If I could have three wishes…. What the most perfect day would be for me.

What would be the perfect day for me?

  • First, the perfect day would start out with my feeling relatively healthy for a change.
  • Second, the perfect day would be on a day when my hubby is off work.
  • Third, the perfect day would be a day when the weather is absolutely beautiful.

Today is the perfect day! With my silly lung condition, I have bad days and worse days, and hardly ever good days, so I spend my time watching movies, visiting on the internet, reading, crocheting, whatever.

Today, actually, I had planned on spending the day in one of my old neighborhoods, the Religion board of IMDB.com. Those plans will have to wait.

This morning, as I said, I woke up feeling pretty good, and wanting to get out of the house. When I am not feeling well, leaving the house is a big pain, literally. It is so much easier to sit here in my lazy boy chair than try to make the long walk to the car, and lug my oxygen around.

Anyway, so I woke up feeling good, and my hubby was home! Plus, OU football is not on this weekend, so he wants to hang out with me. I want to strike while the iron is hot, and spend time with my hubby while he is in the mood.

Plus, my oh, my what a beautiful day in Oklahoma City today! Miles and miles of nothing but the most beautiful shade of blue in the sky, . Recently, it had been near  100 degrees, for you Celsius people, that is really, really nasty hot. Plus the humidity in this town is unbearable. Then, when it is not 100 degrees, it is dreary and rainy, and still nasty humid.

But, today’s beautiful weather made me feel even stronger to actually go outside for a change.

So, this morning, my hubby and I hung out. We took drives between errands, and went out to lunch. I’m having a wonderful time!

I’m just having a break to give this update to my friends.


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      Hey, X! Why do you believe in God?


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5 responses to “If I could have three wishes…. What the most perfect day would be for me.

  1. Jen

    Oh, what a fantastic page. You know – it\’s so NICE when something works out this well. Like me today. Went and did me usual, and, people filled the night up with their music choices. I finished 15 minutes late! I so love nights like that. Well, don\’t sit there reading this now – go out and enjoy yerself. My scribblings will still be around when you get back.Have a beautiful day, X. Love Jen

  2. X-Evolutionist

    Hi Jen, There\’s a "Part 2" to this story. I wrote it to kill time while my hubby did some stuff. Now, we are going to watch a documentary about the Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire. How romantic! X

  3. Jen

    It IS! If you\’re watching it together. Hope you had popcorn;-)

  4. X-Evolutionist

    Hi Jen, We always have snacks when we watch TV at least part time through the show. I\’m tired of the Rome documentary. Snooze. I bumped a romantic movie HE likes on top of Rome in our movie rental queue. It comes by mail. Netflix for those in the USA. There are plenty more Rome episodes after that. X

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