Anybody else here born without the “Fashion Gene”?

Jen and I were just talking briefly about t-shirts, and it prompted me to post his blog:

I do NOT have the “Fashion Gene”. The “Fashion Gene” is what makes somebody run out and buy new clothes when the “new color for the season” is announced.

For instance, I read in my local paper the other day that “the color for this season is orange”. So what? I have never been in style, and I do not plan to start now. I have an orange t-shirt though, so once in a while I will be in style.

So, X! What do you wear?

All of my outfits consists of three things:

  • a t-shirt
  • a pair of jeans or denim shorts (all t-shirts go with denim)
  • a pair of Birkenstocks (veggie ones)

Seasonal options to my outfits include:

  • Warm zippered sweatshirt with a hood
  • Socks (yes, with sandals, so what?)
  • Keds sneakers in case the snow is too deep to use Birkenstocks for snowshoes.

Optional hair fashions: (Anything that will keep my hair out of my eyes that given day):

  • Crocheted pony tail holder
  • Crocheted hair band

There you go. If you want to stock me at my PO Box you know who to look for.

The great thing about denim, is that all colors go with it. Besides not having the “Fashion Gene” I just don’t care about what goes with what. Since I always wear denim for the bottoms, the tops always go with it. No need for X to waste her brain cells on things that don’t matter.

Just heard from Jen: Jen, There is no age limit for denim. My mother is almost 80. She wears jeans all the time, and has a cute denim jacket with a kitty embroidered on the back. She looks really cute.

Let me also talk about my t-shirt preferences: Any free t-shirts. I love free t-shirts! I am a five gallon blood donor, and a have a zillion blood bank t-shirts. (I can’t give blood any more, so I steal my hubby’s blood bank t-shirts). I wear my newest blood bank t-shirts for dress-up.

I also have a few store-bought t-shirts that are solid color with no logo for special dates with my hubby.

I also have t-shirts from events from my favorite radio station in California. Bike rides, concerts, etc.

I wear the outfits listed above everywhere. The last time I wore a dress, it was to be respectful to the widow when I attended my husband’s boss’s funeral.

Was it because the funeral was in a church? Nope. I wear my standard outfit to church, too.

What? X! You’ve got to be kidding! You can’t wear t-shirts and shorts to church! Oh yes I can, and I do.

When Jesus hung out with people, he did not hand out flyers with the dress code specified on it:

“Come back later when you are dressed properly. Signed Jesus”

He just hung out with them “as is”. The Jesus that I worship accepted me “as is” when I accepted him 13 years ago.

So, back to my rant:

Is anybody out there like me? Do you just not care about fashion? Confess now….


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31 responses to “Anybody else here born without the “Fashion Gene”?

  1. Diana

    X, you are not alone. I am not born with a fashion sense either. I don\’t follow after trends (note: jeans in thigh high boots are for jockeys ONLY) but I do believe in dressing appropriately for whatever the occassion. I get your point about Jesus accepting people in whatever clothing they wear. But let\’s say you are part of a religion that advocates modest clothing in places of worship and a visitor to your congregation (assembly/worship meeting/mass/service/ceremony – choose whatever fits), dressess inappropriately, would you still be tolerant? I know I wouldn\’t be.Another point is in a place of worship, I want to feel respecful which like self confidence comes from the inside but does get boosted by external apperance. So when I go the temple and since it is important to me, I will take the time to dress appropriately for it. On an everyday basis, it would be ideal to have people not judge you on the way you dress but we know it\’s reality. Pop culture & Fifth Avenue has a heavy karma to pay indeed.

  2. Diana

    To put it simply: since I see work and worship as both important, if I take care with my appearance for the one, it makes sense for me to take care of my apperance for the other. Btw, the note in previous post referred to the ladies in Sydney, not you. :p

  3. X-Evolutionist

    Hi Diana Le, Sometimes I exaggerate to make a point. My point about that is that houses of worship are sometimes run by manmade rules and those manmade rules is what keeps many people from being invoved in any faith. My faith, Christianity, has a lot of manmade rules that Jesus would not require. And, l,ike I said, about the conventions of dress in houses of worship, I would not be given this note: “Come back later when you are dressed properly. Signed Jesus” X

  4. X-Evolutionist

    Diana Le, and everybody. I know that my views are unique. So, I\’m not insulting anybody else\’s views, just expressing my own. X

  5. Diana

    X, it\’s cool. I did not think you were insulting anyone. Your blog is fine. 🙂

  6. Greg

    Born without the fashion "gene," eh? Is that an example of micro-evolution at work? Maybe someday we\’ll have a small but hardy population of people wearing fanny packs, foam visors, and flip-flops. All of their clothes will "be dazzled." They\’ll gradually develop their own unique social customs based on their increasingly isolated population, such as communicating exclusively through the messages printed on their t-shirts. One day in the far distant future, they\’ll find themselves unable to successfully mate with fashionistas (presumably due to complex social incompatibilities). Meanwhile, those fashionistas will continue to breed with each other, producing ever more fashion-conscious offspring, who spend all their time primping and preening, and ignoring their basic survival skills. One harsh winter, the fashionistas will become extinct, due to their inability to wear garish hooded sweatshirts. In the end, we\’ll end up with an entirely new species of human with absolutely no fashion sense. What a fascinating prospect.

  7. X-Evolutionist

    Greggy, You owe me a new keyboard. I laughed so hard I spit all over it. Har har har. Very good. X

  8. Greg

    I strive above all else to entertain.

  9. X-Evolutionist

    Greg, You have met your personal expectations here today. X

  10. ROCKET

    Do camo count as fashion? Redneck fashion? Camo T-shirts, jeans and, yes, even camo shorts. We even wear camo long johns when the snow flies. The orange thing only applies here when bow and firearm deer seasons overlap. Hair fashion options here are ball caps……camo of course but John Deere is also acceptable in the summer. Seasonal options include insulated bib overalls, coveralls and insulated boots….also camo. The men also dress this way in these parts.

  11. Greg

    @ Rocket Man – How do y\’all ever find each other?

  12. X-Evolutionist

    @Rocket, I KNEW I like you for a good reason. X

  13. X-Evolutionist

    @Greg, Yes, it\’s wonderful, isn\’t it? X

  14. Jen

    Since wheelchairs and fashion don\’t mix at all – there\’s no reason for me not go go out in what I think you folks call sweatpants, and a tee shirt. Footwear? Have you ever seen those "Jellies"? I don\’t know how else to describe them, but they\’re never off my feet from get-up until go-to-bed! They are sooooo comfy;-)

  15. X-Evolutionist

    Jen, My Grandma was in a wheelchair when she got older. She always managed to look fashionable, though. I don\’t know how she managed. But, she WAS born with the fashion gene. I remember one day years ago when she was so disappointed I wore blue jeans to the family Christmas gathering. X

  16. Jen

    Well, I have some nice skirts, but they\’d get caught in the wheels, X; so I don\’t wear them when out. Sweatpants are much easier in the chair. I suppose people could manage other clothes if they\’re mollycoddled and have someone to push them around the shops! I don\’t, so I have to do what\’s easiest for me.

  17. X-Evolutionist

    Jen, Don\’t worry about my opinion of your wardrobe. I\’m in a 20 year old Give Blood tshirt and I\’m wearing shorts I got at the Goodwill thrift store… X

  18. Jen

    Nuffin\’ wrong with that, then;-)I\’ve been sitting here making CD covers. Did some iTunes albums this afternoon so I had to give them a home! Think I\’ll slither off to bed after I\’ve had a drink…

  19. ROCKET

    @ Greg – Wild game calls and scent lures. I grunt pretty good and as long as the wife is wearing my favorite cologne, Armor Star Thick Slice Bacon, ain\’t no problem!

  20. X-Evolutionist

    @Rocket, Mmmmm. Bacon….

  21. Cynical

    Meat ooh! (snort) Did I also detect another major pun in the title and text alone here? Genes and jeans? How are you on Spoonerisms? I liked them when I was young and then a whole new world was opened to me in a Peter Sellers movies when Inspector Clouseau stated that "he killed her in a rit of fealous jage"! I later made life miserable for my offspring by reading highway signs to them; "Po Dot Nass", or if they needed a bath, to "shake a tower." They become much more enjoyable when they (sort of) make sense in both directions, and contain multiple words. I would give an example, but I do not wish to offend and the one that immediately comes to mind involves body parts usually covered by jeans and a t-shirt.Peace, Doc

  22. Greg

    I believe the Fashion Jean is available in most sizes at the Gap. I can\’t be certain, they won\’t let me in there anymore. Something about an age limit.

  23. X-Evolutionist

    @Doc, I love you. I THOUGHT I was a word person. I give you my crown. X

  24. X-Evolutionist

    Greg: Hey, youngster, don\’t come here and complain about an age limit…. X

  25. X-Evolutionist

    My hubby is getting me a new shirt tonight! He is getting it on the barter system. He gives a pint of blood, they give him cookies, OJ and a new tshirt for me. X

  26. Jen

    Heh, heh! (Poor ol\’ Greg;-)Sorry Mate! Couldn\’t resist…

  27. Bob

    Im like you X….living in the desert I have two lines of clothing;Summer Shorts and Tee\’sWinter Shorts and Tee\’sSandels and socks, of course my socks say FILA on them, does that count?

  28. X-Evolutionist

    Bobo, If we went out together we would look like twins. Sandals and socks? Are you out of your mind. Just kidding. I guess FILA is OK. I have wide feet. Actually, I have normal width feet. It\’s just that I have not done feet binding on them like most women do by wearing pointy toe shoes. My "normal" width feet do not fit in any shoes except Birkenstocks because they are shoes that are SHAPED LIKE FEET, (unlike "fashion" shoes)….. X

  29. X-Evolutionist

    DANG! No new clothes for me. The Blood Bank said my hubby, the carnivore, has too low an iron count to give blood. No pint of blood, no cookies, no orange juice and no tshirt. Dang. X

  30. Jen

    Oh, what a shame! Is Hubby all right?

  31. X-Evolutionist

    Jen, He\’s been told he has poor iron before. The doctor told him to take iron pills, and gave a recommneded brand, but he quit taking them when the bottle was empty. I just talked to him on the phone. He said the iron pills hurt his stomach. X

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