The quest for the perfect cell phone/iPod holder (finally) comes to an end…

Everest Bags MP3 Holder iPod/MP3 Player Cases

I do not carry a purse. I am a blue jeans girl, and everything I need to carry fits in the pockets of my blue jeans….

UNTIL I got an iPod, and then a cell phone. I went years without needing an iPod or a cell phone, but then I found that I wanted both within a short time of each other:


I have the entire NIV version of the Bible on CD. But, it was a zillion disks in an enormous notebook with a zillion pockets. It was a hassle to be listening to one book of the Bible, and then switch over to another book of the Bible. Take the CD out of the player, put it in the plastic pocket, find the CD for the other Bible book, and put that in the CD player, press play, and go back and sit down.

Finally, I decided that there had to be a way to make it into a “portable” audio Bible. I (finally) got the idea of getting a gizmo that could hold all of the CDs if i ripped them to mp3.

Two years ago, I had no idea what that last sentence meant. But, with some research I finally decided on an iPod, and ripped the zillion of CDs into mp3 files. They fit nicely into my iPod and it makes it very convenient. I even have extra room for music. Now, I can “read” the Bible, any part of it that I want, everywhere I am. Neato.

Cell phone:

Some months back, I was waiting for my hubby in the car while he went shopping. I suddenly realized my oxygen tank was empty, and I was having trouble breathing. I needed to contact my hubby to tell him, but there was no way. That was the day we decided I should get a cell phone. As I’m not able to go anywhere without my hubby, it never seemed necessary to have one before, but now I am prepared for emergencies.

So anyway, suddenly this blue jeans girl, who does not carry a purse, suddenly had two contraptions to carry around. I did not feel comfortable having either of them in my jeans pocket for fear I would break them…….

So began my quest for the perfect cell phone/iPod case…

I decided the best thing would be a little holder I could wear around my neck to carry just these two things. I crocheted a bag, too bulky. I looked at camera cases, two expensive, finally got a “passport wallet”, too big.

THEN! Last Saturday, at a yard sale across the street from my house, I saw a brand new polyester case made especially for an mp3 player or a cell phone. They only wanted a dollar for it, and it was brand new!

So, I went back home and showed my hubby. He liked it. Oh, he REALLY liked it. He asked if he could have it. WHAT? My perfect iPod/cell phone case I’ve been looking for???

So, I gave it to him. Am I a loving wife, or what? His cell phone had fallen out of his case a few times. But, before I gave it to him, I looked inside for a label. There was just a label that said “Everest”. I started googling my little heart out, trying to find another one of these magic cases.

And then, jackpot. had a seller of them: Everest Bags MP3 Holder iPod/MP3 Player Cases Yippy. And, only six dollars! Mine is on the way VIA UPS right now. It’s not the most feminine cases I’ve ever seen, but I’m going to embroider on it to make it pretty.

It is really functional. It unzips all the way around the side so it opens flat, and it has lots of pockets. It is small, but a lot fits in it. It can clip onto a belt, and it has a place where a belt can slide through for more security. Plus, it has a loop at the top to wear it from the neck, like I will.

So, while I await the UPS carrier, I will have time to design my embroidery for the perfect iPod/mp3 case.

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14 responses to “The quest for the perfect cell phone/iPod holder (finally) comes to an end…

  1. Jen

    Hahahaha! Love the link. I also had to find something to park my poddy in for going out with. I have a bunch of those little socks. They\’ll do:-)

  2. X-Evolutionist

    Jen, A sock? Do you keep it in your pocket, or what? Thanks.

  3. Jen

    You buy these things in sets of six, X. just under £15 over here, per pack. Like you, I thread a chain, or whatever got handy, and wear it round my neck. The iPod is too small and delicate for a pocket.

  4. X-Evolutionist

    Hi Jen, Thanks for the clarification! So we basically do the same thing. I just have two contraptions with me: iPod and cell phone. I want neither in my pocket. Thanks for telling me about he "socks". I think I\’ve seen them in the mp3 aisle. X

  5. Jen

    I suppose you could knit your own if you know how:-)

  6. ♨ gRaNt

    This reminds me of the hassle when you go on an overseas holiday now. You are over your baggage limit straight away carrying rechargeable batteries, rechargeable battery charger, electric shaver, camera, camcorder, mobile phone plus all the charges and accessories for these devices. Then you have to buy the special power plugs so you can plug into the power supply of that country.Luckily I do not take a laptop computer. Yet hahaha !I feel like an traveling electrical salesman

  7. X-Evolutionist

    Jen, I knit, but I prefer crocheting. I\’ve crocheted several styles of pouches for around my neck, but never made something that really did the trick for me. That\’s why the case I found made me happy….

  8. X-Evolutionist

    Grant, your description of your travel situation made me laugh. You paint an interesting word picture! X

  9. Jen

    It is a good looking one, X. Poor Grant, hey!

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