My first experience with finding an unauthorized charge in my checking account…

I check my checking account online regularly just to make sure everything is running smoothly. All my bills are set up with each company for them to debit out of my account to pay them. I only pay three bills a year myself by check: Property tax, state tax, and federal tax. The rest all just pay themselves.

Anyway, so I check in regularly to make double sure everything is OK. But the other day, I checked in and I found a charge I knew nothing about! I called my hubby, and HE knew nothing about it! I was freaking out ! Oh, no! My account has been hacked. What a mess!

So, I immediately got on the phone with customer service for the bank, waiting on hold, tick tock tick tock, waiting impatiently to see if I was going to get this fixed, or if there was a bigger problem. We have to watch our finances pretty closely, so this was really freaking me out.

FINALLY! Somebody answers the phone, and I say, try to say, that is: pant pant pant …. somebody has hacked into my checking account! pant pant pant. There is a charge that neither I nor my hubby has made! pant pant pant…..

I breathlessly wait for the response as she looks up my account and sees what happened.

FINALLY, she gets back on the line, and says….

Calmly and indifferently: “Oh, that was us.”.

What?? That was you? What do you mean that was you? How can my bank take out my money?

Very calmly, like she doesn’t care: “Oh, they just made an error”…

HUH? That’s all you’re going to say? “They made an error”? How about “I’ll give you your money right back?”

Impatiently: “Oh, all right, I’ll refund the charge”.

Days later, I got an email from the bank saying that they accidentally charged a lot of accounts for “Financial Management Software”. My bank messed up and took money out of my account for Financial MANAGEMENT Software? The irony of it just cracked me up. Har har har.



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14 responses to “My first experience with finding an unauthorized charge in my checking account…

  1. Kelly

    You are very lucky you called, if you hadn\’t and there was insufficient funds, the ball just grows into a bigger mess. Glad they stepped up and claimed their mistake and fixed it. But, you are right, that is pretty ironic. LOL…

  2. X-Evolutionist

    Thanks Kelly. I\’m still laughing at the irony of it. It was just too funny. X

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