evolutionist

    Cassie: Thank you. It is hard for me to blame people like Fernando. I used to think creationists were ignorant, and now I am one. You know what they say about payback…. X

  15. Cassie

    You\’re most welcome. And while I\’m not a Creationist in the current sense one might call me a Creationist in the Darwinian sense 🙂 Darwin never said God was not the Creator of All Things—he was simply exploring HOW the creation worked. And, while I know that Creationists would argue with his theory I don\’t really think we need to waste time on that sort of thing. What we agree on is that God (by whatever name one may know Him) IS and IS the Creator—and that\’s vastly more important than arguing the details.

  16. X-Evolutionist

    Cassie said: "one might call me a Creationist in the Darwinian sense :-)" Just for kicks, Cassie, you might take a peak at the blog I wrote last night about what creationists believe. My problem is not that God is not being acknowledged as creator, my problem is that Darwin\’s evolution does not have the proof that we are told it has. I wrote last night about the evidence that is actually out there in the animal kingdom, and how a creationist looks at it. X

  17. Cassie

    Yes, dear, and we could argue about what the evidence shows (or doesn\’t show) until the cows come home—and then we could argue it with the cows. But why? Much nicer to agree to disagree in this world and later, after we die, we can ask God in person and get the 4-1-1 on the whole thing

  18. X-Evolutionist

    Cassie, sounds good to me. I like arguing with cows. X

  19. Cassie

    MOOOtion passed by popular acclaim!

  20. X-Evolutionist

    Cassie: I will make that moooo-tion to the steer-ing commitee. X

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