“I have a dream!” – Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream has come true…

"I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character." Martin Luther King, Jr.

Jimmy Carter brought out the “race card”. That was the last straw for me. So here’s what I want to say:

I am very happy that this country has come to a point where we could elect a president of a different ethnicity than usual. (I don’t use the word “race”. That word is divisive and I avoid it totally.) But, it is totally wrong to imply that somebody is a “racist” if they don’t like his policies

Personally, I think that people are treating Obama the same way they treat all presidents. If they agree with him, they like him. If they don’t agree with him, they don’t like him.

Obama is being treated the same way people always treat presidents they don’t like. This is just what Dr. Martin Luther King dreamed of. His dream has come true, in my humble opinion.

To bring up the “race” card to explain why some people do not like Obama’s policies is totally against everything Dr. King stood for, also in my humble opinion.

I do not support Obama’s policies because I don’t like Obama’s policies. I don’t care beans what ethnicity he is. It is irrelevant to me.

We are all one blood, in my opinion, and are all brothers and sisters created by God. Putting all the different ethnicities into different boxes has been bad for this country and for the world.


Edited to add: We have a debate going on in Coffee Talk group. You are welcome to join in.


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56 responses to ““I have a dream!” – Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream has come true…

  1. X-Evolutionist

    @Everybody: We have a friendly debate going on in Coffee Talk group. You are welcome to join inhttp://coffee-talk.groups.live.com/discussions/discussion.aspx?id=cns!9D303287C2CC4!625

  2. X-Evolutionist

    I really am surprised that nobody has comment on this. I expected at least one person to tell me I was correct, or that I was out of my mind. Are you afraid to talk about it? I\’m not. Obama has a lot of people that don\’t like him. Same as every president before him. He is being judged by his character, just as Dr. King dreamed of. Why is that not a good thing? Isn\’t everybody being treated the same what Dr King dreamed of? X


    X I don\’t know about where you live but the loudmouths running the man down in the check out lines at the grocery store, in the barber shop, hardware store and about anywhere else you go around my neck of the woods leave no doubt that Obama\’s problems are due to his race as well as his middle name. This general area was KKK territory and not all that long ago. Ignorance, intolerance and downright hatred are alive and well in the south, especially in the rural areas.

  4. X-Evolutionist

    Hi Rocket, I appreciate your opinion, but if things were really that bad all over the country Obama would not have been elected in the first place. Obama got more votes than anybody else. But, every president has people that don\’t like him. In that respect, he\’s the same as every body else. X


    I know. It\’s just a shock to hear so much criticism of the man just because the rumor mill has him being a sleeper agent for Al Queda becaise his middle name in Hussein. I\’m just astounded at how gullible some people are. Of course, if McCain had won we\’d be hearing Manchurian Candidate rumors because he broke under torture in Hanoi……and Palin would be wanting to declare war on Wyoming.

  6. Jeffrey

    X, more of the Me, me me… It\’s all about me. "The last straw?" Please! LOL! X, are you saying that because you don\’t have racist tendencies that no one else can either? That\’s rather naive. Do you believe that Jimmy Carter can have an opinion? Are you American enough to admit that? Is that a Christian thing to do? Turn the other cheek. Join the Coffee Talk group and have more fun like this.

  7. X-Evolutionist

    Jeffrey, who are you talking to? First you said LOL X, then you said Join the Coffee Talk group. Since I founded the Coffee Talk group, it\’s a little late to join it. Huh?X

  8. X-Evolutionist

    Jeffrey, Just in case you were talking to me, if this country is as bad as Jimmy Carter is saying, then how did Obama get elected? He got elected because more people voted for him than for anybody else. There has been no president that everybody liked. X

  9. Jeffrey

    Good lord – they\’ll be burning crosses on the White House lawn soon. LOL! Jimmy Carter is right. Racism is alive and well.

  10. Jeffrey

    The last line is a plug for your group – should I take it back? Is it to hard to figure out? I don\’t want to confuse people.

  11. X-Evolutionist

    Jeffrey, are you drunk or stoned. You are making no sense. X

  12. X-Evolutionist

    Jeffrey, I posted this before you posted the last comment. X

  13. Jeffrey

    You know, I see this as the Republicans, who as individuals may not be racist, but that they will use any tool available – including racism, as a means to an end. If racism foments the crowds then use it! It\’s evil. And they are using JC – (interesting coincidence) as a tool.

  14. Jeffrey

    X – you can delete your erroneous entries. I\’m certain you didn\’t forget how to do that?? You getting enough O2? :PFirst you say: Jeffrey, are you drunk or stoned. You are making no sense. Then: X Jeffrey, I posted this before you posted the last comment. X

  15. Jeffrey

    What could Jimmy Carter possibly be thinking? Limbaugh\’s Racist Shocker: "We Need Segregated Buses" http://bit.ly/4y6EvM

  16. Greg

    It\’s a noble sentiment, but I think this is a case of seeing things the way you want them to be rather than how they actually are. I don\’t agree with Jeff\’s assessment that Republicans are somehow more or less racist than Dems, but I think most people have racist tendancies that we (as a culture) ar trying desperately to shake. The good news is that it gets better with each generation. I would never call my mom a racist person, but I know it makes her uncomfortable to see mixed-race couples. She has to counteract being raised in a culture that told her it was wrong for people of different races to associate with each other. If I\’m honest with myself (and everyone in here), a person\’s race is still one of the first things I notice and use to discern them. I think I sometimes treat certain people with kit gloves because I want them to see how un-racist I am. That in itself is a form of racism. It\’s hypersensitivity due to how race is viewed in our culture. I don\’t think it\’s realistic to expect people to ever be colorblind (after all, skin color is one of the most noticeable physical features), but hopefully, my son won\’t see the need to treat people any differently because of their skin color.

  17. Jeffrey

    That isn\’t my assessment. It\’s Jimmy Carter\’s. I agree with him, however, based on things said by Beck and Limbaugh and the lack of repudiation evedent. X asks how he got elected with so much racism. I ask her back "how did we end slavery?" Why did it take America so long to do so?

  18. Bob

    As Greg can attest to, I am great at making an Ass of myself. And I can recognize when others are doing so as well.Jeffery is definitly outdoing anything I ever did to look like one real big one. Congrasts to Jefferay for the Biggest Ass on Live.

  19. X-Evolutionist

    Jeffrey, There was no need to delete my comment questioning your sobiety last night. I just just making it clear to which comment I was referring. Tit for tat Jeffrey. Since you can dish it, I\’m sure you can take it.Your pal, X

  20. X-Evolutionist

    Greg said: "I don\’t think it\’s realistic to expect people to ever be colorblind". That is just a sad commentary on what you think of society. You are making a blanket statement on an assumption. I was in seventh grade before a kid in my new school told me there were different names for different colors of people. Before that, I thought we were all just "People". Maybe some people around here, and in the rest of the country are "closet racists" and are going too far over backwards to show others there are NOT bigoted. I feel perfectly justified saying I dislike Obama\’s policies, just I as do not like ANY democrat\’s policies. X

  21. ROCKET

    Maybe I should learn from what I write. I did a post a couple of days ago about Carter\’s remarks. I even went so far as to look up and post the definitions of some terms that are being tossed around loosley and misused these days such as scoialist policies being confused with communism. I don\’t think the opposition to Obamas policies are more the result of bigotry as opposed to racism and these 2 terms are no more interchangeable than the first two I mentioned.As defined on Dictionay.com http://dictionary.com/:Bigotry: big⋅ot⋅ry   /ˈbɪgətri/ –noun, plural -ries.1. stubborn and complete intolerance of any creed, belief, or opinion that differs from one\’s own.2. the actions, beliefs, prejudices, etc., of a bigot.

  22. X-Evolutionist

    Rocket posted the definition of bigotry as: "1. stubborn and complete intolerance of any creed, belief, OR OPINION that differs from one\’s own." (emphasis mine) Hmmm. I\’ve never seen explained that way. By that definition, the following statements are true:1: When a Repubican is president, all Democrats are bigots.2: When a Democrat is president, all Republicans are bigots.Personally, I think that definition is a little loose, and a little too PC. I think it is personally reasonable to not like the opinions of others if they are diametrically opposed to ones view of right and wrong. As long as a democrat is in office, I am not going to like his opinions. Am I a bigot just because my philosophical values are different from those a sitting president, and I voice my opinion? X

  23. ROCKET

    According to dictionary.com we are all bigots. That being the case bigotry is universal and there is no point in condemning anyone for being one. I say we abolish the word from the English language, channel all this energy expended bickering over words, not just here but in DC as well….especially in DC, into solving the issues facing our nation and our planet and leave it better than we found it for the next generation.

  24. X-Evolutionist

    Rocket, Good point! X

  25. X-Evolutionist

    A history of the Democratic party in song:"Love me, I\’m a Liberal" as sung by Phil Ochshttp://listen.grooveshark.com/#/song/Love_Me_I_m_A_Liberal/1741124(Disclaimer: There is some terminology that offends me personally. But, this song makes a point so well, that I am linking it with this disclaimer)X

  26. John

    Politics sure is fun, looking a the sensitivity it appears all our nerves are about shot. Carter pulled the race card as a classic Dem distraction tactic. Health Care in on life support, and each day the opposition to it grows. Sure Joe Wilson was technically wrong, however currently we fund illegal immigrant hospital bills because they go to emergency rooms, get treated, leave, and Medicare foots the bill. No hospital will turn away an emergency condition, they don\’t check citizenship status so today we are funding them, and tomorrow we will as well. Dems don\’t want to add citizenship check to even voting, how about hospitals. No, the debate is not about racism, that is a defensive tactic used when the Dems get into trouble, reason: It makes the attacker stop the attack and defend their stature and character. The pressure is not easing as evident by the Freedom March on the Capital last weekend. Cater, Pelosi, and others are trying to put those opposed to their plans on the defensive, its as simple as that. The race issue is a tool of the left as they know the media will jump on it and run with it with little to no thought.The issues are these, there is no real leadership from the White House and we are seeing a vacuum trying to be filled. Obama has set up the most inexperienced and most partisan government in American history. Too many Czars, too many mixed messages, too many ideas with no details or solid positions to build a consensus from. Conservatives are asking good questions, solid policy questions and yet it is all being poo pooed by Dem leadership as racism. If health care can be paid for out of savings from Medicare/Medicaid then why didn\’t Pelosi and Reid fix it 6 years ago, 4 years ago, 2 years ago as they held the power then? If the savings are there then we can do so without rebuilding the system, see it does not make sense. If illegal immigrant coverage did not exist, why did a special congressional committee go back and change wording in the proposal AFTER the Joe Wilson comment? No, the issue is not racism, its trust. The only tool in this debate is the race card and the media who keep perpetuating it. The belief is we don\’t need to scrap and rebuild the system, we just need to fix the inefficiencies that exist and the root problems, tort reform and insurance company competition (works well for home, car, and life insurance and Dems can\’t say it doesn\’t).

  27. X-Evolutionist

    Hi John, Thank you for sharing your comments. It sounds like you are as frustrated with it all as I am. You mentioned tort reform and insurance company competition. Agreed! Competition is what makes things better. I\’m not looking forward to the day I\’m not allowed to go to my family doctor and pay cash like I always do. How is this anybody\’s choice but my husband and me? Grr. X

  28. ROCKET

    Okay, last comment from me. According to a Washington Post article from September 21, 2007 http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2007/09/21/AR2007092102074.html the cost of the war in Iraq alone was $720 million PER DAY! Wasting our tax money is not an invention of the democrats or the current administration.If the tax payer money thrown down the toilet prosecuting an illegal war, based on fabricated evidence, against a nation that posed absolutely no threat against the United States or its interests, was spent on health care coverage for citizens of the United States we could also pay for all the illegal immigrants in this country and not even notice. The last regime was so focused on proving to George\’s daddy that the W does not stand for Wimp that the devastation in the Gulf Coast States from Hurricane Katrina still has not been addressed. I am a veteran, the son of veterans and come from a long line of American fighting men and women who have served in every armed conflict since the Pilgrims first set foot on the shores of the Massachusetts Colony. One ancestor was an indentured servant aboard that ship. I support our troops to the hilt but I honor the warrior, not the war. As far as Operation Iraqi Freedom is concerned I feel it took vital strength, resources and troop strength away from the war against those who are responsible for the horror visited upon my nation on 9/11/01. Now we face losing the war against those who attacked us because of that ridiculous move on the part of the fat cats in the previous administration. A war we can\’t win, an unnecessary one we may get out of with some dignity at a staggering cost, an economic crisis to nearly rival the Great Depression, staggering unemployment, a possible flu pandemic and the majority of our citizens will probably have to choose between getting immunized or feeding their kids and more divisiveness in our nation since the events leading up to the shelling of Fort Sumter in 1861. Pass the blame to Obama and the Dems? The blame lies with every single elected and appointed individual to step foot in the District of Columbia since the Regan administration.Pointing the finger, placing blame and playing the what if game isn\’t doing anything to solve this nation\’s dire problems. Forget about politics, illegal immigrants and what Jimmy Carter has to say about his views on Obama\’s detracors. If we don\’t set aside out differences and work togther we will go from having the 37th ranked health care system in the world, according to the United Nations, and join the ranks of the third world before most of my generation lives long enough to discover that Social Security is broke and they\’ll just have to die on the job.

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