Clubhouse 101: An Introduction to New Members – How to to Publish Clubhouse Posts

When I was a Clubhouse newbie, it took me a bit of a learning curve to understand the ins and outs of the Clubhouse. In my travels through the Clubhouse lately, I see there is still a need for a type of Clubhouse 101 post, and I am humbly submitting this post as such.

If somebody is going to go to the effort of writing a post for the Clubhouse, I want, at the very least, to make sure that their post meets the minimum requirements for a Clubhouse post. I do not want all their hard work to be for nothing.

This “How To” will not cover how to write the content of a Clubhouse post. It will only cover the requirements that are needed to be in place before you write your first Clubhouse post.

This post will cover the first few important steps to getting started in Clubhouse. including:

  • Installing Windows Live Writer
  • Adding the Windows Live Tag Provider
  • Learning the use of the Required Tags of the Clubhouse

For those not in the Clubhouse: Do you like to tell your friends about how much you enjoy Windows Live products? Do you like to figure out new and tricky ways to use them? Apply to join the Clubhouse! Go to the Clubhouse Space or Click Here to fill out an application!

Once you are accepted into the Clubhouse, the first thing to do is to Download Windows Live Writer, unless you already have it. Your Clubhouse posts must be written with Writer or they will not show up in the Clubhouse.

After downloading Writer, open it and go to the “Blogs” pull down menu to “Add Blog Account”. After you fill in the address, user name and password of your blog, Windows Live Writer will be able to publish to that account. You can have more than one account in Writer if you have a blog in more than one place.

The second thing you need to do after downloading Writer, is to add the Windows Live Tag Provider. Using these tags is the only way to get your posts to show in the Clubhouse.

How to add the Windows Live Tag Provider 

To add the Windows Live Tag Provider to Live Writer:

1. Click the Tags link under the Insert Menu  button on the right hand side of Windows Live Writer. If you don’t see it, select View/Taskpane.

2. Select “Customize Provider” from the list of tag providers


3. Click “Add”


4. Enter “Windows Live” in the Provider name textbox

5. Enter “<a href="{tag-encoded}" rel="clubhouseTag">{tag}</a>” in the HTML template for each tag textbox

6. Verify that the Separate the HTML for each tag using textbox contains a comma

7. Click the “OK” button


Now that you have the Windows Live Tag Provider in you Windows Live Writer, you must know how to use your tags:

How to tag your Clubhouse posts

In order for a post to be an “official” Clubhouse post, there are a minimum of three specific tags required:

  • Add the “Clubhouse” tag: Always routinely add the tag “Clubhouse” for all your Clubhouse posts or your post will not show up in the Clubhouse.
  • Add either the “How to” tag, or the “Story” tag: If you are not giving step by step instructions for how to do something, then use the “Story” tag.
  • Add a tag for at least one Windows product about which you are writing. If you are not writing about at least one Windows product or service, your post can not be a Clubhouse post. See the page How to use Clubhouse tags for more detailed information.


Now, Windows Live Writer is installed on your computer, your Windows Live Tag Provider is added to it, and you know how to tag posts. Now you can start to write some Clubhouse posts. Also, why not add tags to some existing posts that you have written if they qualify as Clubhouse posts.

See these pages for more details about how to go about writing Clubhouse posts, and other aspects of the Clubhouse:

How to… create a story
  • Help others simplify and enhance their lives by showcasing how you’ve integrated Windows products and services into your life. Create a blog post that highlights your best ideas.
How to… create a tip
  • What tricks have you learned to use the Windows products and services more efficiently? Don’t keep all those time-saving shortcuts to yourself; let the world know by creating a tip.
How to… use Clubhouse tags
  • In order for your content to be pulled into the Clubhouse, you must tag your posts according to these Clubhouse guidelines.
How to… apply tags to your posts
  • Before you share your knowledge with the world, you need to apply tags to your blog entry.
How to… include screen captures
  • Show, don’t just tell. Help get your point across by adding screen captures to your blog posts.
How to… include video
  • Video is a great way to grab readers’ attention to show off exactly how you use Windows. And it’s easy to add your favorite videos to your blog.
How to… rate content
  • Rating is important. In addition to displaying how relevant a specific post is, highly rated content earns you Club Points and may be showcased on Windows web sites.
How to… build Club Points
  • By creating highly rated content, responding to challenges and interacting with your peers, you will accrue Club Points. As your Club Points grow, your badge level moves up.
How to… create great posts
  • Your fellow Clubhouse members will decide which posts are great, so make sure your posts are clear, to the point and that other members of the community—and other less experienced users—understand the steps you’ve outlined.
How to… configure Windows Live Writer
  • As a member of the Clubhouse, you can contribute content from Windows Live Spaces, Blogger, Live Journal, Movable Type, MSDN Blogs, TypePad and WordPress. However, no matter where your blog is hosted, you can easily use Windows Live Writer to create, publish and tag your posts.

Have fun being a member of the Clubhouse community!


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