A new product will soon be having Clubhouse posts on their product page!

Fellow Clubhouse Members, as you know, some of the Stories and How-tos that we write about Windows Live products are displayed on the Microsoft.com page from that product. There’s a new product that we can now write about! It’s Windows Live Server.

Here’s a copy of what Marcus said in the Clubhouse Space yesterday:

September 01

Windows Home Server Joins the Clubhouse

View Windows Home Server demos to learn more about how to store, protect and share your digital mediaGuess who’s joining the Clubhouse?  Welcome Windows Home Server

We’re excited to build an addition to our Clubhouse for another great member of the Windows product line.  If you haven’t checked out Windows Home Server, it’s well worth perusing their website or checking out a system at one of your local retailers

Once you get one (or if you already have one), you can start sharing your how-to tips and stories about using Windows Home Server right here inside the Clubhouse.  After we get a few contributions from all of you, the Windows Home Server team will start showcasing it on their website

Marcus, Windows Community Manager

Please note: You need to have a DVD burner to download the trial version of Windows Live Server. Since I cannot try the software, I at least wanted to let the people in my network about it so they could try it.

For those not in the Clubhouse, do you like to tell your friends about how much you enjoy Windows Live products? To you like to figure out new and tricky ways to use them? Apply to join the Clubhouse. Click Here to fill out an application!


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