Reading, napping, and housework. Oh my!

I read George Orwell’s novel, “1984”, again this week. I don’t know how many times I have read it, but it is a book I like to read over and over again, from time to time. I guess I read it every five years or so, but I’ve never really kept track. It’s just when the mood strikes me.It is such a complex book, that it seems it seems like a different book each time. In reality, the book has stayed the same, but the world, and I, have changed.I read this book between naps over the last few days. I haven’t felt very good this week, and spent most of the week either in my “real” bed, or on the front porch on my folded down futon. I love to hang out on the front porch. It is an “enclosed” porch, in that it has walls and a door. But, my favorite part is the windows. I love to open the windows and let in the fresh air and sound of the wild birds.I am a lucky girl. I live on a street in a subdivision, full of houses, really close to a major intersection, but my street is really quiet most of the time. A car might go down my street maybe once an hour. Besides that, the only noise is mostly the dogs on the street letting each other know that the mail carrier or trash collector is on our street.So, anyway, the front porch is my backyard away from the back yard. The backyard has no comfortable place to lay when I don’t feel good. I have hooks in the ceiling above the windows where I hang the parakeet and cockatiel cage. Rufus, my parrot, hangs out on the window sill. He likes to climb up the center window frame and then slide down like a fireman.Belty, Mom's Main ManBelty, my Main Man, joins me on the bed, unless there is some patrol work outside in the backyard. He needs to keep Mom safe. Nicki is also very active in keeping Mom safe. Every day, they guard Mom from the poor mail carrier. No matter what I do, they won’t stop barking when there is an immanent threat. Belty is also excellent at napping. He likes to snuggle up to Mom when he is asleep. That way, he can nap and be on hand to protect me at the same time. Oh, he snores, but it’s a cute snore, so I don’t mind.Nicki apparently just can’t get up on the futon anymore. They are both around 12 (we don’t really know since they were both adopted) and they are both slowing down. I took the legs out from under my “real” bed so Nicki can jump up on it, but I need the frame under the futon in order to look out the window. Nicki surveys the land for trespassers while laying in front of the glass storm door.DSC02253Nicki is a Daddy’s Girl. Since Lily recently died, Nicki is trying very hard to be the new “Baby” Lily was a teeny dog, and my hubby thought of her as a baby. Nicki is too big to be a cuddly lap dog, but she’s trying her best, anyway. She likes me alright, but she ADORES her Daddy. So, she doesn’t mind that Belty is my bedmate.So anyway, I spent most of this week laying down, surrounded by a roomful of pets, since I didn’t feel good enough to do anything else. I read my copy of “1984” between naps. This morning, I feel a little better, and I want to try to tidy up the house a little bit.As I’ve said before, but a head’s up to those who are visiting for the first time, since I lost my great job because of the pesky lung disease I haven’t worked for a year and a half. My poor hubby has been the only one making any money, plus he is the only one who has been able to do the cooking, shopping, laundry, cleaning etc.I have recovered some, and am able to do chores some of the time. Today is Friday. i want my hubby to come home to a clean kitchen and living room with all the laundry done. He usually spends his weekend doing house chores, in addition to doing “man’s chores” like yard work. Plus, he planted me a garden this year, and he works in that a lot.I want my hubby to be able to home home from work tonight and enjoy a restful weekend, as much as I can give him anyway. So, old X is going to start puttering around the house and see how much housework I can get done today. I’ll put on the Golden Oldies station to get me moving faster. The moving around is good exercise for my lungs, too. The harder I breathe, the stronger they get. Being at the computer a lot is NOT good for me. I have to move around a lot to get better.Like I’ve said before, as much as I love it here in Live Land, I just can’t spend the time here that I used to. There are other aspects of my life that have to take priority. I miss visiting regularly with you all. If I’m not here in Live Land, don’t worry about me. I’m just living my life.Time to get busy. I’ll pop in again soon.X   Find out when I post a blogSign up for alerts       Hey, X! Why do you believe in God?


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7 responses to “Reading, napping, and housework. Oh my!

  1. ThisIsMyHomeRightHereWithYou

    Nice blog, loved reading about all the pets you have and the affection they show…has well has the protection, Hope you both have a restful weekend. PS- you have just reminded me that there sure are other pirioritys in life other than livespace…for me that is my design stuff.Take care X

  2. Jen

    Hey, X! Sorry you\’ve been feeling off centre for a while, but I agree that time taken to live your proper life is the right thing to do, sometimes! I love being on here with so many other intelligent and friendly people but I feel great when \’life\’ takes over and I have normal, mundane things to do, be they washing clothes, shopping, doing my radio, etc. Hope you soon feel better again and glad you can take so much enjoyment from, and with the animals.

  3. mansour

    I haven\’t some home animals beacuse I have a littel boy and animals is dangerous for he …….

  4. Happy

    Agree 1984 is most intriguing/inspiring book and when I do recall to reread it is so apt to current events; a book which always remains contemporary. As I listen to stats via media I think of Orwell\’s constructed and manipulated world (the constancy of war to keep us in line/in fear). Amazing author.

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