I’ll be outside enjoying God’s Creation for a while…

I’m a happy girl. My hubby is buying me a screen room for the back porch! It will be aluminum framing and all the walls are just enough aluminum framing to hold up window screens. I am going to be practically living out there!

Right now, as I said in my last post, I spend some time with my pets on the FRONT porch. But, the BACK porch has a better view – My wonderful pond that my hubby built and maintains for me. It’s just not comfortable to lounge around on, YET!

WELL! Now, I will be able to go out the sliding glass patio door and walk right out into a little room just big enough for a futon and two patio chairs and two little bitty tables next to the chairs for coffee and soda pop.

I am so exited! I’m going to be folding down the futon, and laying around with the dogs and watching the wild birds at the pond and watching my bunnies scamper around. Plus, my pet birds will be out there on nice days, too. I have never felt comfortable leaving my birds outside on nice days, but this little room will be a part of our house, and it will be secure.

My pesky doctors keep telling me to get rid of the birds since they contribute to lung problems, and I keep telling them it was the mold and NOT the birds. I’m not going to get rid of my family members for pete’s sake!

But, now, the birds will be in a different air space on nice days. On the off chance that my birds helped to make me sick, this will help.

pic13dorothy&tot-bw My banner on my space says: “Life in the Backyard”. My backyard is my favorite place on earth. I am serious. My hubby and I do not travel, at ALL. Why should I?  My hubby makes my backyard so wonderful and peaceful for me, there is no need to go on vacation. This screen room is one more thing that will make my backyard my own Heaven on earth.

Springtime is my favorite time of year. I’ll be in the backyard enjoying God’s Creation for a while…

There’s no place like home…..


Edited to add:

Here’s a picture of my new screen room. It’s just itty bitty, big enough for the birds, the dogs, me, the futon and a couple of chairs. But, it’s paradise to me. It’s rained for three days, but it’s neat that I can sit out in the “rain” and not get wet. Fun:

My little paradise in the backyard...


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26 responses to “I’ll be outside enjoying God’s Creation for a while…

  1. Kimmy

    And there\’s no better place than home. 🙂 Congratulations on your new screened in room. Life in the backyard is good indeed. 😉

  2. X-Evolutionist

    Thanks Kimmy! You reminded me of something. I have to add it to my post….

  3. Jen

    I\’m a "home bird" too. (Pardon the pun!) Must admit, my bedroom is my place where I holiday – I spend all my time here when I\’m not elsewhere at home, the village or in town. Glad your back yard gives you comfort. Our front and back gardens are beginning to take shape again. Husband is putting all his effort into them. He loves the spring time when it\’s sunny and dry. Helps him keep an eye on whether the soil is good for planting and makes him a bit of a weatherman, too!

  4. Mandy

    Nice to see you getting out and about, and the garden/pond looks good. Funny how different we all are, (as it should be I suppose) ……. I love travel, get itchy feet every few months, and can\’t think of a time when I won\’t be doing it or planning to do it!

  5. ThisIsMyHomeRightHereWithYou

    Oh wow what a lovely pond, your husband sure has done a fine job, …(my dads koi pond he built himself fell down lol), apparently ponds are not so easy to get right. Can i ask how you get your lawn so …green? mine is nowhere near like yours, i must be doing something very wrong!You enjoy the bliss of your backgarden, it sure looks a stunning place to chill out.Take care X

  6. X-Evolutionist

    @Everybody: I won\’t be around Live.com much for a while. When I was in the worst part of my lung disease, all I could do all day was sit in my recliner or in bed. I was on oxygen all day, every day. My hubby hooked up the computer to the TV so I could use my computer in my recliner, if I wanted. Well, I sat in my recliner for one and a half years . During that time, I was really involved in the Spaces (now Live.com) neighborhood. Now I have the option to do other things besides be in my recliner in the TV room. I’ve been gradually working up my strength by doing housework and puttering around in the yard when I am able. Anyway, so I’ve been moving around, and the computer is still in the TV room. The more I am able to move around, the less I have been turning on the computer, and the less I’ve been visiting with my friends and participating in my groups. Besides that, it is spring, my favorite time of year to be outside. I am sure that you, my friends, will understand if I am not online very often for a while. X

  7. Touch

    Time for a laptop and a Wi-Fi router! I too spent a long year in a recliner following spinal fusions….plural (2). Now I wander out in the yard, shoot photos, edit and blog from the grat outdoors and play with my buddy Sam. I can even print from the middle of the backyard! It\’s great to escape the chair and the wires for the desktop!

  8. Cassie

    You go for it Dorothy! (Oz reference, there) Who needs some laptop when you can look at butterflies and fireflies and sunsets and all the beauty that the Lord has created and made! When the cold winds of winter come THAT\’S the time to hang out with computers.Of course, an update twice a week or so on how you are doing won\’t KILL you, now WILL it?

  9. X-Evolutionist

    @Everybody: Well, my screenroom has been built! I go outside my dining/room sliding glass door, and there is an enclosed room with a roof and screens all the way around. I\’ve been hanging around in there watching the rain for a couple of days. My dogs are not so sure of it, but my bunny, Miss Hudson, came in the doggie door this morning and rubbed her chin on everything, marking it for her territory. As I said in this blog and my last comment, I\’m taking some time off from the computer to enjoy God\’s Creation from the comfort of my backyard. Springtime is my favorite time of year, and now I have a wonderfully comfortable place to hang out and watch God\’s creatures (birds, fish, insects, etc) planning their new families. This is a yearly thing for me. I do not want to miss spring by being inside on the computer. And, no, I do not want a laptop. It\’s a time of worship for me to watch God\’s Creation at this time of year. I want to give it all my attention. My hubby needed the computer on to convert a Microstation file to an AutoCAD file. As long as it is on, I\’m checking in with this message: Don\’t worry about me. I\’m having a wonderful time. X

  10. Jen

    We won\’t worry, X, but it\’s a comfort to know you\’re doing so well. Keep at it, sweetheart. I\’m so glad you\’re writing reflects your joy for a change. Lovely feeling, innit!Be well (and happy!)

  11. Mandy

    Just saw you popped back on for a second …… hope all is well and you are enjoying the spring in your garden and hopefully in your step!

  12. X-Evolutionist

    @Jen, Mandy and Everybody: I\’m still enjoying spring in God\’s creation. I\’ve just added a picture of my little screen room to this blog. The wild birds can\’t see me very well in the screen room, so I got a really close look at a new sparrow that I haven\’t seen before. It\’s got stripes on the head, but a zillion different varieties of sparrows have stripes on their heads, and it\’s itty bitty. It might be a while before I see enough field marks to make a positive ID. But, it was fun to see it taking a bath in my pond. The wild birds are picking mates and buiding houses. The goldfish will be spawning soon, and. I\’ve seen the first dragonfly of the season. God\’s Creation is all coming alive for its annual rebirth … and so am I… X

  13. Jen

    X said: "God\’s Creation is all coming alive for its annual rebirth … and so am I… X"Well, good for you and I love the picture:-)

  14. Happy

    What an absolutely beautiful room! How totally wonderful! I can imagine what a great place this would be to enjoy God\’s creation.

  15. John

    i know how you all feel/I enjoy spring time also.We have peepers this time of year and it always nice to Thank God for the changing of the seasons.Of course we have Punsy Phil but what is he comparedto all the beuty of our Gods creation.Of Jesus it says "all things were made by him and without him was not anything made that was made"God bless,pastor jackJeremiah 33;3

  16. Curtis

    Looks Awesome X! My wife is wanting to get a screened in porch. Right now our porch doesnt have a roof.

  17. ThisIsMyHomeRightHereWithYou

    Thought i would drop by, hope you are doing good and your screen room is still bringing you much joy. , Take care

  18. X-Evolutionist

    Hi Everybody! Short update: I\’m still out enjoying God\’s Creation this Spring. But, I decided to pick up an old interest, my harmonica, after reading The Grapes of Wrath, and how harmonicas kept the Okies (I am an Okie, so I can say that) entertained while camped at night, taking a break during the long drive on Route 66 to California. Anyway, I got nostalgic, and found my harmonica and tried to remember the old cowboy songs, like Red River Valley, that I used to be able to play 30 years ago. I unhappily remembered that I have a lung disease when I imediately lost my breath on the first line of the first song.Then, I figured, and talked to my hubby about it, and thought that playing harmonica would be good EXCERCISE for my lungs! That said, my hubby bought me a couple of books so I can learn for real, instead of playing by ear and learning bad habits. I\’ve been playing my harmonica outside, panting and gasping for breath all the while, entertaining the wild birds who are bringing their babies to our pond for their first bath and first drink.Then, yesterday, I was doing an internet search for the harmonica music for St Louis Blues (can\’t find it in the key of C), and I found websites about hospitals teaching harmonica classes for pulmanary patients! Wow! I guess my idea was a good one, huh? So I\’ll keep playing even though I don\’t have the air for it. Hopefully, it will help me get stronger. It\’s a lot more fun than the boring breathing excercises that doctors give you, anyway…As I\’ve said before, I\’m keeping off the computer for the most part. I just turned it on yesterday to find some harmonica music. I just wanted to pop in and give an update while I was online. X

  19. Jen

    Hey! Whaddayaknow! X dropped in;-) Good luck with the music, X. My husband loves to play the harmonica but hasn\’t done so for years, now. He loves the penny whistle, too!

  20. FATMAN

    You have a lovely back garden, I can see why you would not want to leave it.. I too have a nice back garden, but I do like to see more of God\’s creation in all its splendor…FATMAN XX

  21. Happy

    Just dropping in to say \’Hello\’ and can well understand enjoying such a beautiful garden. 🙂

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