Windows Live Town – What a great community!

An Open Letter to Windows Live: Thank you for my wonderful online home! Since I love it here so much, I thought I would take this opportunity to tell other people what I love about the Windows Live community:

Before I came here several years ago, I had tried other online communities and were disappointed by the atmosphere for various reasons.

But, since I first signed up here and started setting up my Space in January 2006, this has been my online home. I have felt no need to go looking elsewhere for a nicer community.

Windows Live Town, as I like to call it, attracts the most friendly and intelligent people on the internet in my humble opinion. In addition, the Mayor of Windows Live Town, the Windows Live Administration, works hard to keep Windows Live a safe and pleasant community.

I recommend Windows Live Town to anybody who wants to meet new friends, interact with intelligent people, and have their own little slice of the internet.

Here is some of what Windows Live Town has to offer:

Your own house:

Your Windows Live Space is like your house. You can decorate it any way you wish. When somebody visits your Windows Live Space and looks around, they can learn a lot about you, and get to know you quickly.

Your front porch:

Your Windows Live Home Page is like your front porch. From your Windows Live Home Page you can see what your friends in Windows Live Town are doing, and you can join right in with the click of a mouse.

Your community centers:

Your Groups are like community centers. You can join existing Groups that your friends tell you about, or you can start your own Groups based upon your own interests.

There is much more to do and see in Windows Live Town. I only told you about my three most favorite places. I hope to see you visiting Windows Live Town, soon!


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10 responses to “Windows Live Town – What a great community!

  1. Greg

    1996? Wow, how fast was Spaces on 56K dial-up? 😉

  2. X-Evolutionist

    Greggy, what are you talking about?? Hey, thanks for the heads up. Fixed it. Hey, what\’s 10 years plus or minus? X

  3. Greg

    Just keeping you honest, X. Nice post.

  4. Jen

    Yeah – I like it too.

  5. X-Evolutionist

    Jen: You have good taste. X

  6. Mandy

    @Greg, probably about as fast as it is now Greg, less going on in peoples spaces. less people using the internet in general, not as much to slow everything down!

  7. X-Evolutionist

    Here is the proof that I can actually post something about Windows Live that does not have the word "Spam" in it. X

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