Sharing jokes and funny pictures is a lot more Earth-Friendly than it used to be.

When I first started working, years before personal computers, one thing that would make office-life more fun was to share jokes and funny pictures.

In those days, in order to share a joke or a funny picture, you would Xerox 10 copies to hand out to your friends. Then, each of those friends would Xerox 10 copies to hand out to their friends, then each of those friends would Xerox 10 copies to had out to their friends, and so on and so on and so on, ad infinitum.

Over the years, this system used up a lot of paper. (In addition, by the time you had a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy, etc, you could hardly read it). Making all these copies was not only  bad for the owner of the company, but also bad for the trees. I wonder many trees have given their lives over the years so that I could read a funny story……

Now, with the advent of personal computers, email is a better way to forward jokes and funny pictures with no risk to trees!

But, email is not the only way, or most fun way, to share jokes and funny pictures online! I am a member of the Windows Live community. Windows Live has a great feature called “Windows Live Groups”. You can set up a Group for any purpose, and I have a couple of them.

In one of my groups, there is a discussion I set up just to post jokes and funny pictures. Emailing fun stuff to your friends is fun, but it is also fun to have a place where friends can talk about the funny stuff, or anything at all, together. That is why I love Windows Live Groups!

And, no trees have to die….


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28 responses to “Sharing jokes and funny pictures is a lot more Earth-Friendly than it used to be.

  1. Jen

    Cor! What\’s the link? Can I come?

  2. X-Evolutionist

    I have been accused of too actively promoting my groups, but I was talking about Coffee Talk. There is a link on my space, so I didn\’t want to go overboard with the promotion. X

  3. Jen

    Oh, okay. I thought you meant a dedicated joke Group – which I would love, by the way! Plug away, for what it\’s worth, X. This is your blog site, Gal. Do what you like on it;-)Thass wot I say…

  4. X-Evolutionist

    Jen, I got very brave and added a link to the Coffee Talk discussion in my post. Now get in there and be funny! X

  5. Jen

    Whoops – heh, heh, heh;-)

  6. Marcus

    Great post, X! I would have never thought of this, but I definitely remember those photocopied jokes and pictures all over offices years ago. Thanks!

  7. X-Evolutionist

    Marcus, It is an honor to have you here commenting on my little Clubhouse Challenge post. Thank you. X

  8. Greg

    From the smart alecks at Gizmodo… particularly liked one of the comments "If the book\’s to big, they could always make an electronic version of it! I wonder what it would be called….. hmmm"

  9. X-Evolutionist

    Greg, That\’s funny. Click here for ebook "The Internet" :

  10. Jen

    Hahahahaha, you two. Gotta see these;-)

  11. X-Evolutionist

    Jen, I posted in the fun thread in Coffee Talk. I wonder who will be brave enough to click it:!9D303287C2CC4!520&pageDir=Last&pageHandle=

  12. Jen

    I will! I will! Hang on…

  13. rob

    OK, fine but the PC has caused a massive amount of tree felling as the amount of paper consumed since it\’s intro has soared. Remember the paperless office idea? What a farce, now everything is emailed, backed up & printed as well in most cases & almost everything is printed now as routine because it\’s so easy to do – just hit a button – & extra useless pages come out too, usually the last one with just 1 line, & you just try to print less or in B/W & it won\’t happen……then there\’s the need to upgrade & dump all this hardware just so the next OS can run at a decent pace \’cos MS want to make more money…….Green PCs? Don\’t make me laugh…..ecologically speaking the PC & Bill Gates are some of the worst things to hit this planet.

  14. X-Evolutionist

    Hi No Name: It looks like we have a difference of opinion. X

  15. Jen

    Ooooo. I came here to read what you meant, X. There are solutions to No Name\’s coments…

  16. Mandy

    Unfortunately he\’s right, but that still makes him a bit of a killjoy!

  17. X-Evolutionist

    "No Name"\’s post prompted me to writer a (NOTHER) Clubhouse post. The Clubhouse posts are on, and not just us Windows Livers see them. There is a link on the posts in the Clubhoue to comment on each post. The thing is, if somebody with a blog elsewhere, as many fellow Clubhousers, wants to come in here and post, you have two choices:1: Make a quick post and having no way anybody can contact you.or2: Take the time to make a Windows Live account and put in a profile picture, links, etc.But, there is a third solution elsewhere on the internet. Many blogs will let you post with a blank that is filled in with your user name, and the url to your blog or website, and it is hyperlinked, without you needing to be a member of that neighborhood.If Windows Live\’s Clubhouse is encouraging visitors to our Spaces, there should be a way in place to let them contribute.In my humble opinion….X

  18. Mandy

    I just answered that on the blog, X

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