Dear Windows Live: My Clubhouse posts are bringing me visitors from outside of Windows Live. Please add a better way for them to post in my blog.

Clubhouse posts are on, and not just Windows Live members see them. There is a link on each post in the Clubhouse to leave a comment on the Clubhouse member’s blog location.

The thing is, many Clubhouse members have their blogs outside of Windows Live. If they want to come in here and post, they have to have an account.

Most people who only come here to post in one blog, will apply to get their account, get their profile url and their “No Name” persona, and probably leave it at that. They probably don’t personalize anything since they already have their own online community.

But, then, you have to wonder who “No Name” is, especially if it was a very interesting post, and you want to talk to them.

But, there is another solution that is common elsewhere on the internet:

Many blogs will let you post to a discussion and make a signature with a blank that is filled in with your user name, and the url to your blog or website. This info is hyperlinked, and you can contribute easily without you needing to be a member of that neighborhood.

If the Windows Live Clubhouse is encouraging visitors to our Spaces, there should be a way in place to let them contribute to the discussions, in my humble opinion….

I hope you consider this in the future.


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7 responses to “Dear Windows Live: My Clubhouse posts are bringing me visitors from outside of Windows Live. Please add a better way for them to post in my blog.

  1. Mandy

    Didn\’t it used to be that way, in the first place X, or second place, not sure there have been so many changes, but I seem to recall, having the option, when commenting, to put in who you were, if you weren\’t signed up, (i didn\’t have to use it because I was signed up) Need some one with a better memory!! Where\’s Doc?

  2. X-Evolutionist

    Mandy, I think you can post not being signed up, and you get the No Name. Before that, you could not post at all unless you had an account. X

  3. X-Evolutionist

    Mandy, I\’m going to log out and see what happens when I try to post. X

  4. Greg

    Actually, I wasn\’t aware that folks could make "No Name" comments. When I signed out of this page and tried to leave a comment, I was told to sign in or sign up for a Live ID. People who are listed as "No Name" probably haven\’t taken the time to complete their profile. If you think comment spam is bad now, imagine if they let any yokel with an email or web address drop a comment on your posts. Requiring a Live ID to leave feedback provides some mechanism to prevent (or at least slow) the proliferation of junk comments.The fact is Microsoft wants people to create Live IDs in order to leave feedback. If you create a Live ID, then you\’re more likely to come back once in awhile, start using some of their services, set up your own space, and somewhere along the way, maybe you\’ll even click an ad or two. Remember that even though WL loses money for Microsoft, it is still an advertising-driven business. Sure they want to make it a great experience, etc., but someone\’s gotta pay the bills.

  5. X-Evolutionist

    Here\’s what you see if you are not logged in. I guess if you apply to get an account, you get a profile url and a "No Name". There is no other way to post:To add a comment, sign in with your Windows Live ID (if you use Hotmail, Messenger, or Xbox LIVE, you have a Windows Live ID). Sign inDon\’t have a Windows Live ID? Sign up

  6. Mandy

    I didn\’t think you could now either Greg, and as X hasn\’t commented yet probably you can\’t,, (or maybe she just got lost somewhere in the ether, and we\’ll find her wandering the halls, in years to come, a mere waif!) which as Greg points out, is probably a good thing!

  7. X-Evolutionist

    Mandy, I followed the breadcrumbs and I found my way home. I think Greg and I are saying the same thing. In order to post, you need an account. Once you get your account, all you have is a profile url and a "No Name". At that point people either post and leave, or customize their profile and make themselves at home. X

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