Love is cuddling a cold, wet dog

I’ve mentioned before about my boy dog, Belty, whose kidneys are shutting. down. I’ve been spending as much time as I can with my good boy. Since neither one of us is very healthy, our quality time is mainly snuggling in the lazy boy chair or in the bed.

Belty modeling the first afghan I ever crocheted

It rained very hard last night, and Belty came romping in at bedtime, feeling pretty good for a change, after being in the rain. We have a doggie door, so our dogs can go in and out all day and night as they see fit.

Sitting around in the house with sick Mom must be pretty boring. Going outside on a rainy night must have been a nice change of scenery. Plus, there are mice that hang out in the plants around our goldfish pond.

Mice are fun to try to catch! He is too good of a boy to really catch a mouse, though. He just likes the chase, if he is feeling good that day…

He is used to little, quickly moving things. He has never touched one of my birds, and I have all sizes from teensy lovebird to Rufus, our parrot. Candy, my lovebird will jump right on Belty’s head, back, butt or feet, and he will just look at me as if to say: “Mom, get this off of me!”

But, he would not hurt anything. He has been my good boy for more than 10 years. I know my boy…

So, anyway, I was in bed doing a Sudoku, and in comes Belty after being in the rain, and he jumps into my lap.

So, what are you going to do? The room is cold, the dog is wet. Decisions decisions… Well, you cuddle him, of course!

I mentioned a few blogs ago about the Dear Abby or Ann Landers letter from a woman long ago. Women were complaining about their hubby’s snoring. She had said that she wished her husband was alive so she could hear him snore. That one letter years ago helps me put a lot of things into perspective…

I’m going to have plenty of time after Belty’s kidneys totally shut down to sleep in a warm, dry bed.

First things first.

Love is cuddling a cold, wet dog in your bed….



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7 responses to “Love is cuddling a cold, wet dog

  1. X-Evolutionist

    My good boy dog is laying between my feet on my lazy boy chair. He\’s so cute when he is asleep. I use his butt as a keyboard table, and he sleeps right through it. I\’m going to miss my good boy when he is gone. X


    Sam is my foot stool when I\’m feeling good and my anchor when I\’m feeling bad, lying on my feet. I don\’t know if he\’s trying to keep me from wandering off and doing something I shouldn\’t or trying to ease my pain but he always knows when the pain is bad.

  3. X-Evolutionist

    Rocket: I totally understand. I\’m happy you have Sam to take care of you. You are correct, dogs know when you are in pain. X

  4. Jen

    They certainly can sense sadness. Did I ever tell you about Charlie, and what happened when Polo (our dog) did when he died?We knew Charlie was unwell. He was my pet budgie. One night, Hubs and I were very worried about him, but eventually, we had to sleep so headed for bed. The next morning, Hubs woke me up in tears. He told me Charlie didn\’t make it through the night. I was struck dumb for a few hours.I had to go out to some appointment that morning, so left to go and attend to my duties. When I came home, Hubs was in the kitchen washing Charlie\’s food bays. He\’d already washed the cage out. We only kept the cage for night time as Charlie was a free agent. I never shut him in except at night. Anyway, I just happened to see Hubs washing the food bays through the window. I rushed indoors and fell into his arms, sobbing. Polo jumped from where she was sitting. We both caught her in our arms and held her tight while she washed my face. She was washing my tears away. I\’ll never forget that in a million years.

  5. X-Evolutionist

    Jen: I\’m so sorry you lost your Charlie. That is great that Polo comforted you. What a great story. All God\’s creatures are special! X

  6. Jen

    Apologies for missing your comeback here, X. Thass wot \’appens when you have a full weekend, and as in your message title just now, thanks, I had a wonderful day yesterday:-)

  7. X-Evolutionist

    Jen: Enjoying your birthday has top priority over everything. No apology needed! X

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