“Clubhouse” Survey VS “Windows Live Support” Survey: Clubhouse Survey wins by a mile…

I have contacted Windows Live Support many times. Most of those were times when I was trying, unsuccessfully, to report Windows Live Spaces that are set up to sell Viagra and Canadian drugs, etc, and send out spam emails. I get spam with links these Spaces every day.

Yesterday, I clicked on the “Report Abuse” link at the bottom of my Space to see if “Spamming” had been listed to the reportable offenses for the use of Spaces, as all of my previous reports have requested. (it still has not been added).

As soon as I clicked on “Report Abuse”, a bright flag appeared in the top right of my screen asking me if I would like to participate in a Windows Live Support Survey. Oh, yes I would, I said to myself!

I am so disappointed in The Windows Live Support Survey. The survey was many pages long, and on none of the pages was I asked to write in what my problems were! In my humble opinion, this survey shows exactly what the problem is with Windows Live Support.

Windows Live Spaces Report Abuse Support is set up for you to select items on a list to indicate what your problem is. But, there is not a item on the list to be chosen to indicate my problem with getting spam continuously in my Microsoft Outlook.

The survey did not allow me to tell me that. Therefore, the survey does not accurately reflect my opinion of Windows Live Spaces Support, and therefore negates the entire reason for having a survey, in my humble opinion.


By comparison, The Clubhouse Survey, equally as long as the Windows Live Spaces Support survey, gave ample opportunities to write in specific comments, suggestions and problems. I feel like the Clubhouse really wants to know what it takes for me to be a happy member of the Clubhouse.


I wish I could say the same for Windows Live Spaces Support. At the end of the Windows Live Spaces Support survey, as always, it said, as always: How likely would you be to recommend Windows Live Spaces? I love Windows Live Spaces, so I said “Very Likely”.

Does saying that I would be very likely to recommend Windows Live Spaces to a friend cancel out my problems with Spaces support in their eyes? I can only wonder.


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47 responses to ““Clubhouse” Survey VS “Windows Live Support” Survey: Clubhouse Survey wins by a mile…

  1. Jen

    I\’d have to see both surveys to comment adequately. Since that\’s never gonna happen…Where\’d you find the WL survey? Can you only get it by reporting abuse of some kind?

  2. X-Evolutionist

    Jen, When I clicked on Report Abuse, there was just a bright link in the top corner of my space. I guess it was just random. I tried to save the url for the survey, but when I tried to view it, it just said "Insert Survey Code" in a text box. X

  3. Happy

    Thanks for survey info. I\’ll see if I can view before comment. Have a great weekend.

  4. Cynical

    I have never received a responsive action from any "abuse" or other complaint which I have submitted via email, other than a complaint number, though I was once informed that I must remove one post, two or more years ago. The only way I have ever gotten satisfaction is by tracking down the telephone number of the Spaces Managing Programmer and being transferred to an executive in "Customer Service". Two Spaces sites were literally gone before I had gotten off the phone with him. I doubt that this is a common occurrence.Peace, Doc

  5. Jen

    Well phfff! What\’s the use of a survey that doesn\’t want anyone from outside the USA?

  6. X-Evolutionist

    Doc, You were able to find a phone number and talk to somebody?Wow, you are good…..I have had success with reporting the pornographic spaces. There used to be many of them. I have not come across them for quite a long time. "Nudity" is one of the offenses they have on the "Report Abuse" pull down menu when you click on the "Report Abuse" link on the bottom of each "Windows Live" page. Then you can write "pornography" in the text box. The pornographic pages disappear pretty quickly. But if the offense is not on the pull down menu, as for a space that spams all over the place, there is just no way to report it. For those who want to call me a prude, then go ahead. I am merely desiring to uphold the rules that my community has in place. Neener. X

  7. X-Evolutionist

    Jen, What happened? The survey has you locked out, or what? X

  8. ♨ gRaNt

    I think you should be wary of spaces with 3,000 friends and only activity is to join new network

  9. X-Evolutionist

    Grant, good point. Also, when you look at their comments, it\’s pretty easy to see what they have been up to. It\’s really easy to find offenders, just no easy to report them. X

  10. Jen

    It only wants American users:-( – even tho\’ I luvs y\’all! Got many USA pals here, so no offence meant.

  11. X-Evolutionist

    Jen, Maybe there is another survey for non USA users. I got the link, and I\’m in the USA. So, I\’m not saying that is the only survey there is. In the meanwhile, you still have the Feedback link at the bottom of every page. X

  12. Jen

    Yeah; but Feedback ensures you don\’t make contact with anybody;-) Not that you would in a survey either. Just found that survey thing rather offputting.

  13. Mandy

    As far as making complaints (or at least enquiries) to Live Team you may want to read my blog ………http://wobblyone2.spaces.live.com/blog/cns!4E8166ED4D3AFE36!2433.entryHaving reported offenders on numerous occasions, (of the obscene variety) and as Doc says only ever got a complaints number back, and no other response. I just have the one thing to say – they suck!

  14. Jen

    I remember that one you wrote, Mandy. Hey, haven\’t seen you around for ages. Have ya moved?

  15. Mandy

    Not yet Jen, just waiting to see if an offer I made on a house has been accepted!

  16. Cynical

    I followed the approach of finding any inside number for the Microsoft campus and then narrowed it down to someone who could be of some help. It happened to be J. Fleugel, now on the East Coast, who directed me to Keith XXX, who looked at the sites and disappeared them. One was an almost perfect duplicate duplicate of mine which promoted illegal drugs, suicide, etc. The actions that prompted me to this was my son\’s being referred to as an XXX addict three times on another site and letters to my own Professional Organization and Licensing Board with complaints that I was behaving unethically. (Yes, I saw scans of and have copies of them). Some months later the Microsoft Legal Department had one Canadian Spacer,s ISP refuse him service. If you care to look, this has all been left posted on my site. … I just took a look back to find a post where you could start reading. With Live Spaces, he has been able to delete all his comments. I also ran across something much more sinister in the process which I would rather not mention until I have sorted out how to deal with it.Peace, Doc

  17. Jen

    Wow, Doc. And to think I\’ve always felt safe here! Mind you, I only accept those I know and trust in my own Network. People such as mentioned here can take a long walk off a short pier as far as I\’m concerned!

  18. Mandy

    The thing that stands out there Tom, is that if you hadn\’t sorted out who and how to contact, Nothing would have been done!"Report abuse" needs a big rethink. I feel much "safer" on FB. But partly because it\’s friends only affair, and you can block an individual from even seeing that you have an account. BUT I\’m here to meet new people, and that can\’t be done if I shut down my space, to "friends only" Jen So I guess we have to suffer (only a little it is quite rare in the scheme of things, your space, Tom, was so popular it obviously attracted attention) And we would never have met if you had!!

  19. Cynical

    I agree. In truth, it was mostly luck and looking through Spaces staff members sites and finally finding one that listed a business number at MS. Once I got "inside" it was pretty easy to get to the person I needed to talk to. Jay moved on to DC about two years ago and Keith probably has changed jobs also. All I have for him is an email at Microsoft. If I hadn\’t gone back two years I would never have noticed that the objectionable comments had been erased or found the other problem. I don\’t mean to be cryptic about what that is, but it\’s something I need to deal with before I make it public as it might be dangerous to someone else happening upon it. FB is "safer" in the way you mean, Mandy, but the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has posted a FB test to show people exactly how much information they are giving away about themselves by taking a FB test or quiz. I\’ll try to find the specific one they analyzed and post it or send it to you. Granted, this is an apples vs. oranges comparison, but what I found will definitely have me resetting some permissions. I\’m glad you found me, Mandy. I was at a loss for someone to harass.Jen; Since the problems I had back then they couldn\’t be repeated easily and it was a personal thing with one man I knew as a "friend" (I thought) and a man that was represented to me as stalking another friend (it turned out to be the husband of the friend who had used him to gain citizenship in the UK). I even talked to him on the phone a couple of times, and while I didn\’t like him, he was better than the alleged friend who had asked for help with a stalker. Now that I\’m on FB, I can see its appeal, but don\’t know if I\’m social enough to keep up with most of the people on it. At least I can pester my niece. And Mandy.

  20. Jen

    As long as we\’re aware that there will always be people like this in the world, maybe that\’ll help us to be a bit careful on how we "advertise" ourselves, online. I once was involved in a group of people on Live Spaces who were trying to protect someone frmm alleged bullying. I hate bullies, Doc, so joined in the fight, only to realise that the lot of us were completely wasting our time. I even lost Network members over the whole sorry issue. From now on, I choose who I want to be in contact with. You can\’t keep in touch with thousands of faceless people! It\’s just impossible. Those who are on my Network are folks that have constantly stood by me and remained pals. I\’m no trophy hunter and really cannot be bothered with getting involved in other people\’s disputes anymore. It doesn\’t do any good, in the long run.I\’ve seen you aroud on other folks pages and am sure you\’re a great person. You\’d be welcome on my network if you like, but I have to send out the invitation from my side. Sorry, Doc, but that\’s how I\’ve set things up, here. I just feel safer that way!

  21. Cynical

    That\’s how my whole web-war started, Jen. I was trying to help two women who were being bullied. I was a bit shortsighted in figuring out that the only thing I would accomplish was drawing fire toward myself. I believe you\’re completely right about your invitation policy. I\’m not certain why I have about 2/3 of the network I have, other than they were friends of three or more friends. Anyone can monitor our posts, anyway, just by checking them. I\’m an old critter and don\’t have a whole lot to hide. Younger people have many more things that shouldn\’t be public knowledge. It might affect their futures, and once on the internet, it is effectively there forever.

  22. X-Evolutionist

    Thanks to you all for sharing your experiences! X

  23. Jen

    Yup. Very true, Doc. Although Greg Edwards is quite correct that our details, like names, addresses, phone numbers, etc, can all be found (and are) on the public Electoral Roll; why make it that easy for someone, or anyone, for that matter!Thanks, X. You\’re welcome. although I would hate it if there was a moan started on a Space that isn\’t mine. I\’d rather invite people over to my own site and invite arguments, for and agin, on these sort of subjects;-) You know, now, why I often say: "Don\’t get me started!"

  24. X-Evolutionist

    Jen, I want you, and others to think of my Space as a big comfy living room. If you want to visit with your friends, or solve the world\’s problems in my comments, go right ahead. I know how these things get started. They have a life of their own. You are perfectly welcome here. X

  25. Jen

    Wow! Thanks, X – I just don\’t like it when sparks fly!(You believe me, yeah?)

  26. X-Evolutionist

    Oh, yes, Jen. I believe you when you say you don\’t like it when sparks fly (wink wink) X

  27. Jen

    I knew ya would – heh, heh!

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