My dog, Belty’s kidneys are shutting down and I am broken hearted

My hubby took Belty to the vet yesterday. The last time we took him to the vet, we told the vet that he was not eating and throwing up a lot and had diarrhea a lot. They just said to keep trying to get him to eat, and they gave him antibiotics and something to settle his stomach.

Belty on a day when he was very happy. He had just killed a stuffed animal.

He is still not eating and he looks like he has lost a lot of weight. I have written before that Belty is most likely an old dog, but we hoped there was something wrong that can be repaired so that he can more fun while he is alive.

The vet gave him a full work up yesterday, lots of blood work. It turns out that his kidneys are shutting down, and they are not able to process protein in his food. That is messing up everything else in his system.

The vet told us to get special food with low protein to try to be able to slow down the inevitable. But, the food is very nasty tasting, according to Belty. The vet said that we just have to wait until Belty is hungry enough that he has no choice.

Belty is Mom’s Main Man, and he is One Good Boy. I have to start getting in the mood to find out how to live without him.

I don’t know how I am going to manage losing My Good Boy, but it appears it is going to happen sooner than later.

I would appreciate your help. Please send us your prayers, hopes, good thoughts, whatever fits in with your own beliefs. That is our last resort.

I am broken hearted.

Thank you.


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16 responses to “My dog, Belty’s kidneys are shutting down and I am broken hearted

  1. Jen

    Oh, I\’m already in tears because of another loved one I\’ve just come home and read about. Now this. My prayers will certainly be added.Big hugs X, and to your Hubby, as well.

  2. X-Evolutionist

    Jen: I\’m sorry there is more bad news in your life. Thank you very much for your prayers. We are both having a bad time with this. We are not even allowed to give him any yummy doggy snacks, only that nasty tasting food. My doggy thinks we don\’t love him any more. It is difficult for all of us. X


    I\’ll be praying for all of you. As you know, my buddy Sam is a huge part of my life so I think I know how you must feel. I\’ve lost a lot of dogs over the years and it never gets any easier. I alsways say I\’ll never get attached to another dog and then I see a new one with those soulful eyes…..

  4. X-Evolutionist

    Rocket: Thank you very much. My hubby and I have talked all about it. We love dogs too much to never have one again. There are too many dogs without homes. Belty was on death row at the pound, and he has been the best boy ever. Some day, we will give another homeless dog a home. We are wired up that way. It\’s still difficult. X


    I know what you mean. The local paper has dogs up for adoption each week and it\’s all i can do to keep from heading down to the pound and bringing them all home.

  6. X-Evolutionist

    Rocket: We live near PetsMart. My hubby can\’t go in there on the weekends because there are always adoption organizations. He wants to take somebody home every time. I have known that Belty and our other dog Nicki were getting old, and I do not want a new dog getting attention that they should get while they are still alive. My hubby is a softhearted man, and it breaks his heart walking away from those homeless doggies. But, there is two of us, and we have two dogs. Otherwise, somebody would be left out. X

  7. ThisIsMyHomeRightHereWithYou

    X, thoughts are with you both, what a difficult time, Like the photos of Belty especially the one where he looks like he is smiling, without you he wouldn\’t be. That dog food must be terrible for him not to want to eat but hopfully he has eaten something since you wrote this blog and is with you for has long as he can keep fighting to be. Take care.

  8. Unknown

    XOur Golden Retriever came from the pound just hours before being put down. He was only 6 yrs old at the time. He was the sweetest most wonderful companion anyone could imagine. Last June he passed away due to liver problems. I had him for 7 years and consider each one a bonus day for my "best boy".I know how you feel but it sounds like you got your dog under similar circumstances. remember each and every happy day you have given him is one that he may not have had otherwise. Also remember that ALL DOGS GO TO HEAVEN

  9. X-Evolutionist

    Hi "No Name": Thank you for telling me about your dog! It sounds like we certainly have the love of dogs in common. Thank you for rescuing your best boy from the pound, too! X

  10. Mike

    So sorry to hear about your dog. I watched a movie last night "Marley & Me" funny and very heartwarming movie about a dog named Marley with Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson. It was kind of a tear jerker and pulls at your heartstrings. Here\’s a link to the movie: You should check it out.

  11. X-Evolutionist

    Mike: Thank you for recommending Marley and Me. We watched it a couple of months ago. Yes, it was a very good movie, and a love story to dogs. (and a heartbreaker) X

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  15. bev

    my dog Cricket, chihuaha,pom cross,,is now and has been for awhile in kidney failure,,,i will only have her with me a couple of more days as the vet has advised me that i should have her put down,,, she has given my 13 happy loving years.. and i will miss her so much,,,it makes me sick to have to finally make the call for the vet to come and for me to say goodbye

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