Congratulations Kevin Skinner! Winner of America’s Got Talent!

I knew he could do it! I knew there was a chance when I dialed and dialed for fifteen minutes before I got a ring. So many people were voting for him they shut down the circuits!

I knew he could do it! I’ve rooted for him since he first sang.

Congratulations, Kevin!

Edited to add:

That was so short because I wanted to post it quickly before going to bed after the winner was announced. Here’s more:

There are many people, including my husband, who do not understand why people vote for Kevin Skinner.

My hubby is a musician. He can play many instruments, keyboard, guitar, bass, and he is very good, but he’s never done it professionally. He was the “Worship Leader” at church for a few years, though, meaning he picked, arranged and led the songs that the “Worship Team” sang.

Anyway, back to Kevin Skinner: My hubby says that he does not have an technical skill as a singer, and he just cannot get it that he has fans. Sorry sweetie, but you are missing the whole point.

I tried to explain it to my hubby: Technical skill often does not have anything do do with a singer popularity. Ever hear Joe Cocker, Willie Nelson, Rod Stewart, Bob Dylan? These voices are unique, not your average singers with “good” voices.

So, when Kevin Skinner’s first album comes out, it’s going on my iPod.

Kevin Skinner’s Audition (poor sound and picture) NBC is not allowing any embedding of videos. But, if you have not heard him, listen up and make your own decision.

Oh, I forgot to mention the runner up, Barbara Padilla, is a dynamite opera singer. She has a totally perfect voice. But, is that all it takes? Apparently not….

After Kevin Skinner sings his audition, Piers Morgan says: “You could win this competition”. How many hear that after an audition? And, it came true. I can’t wait until his first album comes out.



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4 responses to “Congratulations Kevin Skinner! Winner of America’s Got Talent!

  1. X-Evolutionist

    I hope I am not his only fan here. I expected somebody to come here and agree with me. X

  2. X-Evolutionist

    Kevin Skinner bump

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