I have a remote control husband….

Having a sick wife is not fun for my hubby. Some times he just wants to get OUT! Some times, he goes to Best Buy and drools at the electronics, or has lunch with a friend, or takes a drive, whatever.

He already worked all day, and came home and made me dinner. Now, he wanted to go play before it was time for America’s Got Talent to come on. I don’t blame him.

Just now, he asked me if I had any ideas where he should go. I suggested the library. He asked what he should check out. So, I suggested Uncle Tom’s Cabin and Homer’s Odyssey. I’ve been wanting to read those two for a while.

I am so blessed! God gave me a wonderful hubby.

Thank you sweetie for being so good to me.

I love you.


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3 responses to “I have a remote control husband….

  1. X-Evolutionist

    Do I know my hubby, or what! He just called from the library. He said he was going to take the long way home and stop Best Buy on the way home. I cracked up laughing! Then, I read him this blog. I got his number…. X

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