Please adopt homeless and handicapped pets

This post is at least a year old. I’m reposting it because I want to raise awareness about all the good pets out there. My good boy, Belty, was on death row at the pound, and he has been the best boy ever. Please consider giving homeless pet a home. Since this post, Lily and Pipsqueak, who I talk about in this post, have both died. They were really messed up when we got them, but they had a happy home for the rest of their life. X


January is "Adopt a Rescued Bird Month", which prompts me to write this blog.

I am a great believer in adopting “used” pets. Too many people get a pet on the spur of the moment, and then realize later how much work it is to be a pet owner. When I adopt a pet, I keep it for all its life.

All three of my dogs are rescued. Belty was on death row at the pound at the age of one and a half years. Nicki was abandoned as a mixed breed puppy when a kennel changed locations. Lily is very old and was found all messed up and brought to a vet for care.

The saddest story of all is for parrots, as they mate for life and can live as long as a person. Parrots grow to love one member of the family who is his mate. When that person is tired of having a parrot, or dies, that parrot can get very sick. Here’s an article about homeless birds: Why Birds Become Homeless

I have first-hand experience with homeless parrots. Our parrot, Peanut Boy recently died. We adopted him after his elderly owner had died. Poor Peanut Boy was a mess. Because of the stress of losing his owner, he had pulled out most of his feathers. He lived out his geriatric years a very happy bird being in love with my hubby.

Rufus, the parrot in my banner picture, is also adopted. His owners got a divorce and neither one wanted him. I was working at a pet shop between engineering jobs about eight years ago and he fell in love with me. When Peanut Boy died, Rufus fell in love with my hubby.

I also have adopted old, handicapped and injured parakeets. They are so small, that there is always room for one more. Over the years I have had a parakeet with no eyes, one with no legs, one with one leg and one with one eye. They have since all died. Fred and Ginger, who I still have, were found in a shoebox in front of a house where a parrot owning lady lived.

The lady brought them into a pet shop because they were itsy bitsy babies with crippled legs, hardly any feathers, and needed to be hand fed. She didn’t have the time to take care of them. The next day, I walked into the pet shop and the personnel, who know what a soft touch I am, asked me to please take these babies, which I did. Their legs are still crippled with a condition called “splay leg”. They are happy and manage to get around alright. They both have mates.

I don’t pay for handicapped birds, as a rule. I always manage to talk the store owner out of them, promising to give them a loving home for the rest of their life.

When I first saw Pipsqueak, my lovebird, he was one big scab, and hardly any feathers. He had been attacked by his parents, and was all torn up. He was really pitiful. I took him home, of course, and my other lovebird, who has since died, tended his wounds, nibbling off edges of healing scabs.

Penny, my sweet cockatiel and my first bird, was very homely. Penny is old, as I found out from her leg band later on. She was wild when I first saw her, and she was missing a toe. The missing toe makes her walk crooked, and it makes her tail feathers break off and bend in half. She has never been able to grow out a nice tail. But she loves Mom, and that is all that counts.

There is a lot of love out there that can be found for free. Please consider adopting a homeless, or handicapped pet.

Thank you,


Pet Mom

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6 responses to “Please adopt homeless and handicapped pets

  1. Jen

    To think there\’s someone in this world who would go as far as you have with animals is a good thing, especially with some RSPCA stories I\’ve read recently. You may have heard of the guy who kept (I think it was) horses. An English bloke. The state of these animals was frightening. He must have been abusing them for a long time. They pulled out some dead ones and the rest of them were dreadfully emaciated.Christmas is a time that used to be awful for pets as they\’d be bought for people as gifts who didn\’t want them. Too many would be abandoned soon after the holidays. Now, the policy is for the media to remind everyone "A pet is for life. Not just for Christmas". There ought to be more people like you who actually care about these little lives.

  2. Tracey

    X it\’s so nice to hear about your life this way. Great blog.l agree animal additions to the family are lifelong commitments. When l hear people gushing about wanting a cute, cute kitten, l tell them they are looking at possibly 20 years of responsibility for that cat.Me-biggest party pooper.

  3. X-Evolutionist

    Yep, pets are a life long commitment. Tracey, I do the same thing with people who want a parrot. I beg them that if they want a parrot that they adopt one. There are so many young parrots that live in pet shops because the owner sold them because they didn\’t know what hard work they are. Me, big party pooper, too.If I didn\’t have all my pets now that I am stuck in the house all day, I think I would lose my mind.

  4. X-Evolutionist

    Used pets bump. X

  5. ThisIsMyHomeRightHereWithYou

    How anyone can physically hurt an animal is beyond me, luckily they have people like you x and you\’re husband to give them a loving home no matter what state they are in. Personally with me having the girls an abandened animal with 4 legs i wouldn\’t give an home to, birds yes, although my bro has birds and they never stop sqawking- that would drive me insane, but if not for people like yourself where would these birds be today.Got to say but after Solitaire has gone i won\’t be getting another animal, the family Alsation i grew up with lived to be 16-17years, dad took him from an owner who was abusing the dog to the point her ear was ripped, because of this one ear wouldn\’t stand up. Over time i had forgotten how upset i was when my parents came back from the vets without her….I know one day in the future i have to go through losing annother dog, if Solitaire lives to be 16years, then little one will be the same age has i was back then. Am not looking forward to that day at all, they bring so much joy and love into you\’re life you never want them to leave.

  6. X-Evolutionist

    HI SweetSunnySide: Thank you for telling me about Solitaire. I totally understand how you feel. My grandma only had one dog in her long life. After he died, she could never bear to put herself in a position of such heartache again. X

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