Do you use Microsoft Outlook and Hotmail? Outlook Connector lets you access Hotmail within Outlook!

I have two email addresses: one for my home office, and another, my Windows Live Hotmail address, for my dealings within the Windows Live community. I use Microsoft Outlook for my home office email address. Perhaps you have Microsoft Office at work (or home), too. Microsoft Outlook is the Microsoft Office email program.

I used to check my Hotmail account online. But, some time back, I found out about a nifty program called Microsoft Office Outlook® Connector. Once I installed it, I was able to receive and respond to mail from my Hotmail account while using Microsoft Outlook! It is really handy! If you use Outlook and Hotmail, you might like to try it. The download page says this:

Manage all your email accounts with ease

Outlook Connector provides a free solution for managing your Windows Live Hotmail e-mail and contacts from within Outlook. With the new release of the Outlook Connector, you can connect your Windows Live Hotmail account in Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 or Outlook 2003 free of charge.

If you decide to download Microsoft Office Outlook® Connector, be sure to close Outlook before you start. Once it downloads and installs, it will open up Outlook for you. You will notice that Outlook Connector is now on the Outlook menu between Actions and Help.

Click on this new button, and select “Add New Account” from the pull-down menu. Enter your Hotmail account’s address and password and the name you will use with it. Click OK and you will see a dialog box saying to close and reopen Outlook. A “Please wait while we set up your mailbox for first use” message will appear.

When that message goes away, you will see a folder with your your Hotmail address listed below your other email folders. Your Hotmail inbox, outbox, etc, will all be in this folder.

Now, you can receive and respond to all of your email in one program. Here’s a piece of advice, though. Be sure to check your Junk mail folder of your Hotmail account online periodically, just in case.

Happy emailing!


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41 responses to “Do you use Microsoft Outlook and Hotmail? Outlook Connector lets you access Hotmail within Outlook!

  1. Mandy

    I just get my mail downloaded to PC, on Live Mail, it downloads all 3 accounts. I\’ve never used Outlook.

  2. X-Evolutionist

    Hi Mandy. I know that Live mail can do the same thing, but I\’ve been using Outlook a long time. I figure there are other people, like me, who use Outlook at work. It comes with Word, Excel, and other stuff that people use at work. It came on the computer my boss gave me for work. It\’s way to expensive for me to BUY. X

  3. LORI

    (LOL @ your comment about Pleasiasaur… I have always wanted to be a mermaid…).And incidentally, I use Microsoft Hotmail.

  4. Mike

    I hope Microsoft makes an Outlook Live connector for the school I work at so students could use this to check their school email also through Outlook 2007 or Live Mail.

  5. X-Evolutionist

    Mike, Live mail can handle more than than just hotmail. Check out Mandy\’s post at the bottom of comments. Microsoft Outlook Connector is for people who use Outlook at the office, let\’s say, and want all mail to come there. X

  6. X-Evolutionist

    Mike check this out. There is a beta email program just for schools:

  7. S.H.A.N.T.A.N.U.

    Hey Mate.. I have been trying to use this connector but it hangs as soon as it tries to connect to the account and then the only way to get ma outlook working back is to close and reopen it. it never downloaded any emails for me and also i have tried recreating the account.. no luck.. leemmi know if yu have any suggestions..thx a ton!!

  8. Greg

    SHANTANU, are you behind a corporate firewall, perchance?

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