I just rode my tricycle in circles in front of my house.

I wrote recently about getting my adult tricycle. I was SO happy to get around under my own power that I really did a number on my knees. I’ve been in pain a couple of weeks. Finally, just now, my hubby was out working in the yard, so I thought I’d go out and try to ride again.

(For those new to me, I have messed up lungs, and I can’t stand or walk worth beans because I’m too weak, but my legs work, or did.)

So, I just came in from riding my tricycle around in circles in front of the house. Our street has a slight grade. I didn’t want to put myself in a position where I was down the hill and not able to come back. I wanted my hubby out there just in case.

So, I was riding my tricycle in circles in front of the house.

I’m getting déjà vu.

It seems like I did that about 50 years ago, too.


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12 responses to “I just rode my tricycle in circles in front of my house.


    Ooh, ooh….can I ride on the handlebars? My lungs are shot too.

  2. X-Evolutionist

    Rocket, Hop on up. Better yet, we can take turns. X


    Woo-hoo! Better yet, I\’ll bring Sam and he can pull us around in circles!

  4. X-Evolutionist

    Rocket, Theoretically, that\’s a good idea. But, the thing is, this is the only way I can get exercise, so I\’m afraid I\’m going to have to pass. But, Sam can ride with us, sure! X


    You can keep your feet on the pedals and work up to pedalling it on your own. That way you won\’t go out and pull an RM overdoing it right off the bat!

  6. Jen

    I remember the days when I used to cycle everywhere. People say our place is flat and boring. They ought to go out and about on a bicycle, is all I can say;-)You take care out there, X. Glad you could enjoy a ride around, and around, and around…;-)

  7. Mandy

    LOL me too X and Jen!

  8. Jen

    Morning Mandy! This cheered me right up, this morning.

  9. X-Evolutionist

    Jen and Mandy: When I was younger, I used to ride my bike all over town, too.

  10. X-Evolutionist

    Rocket: That\’s a good idea to get pulled sometimes. Come on over. The thing is is this trike is geared really easily. If my knees aren\’t killing me, I can pedal pretty well. Big IF. X

  11. ♨ gRaNt

    Convert to a tandem and get your hubby to peddle on inclines.. 2 human power. LoL

  12. X-Evolutionist

    Grant. I love that idea! There is a really cool "Bike" that I saw when I was shopping for bikes. It looked like a little car, sorta. A rectangular frame, two wheels in the back, two bucket seats in the middle, and two wheels in the front connected to two handlebar sets. That was something I had thought of. My hubby does not know he is old, yet…..My hubby wants a gazillion dollar racing bike (so his gazillion dollar exercise bike has company in the corner of the room being a clothes rack. ) I already spent all my allowance I saved up. Actually, I dipped into allowance I haven\’t gotten yet. No more toys for X for a while. Good idea though! X

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