Have you ever seen eyes with such love in them before?

This is what a good boy looks like when he is looking at him Mom:

Belty looking adoringly at Mom

That is Belty on my lap one day when I was slobbing around on the back patio. That boy loves his Mom!

I’ve spend a lot of time my good dog Belty all the time, but even more since we found his kidneys are shutting down. I was just looking at pictures of him just now, and I saw some pictures that I haven’t seen since the were taken.

I just want to post this blog for no apparent reason. I’m going to lose my boy sooner than later, and I am just wanting to tell everybody what a good boy he is.


That there is a picture of a boy who needs a haircut pretty soon. Two or three time a year, Belty gets a Marine haircut so he can see out of those pretty eyes. Actually, my good boy is also losing his eyesight and hearing, as well as his kidney function.

Belty being a computer desk in my lazy boy chair.Here is a picture of Belty doing his job as a computer desk in my lazy boy chair. It is grainy, as is the one above, because I took them with my cell phone, but they are of my Boy, so I like them.

Falling in love is wonderful, but knowing you are going to lose your loved one is terrible.

I’m going to enjoy every second that I can with my good boy.


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      Hey, X! Why do you believe in God?


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11 responses to “Have you ever seen eyes with such love in them before?


    You didn\’t post this for no apparent reason. You posted it to express how much you love, Belty. That\’s why I posted my blogs about Sam. Without Belty and Sam in our lives for the time we have them we would be all the poorer. I know I\’ll lose Sam one day and I truly dread that with all my being but in the time we have I intend to try and love him as much as he does me. He\’s our daughter\’s dog and Frankie\’s baby but he\’s my best friend and I\’m truly thankful that God brought him into my life!

  2. X-Evolutionist

    Rocket, Thanks bunches. God brings our pets into our lives, too. X

  3. X-Evolutionist

    I just added a picture of Belty doing his impersonation of a computer desk…. X


    He surely does! Belty should see Sam doing his puppy routine. First he goes into what we call "CRAZY DOG" mode, grabbing one of his toys and playing keep away from his pet humans by running, flat out, from the kitchen to our bedroom and back several times. Rugs fly and out mattress usually ends up against the wall as he uses it to bounce off of for each return trip to the living room. When he gets tired he jumps up in my lap if I\’m in my recliner. I want you to picture a "puppy" big enough to make a queen size mattress slide off the bed hopping into my lap. It\’s a good thing he only tries this when the girls are home because I\’d never get the chair back upright after he knocks it….and me…..over backwards!

  5. X-Evolutionist

    Rocket: It sounds so nice to hear from somebody who loves dogs as much as I do. Sam sound like quite a dog, and he is very lucky to have you as a Dad! X

  6. Jen

    You just keep on talking about him, X. I love your pictures. You know – when he goes, as you expect, please don\’t hide away from us all again. Come here and get some love and support from us all who care about you.

  7. X-Evolutionist

    Jen: Thank you very much. Since we take in so many homeless pets, we\’ve been though this many times, mostly with birds. It is just that Belty is one of a kind. He has been such a special boy to me in the over ten years since we saw him. We got him off death row at the pound, so every day he has gotten has been a bonus day. I\’ll have to think of it that way.I wrote within the last year about Lily dying. God sent us Lily, a blind, deaf, skin and bones, elderly, homeless little thing. We knew from the very start that it was going to be temporary, and it turned out she died after just after three years with us. But, my hubby was so heartbroken. That little misfit had grabbed his heartstrings. She never liked me from the start, but she could gaze into Daddy\’s eyes and get anything in the world from him. Before we got Lily, my hubby had been in love with Peanut Boy, a parrot whose owner had died. He was in mourning and had pulled out his feathers. The owner\’s widow gave him to a petshop where I saw him. My hubby and Peanut Boy were constant companions in the evening for several years. They loved to watch TV together, Peanut Boy whispering sweet nothings into my hubby\’s ear all the time. My hubby was heartbroken when Peanut Boy died of old age two years ago.My hubby\’s softheartedness is one reason I fell in love with him. But, when you are softhearted, your heart breaks. X

  8. X-Evolutionist

    Jen: I read your post again. Yep, after Lily died I hid in a hole a couple of weeks before I came back to live. She was my hubby\’s Baby, and I had to be the strong one, which is not my nature. He\’s the strong one for me. When one of my rescue birds dies, he takes care of the burial himself. But, when Lily died, I had to be the strong one and had to put Lily in the grave for him. It took all my strength to the strong one for him so he couldn\’t see her sad face, and I colapsed after that. You are right. I belong here with my friends next time. Thank you. X

  9. Jen

    Here is a blog!I just can\’t bear for those I care for to be so heartbroken, and we know what it\’s like, X; for many different reasons. For instance, when our cat became too sick for treatment, we knew we had to take her to be put to sleep. There was no way out of it, and we were both shivering – hubs and I. I cannot bear that most of the time, but on a Saturday when I\’m supposed to be looking after a radio station, it\’s more than twice as hard.Hubs and I had to get Pepper into her cat box, which she detested at the best of times. We got to the Vet\’s and they asked us to wait outside until they could fit us in. We all sat in the car. Pepper was still being a playful little scrap, but she was obviously in great discomfort. The time came for us to be called in. Hubs and I both stood by the table and watched while the Vet gave the injection, which Pepper fought against, tooth and nail. Afterwards, we went back to the car and I told Hubs to come into the station with me. We had a coffee and sat outside. After a hug, he left me with that terrible look of hopelessness. I went upstairs to do some recording, but couldn\’t settle down to it and came back downstairs into our little lobby, and cried my eyes out. I had to tell myself off and prepare to visit the hospital. It was the most awful day.When I got back that night, I heard about a stray cat which we were going to take in the following week. Of course, I agreed to it and we\’ve had Travis for the last three years. He\’s lovely. He helped to heal the hurt we felt back then:-)

  10. X-Evolutionist

    Jen: I know what you mean. I\’m sorry you\’ve been through the same thing. I look at getting a new pet differently than I used to. When my first dog died, I could not bear to get another dog for years. Since then, I\’ve realized that there are too many dogs who need homes. We have Nicki, a jealous girl dog, in addition to Belty. She is the same age (we don\’t know – she was abandoned when people moved) but she is in good health physically (she has emotional issues though, always has). But, when it gets to the point that Nicki and Belty have both passed on, we will be giving a loving home to a little, bitty doggy, or two. We both love dogs too much to not have one. And, there are too many good dogs on death row at the pound (like Belty was). I wish I could make sure all dogs could have homes…X

  11. Jen

    You just have to love and care for as many as you feel you can manage, don\’t you. I know you two have the biggest hearts when it comes to animals. You\’re just like Hubs, who probably couldn\’t manage without some little bundle of fur to care for.

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