Organize your digital photos with “Windows Live Photo Gallery” People Tags!

I used to have my digital photos in a big file, and I never could find which photo I wanted. They were grouped by the date they were uploaded to my computer, but that still made it difficult to find the photo I wanted.

THEN, I found out Windows Live Photo Gallery. It is one of the very handy suite of programs called Windows Live Essentials. When I opened Windows Live Photo Gallery, it was able to find all of my digital photos and other images in my computer. Rather than opening one dated folder and then another looking for a certain photo, I was just able to click on my “Digital Photos” folder and all the photos, no matter in what dated folder they were. At a glance, I could see all my photos!

I’m not going to talk about all the features of Windows Live Photo Gallery here. Frankly, it is a very clear cut program, and easy to use. I am going to concentrate here on my favorite feature:

  • Tagging with Windows Live Photo Gallery’s “People Tags”

With People Tags, you can easily add a person’s name right under their face! Also, you can search for all photos of that person.

Once your photos are tagged, you just click the “People Tag” of that person’s name, and all their photo are displayed. Sounds great, huh?

Here’s how to start tagging your digital photos:

First off, to see just how wonderful Windows Live Photo Gallery is, find a photo with good, sharp faces of people, facing forward. Double click your photo so that it is full size. Then, click “Tag Someone” up in the top corner of the gallery. If you chose a sharp photo with faces, you will see that the faces have a square around them! The program recognizes faces!

On the right hand side of Photo Gallery, it will say “Identify”. You can click on that and the photo will grow dim, except for one face. An alternate way to tag (how I prefer) is to click on the person’s square that you want to tag.

Either way you do it, a pop up box will appear and you either select their name from your Live Network, or add it in the space provided in the popup, and click on “Add New Person”.

That’s all there is to People Tagging! If the face does not already have a square around it, simply click “Tag Someone”, and you can then drag a square around their face, and select their name as before.

Once you have your photo tagged, hover your mouse from face to face, and their names appear! It will take some time at first to get your photos tagged. But, once your photos are tagged, it is much easier to find the one you are looking for! Just type the person’s name in the “Find a Photo” search box near the top right of Photo Gallery. Isn’t that great?

In addition to “People Tags” there is also “Descriptive Tags” and “Caption”. These work very much the same as the “People Tags”.

Happy tagging!



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