I feel really strange right now. I feel like I have a buzz on.

I’m sick with a lung disease that is running my life. The lack of oxygen in my body gives me really strange symptoms sometimes. Right now, I’m sitting here in my lazy boy chair, and I feel like I’ve had three glasses of wine. It is a pretty scary feeling. I haven’t had a drink of alcohol for around 20 years or more because I think it is scary to be out of my right mind.

My hubby is out getting groceries. Hopefully, I’ll snap out of this after I’ve had some dinner. But right now this is scary. I can hardly think well enough to spell the words.

Thanks for being there. I had to talk to somebody.


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17 responses to “I feel really strange right now. I feel like I have a buzz on.

  1. Grandpa Dewey

    Not being able to get enough air is very scary. I was that way earlier this year. Couldn\’t walk three blocks, I would loose my voice, much chest disconfort. Then I had surgery done. A hiatal hernia repair. It was about the size of my fist and pressing against the lungs and heart. I know the feeling of not enough of air. Prayers will be said for you.

  2. X-Evolutionist

    Thank you very much, Dewey. I hope you are feeling much better now. X

  3. Jen

    Hey X – wish I could hold your hand till your Hubby comes home. Sorry to see you\’re feeling below par. Maybe, after all the excitement on the PC, it\’s time you had a bit of rest. Take care, X. We\’re all here if you need us.

  4. X-Evolutionist

    Thank you very much Jen. I really appreciate it. I haven\’t been feeling good lately, more than usual. and I haven\’t been sleeping good. Our house is really close to all the places is going on errands. He will be home soon. The poor guy. He\’s been having to take care of me for so long. X

  5. bamacatlover

    I\’m sorry to hear about your breathing problem and I hope and pray that you get relief soon.

  6. X-Evolutionist

    Hi Bama, Thank you very much. Actually, I can breathe OK, it\’s just the oxygen does not get distributed well. My hubby just called. He\’s on the way to buy me a veggie burger, then he is coming home X

  7. X-Evolutionist

    Hey, this might be part of the problem. My hubby asked me if I ate today. I had coffee, but I forgot to eat. One thing is strange lately is that I do not get hungry. If I\’m not hungry, I forget to eat. Make sense? Maybe I\’m just dizzy from no food. I hope that is all it is. Thanks again everybody. I don\’t feel alone with your kind thoughts and comments. X


    Lung problems are miserable. I have COPD after smoking for 40 years and i\’d love to go back to when I lit that 1st one at age 13 and kick my butt around the block a few times.Low blood sugar is scary as well. That sounds like what you\’re experiencing. I started keeping a roll of glucose tabs handy everywhere I go because it can hit without warning if you don\’t eat right and you can\’t always grab a snack in time.

  9. X-Evolutionist

    Thank you Rocket Man. Good ideas. My hubby is home now, and I\’m going to eat. Thank you everybody for helping me get through this really scary feeling. My hubby will take good care of me now. I\’m off for the night. X

  10. ThisIsMyHomeRightHereWithYou

    Hope you are ok after eating. , \’If I\’m not hungry, I forget to eat. Make sense?\’ It does to me, my mum does the exact same thing, only when she gets hungry and remembers to eat it\’s chocolate… Hopfully after food you are ok X.Take care

  11. ROCKET

    My wife is diabettic and first realized what was going on with me when I started having problems. We both carry glucose tabs for emergencies. I\’ve also found that a chocolate bar works very effectively and i suspect this is because of the caffeine content boosting the sugar absorbtion.

  12. X-Evolutionist

    Thank you everybody. My hubby gave me a good meal and I\’m going to bed now. I feel much better. I was really afraid. You all helped me very much. Thank you. X

  13. Jen

    You\’re the same as my Husband, who doesn\’t eat well because he can\’t, and he ends up feeling awful, the poor darling. Eating as well as possible will ease some of your symptoms. You\’ve been "running on empty", and, like a car needs fuel to operate, well, so do you.Glad to finally see you\’re feeling better. Try and get into a routine of at least eating a sandwich during the day, maybe at lunch time. I understand how you feel about Hubby looking after you all the time, but X – if he didn\’t love you, he wouldn\’t be doing that. Don\’t forget that, okay.

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