I seriously need to put some hot pink stripes in my hair…

This is part two of my “Wonderful Day” story:

My hubby was wheeling me around in JCPenny’s, as always. I can “walk”, I just can’t stand or walk without feeling like I’m I’m going to pass out ever second. When we go to the big stores, I use the “courtesy” wheelchairs. I feel silly using a wheelchair since there is nothing wrong with my back or legs, oh well.

So, my hubby is pushing me around JCPenny’s, and I notice women smiling big smiles to my hubby. Hmm, I thought.

Then suddenly, it all came to me:

I started going grey pretty early, and have a nice crop of grey hair. Plus, the ravages of the silly lung disease has messed up my skin. Every organ is messed up because of the lack of oxygen, but the skin is on the outside, so it shows.

Plus, my hubby has one of those “baby faces”. He’s got a little bald spot, but no gray hair, and that baby face.

So, here’s the deal…

All those women are thinking: Oh, how sweet! He’s taking his mom shopping.”

So, I am going to got get some of that stuff the kids use these days and put some pink stripes in my gray hair. Maybe that will make me look younger….


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10 responses to “I seriously need to put some hot pink stripes in my hair…

  1. Gerry

    Hi X, I was reading part of this to my kids, and they said the pink stripes are a go! 😉

  2. Cynical

    You realize that you could have a great deal of fun with this. Deliberately play "Mother" and you could get away with … no, I don\’t want to be a bad influence on you.Peace, Doc

  3. Mandy

    Go with pink X, maybe add a dash of blue too!

  4. Jen

    Great line, Doc! There are a million giggles you could have on that theme! What is your natural colour, X? Maybe you should try that first;-)


    My wife had some serious health issues that resulted in her being hosptitalized for a total of nearly 6 months when our youngest daughter was 2. She hit the roof when one of the nurses said she thought it was great that I brought my daughter to see her grandma every day! I have a baby face and grew a mustache when I was 30 because I got tired of being carded when I bought beer. Now, at 55, my beard has started to gray and people have started calling me sir. I think I\’m going to shave!

  6. X-Evolutionist

    @Everybody: Thank you for your support and comments!

  7. X-Evolutionist

    Jen, I don\’t want to dye my hair permantently for two reasons: Who am I fooling, and once you start, you get the roots thing happening. Anyway, this is how God designed me – if he designed me with grey hair, I\’m going to deal with it. I thought of pink stripes because on the way home we stopped to by some yarn and the sales girl had pink stripes. They are temporary, and not meant to fool anybody. I would think of them as a bow, a headband or a barrette – less permanent than hairdye. X

  8. X-Evolutionist

    Rocket: I see you have experience with what I am talking about. My hubby starting to get grey "hairs" but not so many that they show gray. But, he has those white strips on each side in his whiskers. If he grew a goatee, he would look older than me, but facial hair itches him. X

  9. Jen

    Yup – you\’re right. I wouldn\’t use dye on mkine either, and I have loads of grey!

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