I just decided that I want a new toy – A Schwinn Bike – with three wheels.

Schwinn Meridian Adult 26-Inch 3-Wheel BikeI have a situation. I am on oxygen 24 hours a day. I am recovering from a lung disease caused by mold in my house. (It has since been fixed) I can not walk very far at a time. Around the house, I’m pretty much OK. At home, I have a “concentrator” that gets oxygen out of the air, and I have a 50 foot hose from me it it. I can’t decide if it is my leash, or my umbilical cord. Either way, I have to haul it with me everywhere I go in the house.

But if we go out of the house, I have to pull around an oxygen tank on a cart. (the oxygen tanks are too expensive to use at home) The combined contraption, tank and wheeled cart, is like hauling around a upright vacuum cleaner. Besides, I can’t walk far, so my hubby usually has to push me every place in a wheel chair. Most big stores have “courtesy wheelchairs”, so we don’t have to haul one around with us.

So here’s the deal. I had a brainstorm last night when I was trying to fall asleep (with the oxygen hoses sticking up both nostrils, it’s hard to fall asleep sometimes.

I want an adult tricycle! The one in the picture is a Schwinn Meridian Adult 26-Inch 3-Wheel Bike.

When I was a kid, a Schwinn bike was the one thing every kid always wanted for Christmas. I never got one! It’s never too late to fulfill your childhood dreams!

I can walk just fine, so I don’t really NEED a wheelchair. I’d rather have an adult tricycle. That way, I can put my vacuum cleaner in the bike basket, when I get tired, I can just sit, and not worry about keeling over, as with walking.

I just had my birthday, and my hubby got me Candy, my lovebird for my birthday. Maybe he can get me this for an early anniversary present. Please, sweetie?

Now, all I have to do it convince the powers to be to let me and my tricycle into the mall…..

Wish me luck!


Edited to add: Is anybody familiar with Disability law? I am on Social Security Disability. I’m trying to Google the laws to see if an adult tricycle would qualify as a “wheelchair”. There are lots of different looking wheelchairs, this is just a different type, in my humble opinion. I would want to pull a law out of my back pocket to show that my trike was allowed in the mall.




Edited to add:

I just read this review about a trike on Walmart.com. Click here for the page.

5 out of 5
5 out of 5

old hoosier gets lucky, 04/28/2009

this tricycle is great. had it assembled at store #2787 in indianapolis. joel put it together. great job joel. i ride the trike around the neighborhood with my little min. aus. shepard in the basket. (ROXIE) get stopped all the time , people love this trike . got two invites for homemade dinner by some good lookin widows. this trike is a chic magnet. or is it the dog or my good lookin mug. what ever it is my joints are limber and my stomach is full. thats not bad for an old fella!

Product Attributes:

5 out of 5
5 out of 5

Meets Expectations:
5 out of 5
5 out of 5

Edited to add: Well, it’s not going to work. It was nice thinking about, though. My hubby took me to a bicycle shop and I took a trike for a test drive. I got way too wore out in just a minute in the parking lot. To much exertion. It’s the wheelchair or nothing. Bummer.


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50 responses to “I just decided that I want a new toy – A Schwinn Bike – with three wheels.

  1. Jen

    It\’s a nice trike. Can\’t you have a powered buggy? You can go anywhere with them!

  2. X-Evolutionist

    Jen, can you google a picture of what you are talking about? Remember, I want to use my legs. I need to get stronger. X

  3. Jen

    Oh well, then a powered buggy wouldn\’t be the answer, then! Do you have battery-powered bikes and trikes over where you are? They became a national standard over here a few years ago. I once had a battery-powered bicycle. Brilliant in windy weather.Browse for powered bikes/trikes, X. You can either power them up or ride without. Make sure you select a geared model. Ungeared ones are too difficult to manage, as they\’re very heavy when carrying a battery.

  4. X-Evolutionist

    Jen, yes, we are looking at ones with gears. These trikes are for older folks, so they are easier to ride. X

  5. X-Evolutionist

    @Everybody: I just added a request for advice if anybody knows US disability law. Also, I added a really cute review of a trike by a gentleman who is a Hoot! X

  6. X-Evolutionist

    Edited to add: Well, it’s not going to work. It was nice thinking about, though. My hubby took me to a bicycle shop and I took a trike for a test drive. I got way too wore out in just a minute in the parking lot. To much exertion. It’s the wheelchair or nothing. Bummer. X

  7. Mandy

    You used to be able to buy little "add on motors" that you some how clipped to the wheel of an ordinary bike/trike. you just used it when you needed, peddled when you didn\’t. Possibly power was supplied by an alternator you powered the battery, when you peddled etc. LOL When I first saw this on WNF, I had visions of you riding big motor trike – ala Hells Angels!!

  8. Jen

    Depending on expense, X – you really shouldn\’t give up that easily. If you\’re not up to pedalling for a while, you can ride with the battery alone. The bike/trike should have a throttle. You sit there and just use the throttle to move the machine. All you really need is a good power system that gives you at least a 20 mile range. 10 miles is very poor. If you have a powered trike, when the wind is behind you, you can part-power, part pedal for exercise.Did you try out a powered trike?

  9. X-Evolutionist

    Mandy and Jen, I\’m not really wanting a motor. I\’m with my hubby all the time. I can\’t go out without him. He is used to pushing me around. When I was thinking of the trike, I was just thinking of it as an option to being in a wheelchair. My hubby and I thought about it more last night. I think now that when I feel up to it, I can just walk behind the wheelchair, using it for a "walker". That might be a good compromise. We don\’t really have a way to cart around a trike, anyway. We have a Chevy Blazer, like a covered mini truck, and it won\’t fit. There are wheelchairs you can borrow at all the big stores. We might eventually get me a trike for just around the neighborhood once I get in better shape (if……). Thanks for your kind suggestions, though. I appreciate your thoughtfulness. X

  10. Jen

    My Heart goes out to you, X. I know what it feels like to want to be out and about and having to prepare for such. Whatever you choose to do, I hope you find a solution that truly suits your needs.Hugs, Jen

  11. Mandy

    So no big 650cc Harley Fatboy then X? (with extra wheel)

  12. X-Evolutionist

    Mandy, My first husband had a 1971 Harley full dresser police special. I think I had all the Harley riding I need for a lifetime. But thanks, though! Harley makes trikes, though. ……. X

  13. X-Evolutionist

    Thanks, Jen, Yes, I know you know how it feels. Take today, for instance. It is 70 degrees outside now (nice) as opposed to over 100 (tooooo hot) like it\’s been lately. It would be a nice day to play outside. But, I walk 10 steps and have to sit down. I can\’t drive any more, since I never know when I\’m going to feel light headed and dizzy. I am stuck at home, all day, every day. Egad. At least I can go outside and see my backyard if I want to. In the house, I can hold onto the furniture and walls, but outside I\’m pretty much helpless. It would be a nice day to ride a trike, very slowly, down the street. X

  14. Jen

    Oh X. It must be so difficult. None of us realise how tough life can be for people. We have this, yes, but wouldn\’t it be just nice to spand some time away from the same for walls? I stuck it for four/five weeks when I was waiting to get a wheelchair. Much more and I\’d have been climbing the walls. Anyway, gotta go. Someone wants me on Meebo and I have tonight\’s programe to get into shape!I\’ll catch you all later, okay.

  15. X-Evolutionist

    Nice talking to you, Jen. Have a good day! X

  16. Jen

    What dreadful spelling! I keep blaming me keyboard, as we all do;-) I have nothing but sitting around to do now, until just before 8pm UK time.

  17. X-Evolutionist

    Jen, I\’m on the phone right now. I\’ve done an internet search for bike shops in my town, and I\’m calling them and taking notes on what they say. It would be nice to just ride down the street and back. I can\’t multitask right now. Have a good day! X

  18. Mystic

    X, I was wondering what about those electric powered wheelchairs ? wouldn\’t that work out so you can push yourself you know the kind that looks like a mini scooter ?

  19. Mystic

    *blushing* I should of read the posts below LoL just read the article LoL. you can use a powered scooter perhaps when out but at home an elliptical bike thing it has literally no impact and it will strengthen your legs they stuck me on that thing in physio to regain strength in my legs

  20. X-Evolutionist

    Hi Mystic Dreamer. Thank you for the suggestions! X

  21. Mandy

    It\’s always the Keyboard Jen – those blasted keys move all over the palce!

  22. Jen

    D\’you know what? I quickly looked up, and thought you\’d said palace, Mandy! Haa, haa;-)You\’re winding me up, intcha!

  23. X-Evolutionist

    Wow, I wish I had a palace….

  24. X-Evolutionist

    Jen, Mandy, Mystic Dreamer: I am going to get a three speed Schwinn Town and Country. There is a Schwinn dealer in town, and they are researching what the best price is that they can give me. She is going to call me, hopefully before my hubby gets home. This is the best price/quality combination I have found on the internet. Wish me luck getting a good price. As I have said before, I don\’t do credit. My hubby and I give ourselves an "allowance" each payday, and we save it up. My hubby got a closeout laptop with his allowance a few weeks ago. We are going to the shop tonight. Thanks for all the helpful suggestions! http://www.schwinnbike.com/usa/eng/Products/Cruisers/Classic-Cruiser/Details/908–Town-CountryX

  25. Jen

    I really hope you get something that\’ll make you happy, X. It\’s lovely to come back and read this news:-)

  26. Jeannie

    I have one of these Schwinn three wheelers in red. I have chronic breathing problems. Make sure your handbrakes are adjusted properly and bring an oil can. Oil makes all the difference! If this is too much exertion, which I can understand, try KSL or Craigs list for a used motorized scooter. There are lots of different kinds and some people out here are giving them away. Keep your chin up and keep trying. We have disabilities but don\’t ever give up trying. Place a wanted ad!

  27. Mandy

    @ Jen LOL It was a genuine spelling mistake – I did notice it before I posted but left it in cos it was funny!!

  28. X-Evolutionist

    Everybody: Well I did it, I got a new "three wheeled mobility device". I\’ve cruised around my neighborhood, just a little ways at a time several times since last night. I\’m going to talk more about it the next time I blog. It\’s so great to be able to go down the street — by myself!!! The first time in two years! I just talked to my mother (in another state) and she told me how happy I sounded. Of course! It\’s been a long time since I\’ve been able to play outside. Wheeeee! X

  29. Mandy

    Great X. Don\’t forget knee and elbow pads, and helmet! (LOL I sound like my mum!)

  30. Jen

    "Of course! It\’s been a long time since I\’ve been able to play outside. Wheeeee! X"Wheehee;-) Love Jen

  31. Michael

    I\’d like a new bike too, thought I want something more sleek and full of useful feature built in like a cuphold and lights powered by pedal power. I want to show the road mongrels that biking is a great way to commute.

  32. Tricia

    Can\’t wait to see the picture of you speeding around …. so glad you got the bike so quickly and didn\’t have to wait for months. 🙂

  33. X-Evolutionist

    Michael and Tricia. I got my new trike. I posted about it in my local blog. Michael, I hope you get your new bike! X

  34. Mystic

    Hey X… How is your new bike and new freedom ^.^ be careful and wear a helmet lol cause you\’ll be flyin by in now time

  35. Happy

    Total Awesome Transport. Just hang disability sticker on front and set to cruise control. What freedom this will bring. Happy for you X

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