Squirrel Surprise!

Squirrel Surprise: Back story:

A couple had their camera set up for a shot of the two of them in front of a lake. At the last second, a nosy squirrel popped up and got into the picture. The history of the incident is in this thread in Snopes.com’s message board: http://message.snopes.com/showthread.php?t=49507

Now, everybody wants to get have some fun with it. Check out this site:

THE SQUIRRELIZER:  http://www.lutralutra.co.uk/squirrelizer/ 

Squirrel sighting in my backyard:


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      Hey, X! Why do you believe in God?


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10 responses to “Squirrel Surprise!

  1. Jen

    It doesn\’t work, now.

  2. X-Evolutionist

    Jen. It works for me. I just checked the link. I hope this isn\’t one of things blocked in your neck of the woods. Bummer. X

  3. Jen

    Maybe I\’m cursed! After yesterday – I can\’t be doing with any more web woes;-) Yours is great, though.

  4. X-Evolutionist

    Jen, Send me a url of the picture you are trying, and I\’ll try it for you on this end. X

  5. Valerie

    Hi X, Jen and to all,Hey, this is too funny… I think that he want speak with us… But for to say what?… lol… Have a Great and Wonderful Friendship Week, Bye-Bye and see you!!!…

  6. X-Evolutionist

    Hi Valerie, have a nice week. X

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