Jasmine the Greyhound and Nicki the Mutt

Hi Everybody.

I visit Snopes.com frequently to keep up on all the internet rumors to find out what is true and not true. This morning, I clicked the What’s New link, as always, and I saw this story:

Jasmine the Greyhound

Claim: Photographs show Jasmine, a greyhound who cares for other animals at a wildlife sanctuary.


Well, that triggered my interest! The story is true. It’s about an abandoned and abused greyhound dog that was found by the police in a shed and taken to a animal sanctuary for care. Jasmine, as they named her, started adopting baby animals and caring for them.

I totally believe this article! My girl dog, Nicki, does the same thing! The first time I saw it, was about ten years ago when I brought home a bunny. When Nicki saw the bunny, instantly her motherly “instinct” (hard-wired by God) got in gear and she thought she had just given birth.

Nicki in the backyard

She started panting like she had just gone through an ordeal, and laid down next to the bunny, and started licking it all over and tried to get it to nurse. She licked and licked the Bunny, like a mother dog does to clean and stimulate the baby’s bodily functions.

She and the bunny were like that for hours. I kept a good eye on them, though, because in the wild a bunny is prey to wild dogs. But, Nicki continued to think it was the bunny’s mother.

We got Nicki when she was four months old. She was an abandoned mixed breed doggie that was left behind when a purebred Australian Sheppard kennel moved away. Now that she is grown, she looks like part Australian Sheppard and part Blue Heeler (her pointy ears from the heeler, we assume). We got her spayed as soon as she was old enough, so we know she had never had puppies.

Nicki was my hubby and my first doggie together after we married. At the time we had no other pets. I recently had to put my nine year old doggie, Bo, to sleep because she was dying of immune mediated hemolytic anemia.

Bo had been a big part of my life for the last nine years, and I really missed her. I was not ready for another dog. But, my hubby wanted a dog for the two of us once we got married. He finally won.

So, this bunny was the second pet after Nicki, and Nicki thought it was her baby. After a few days, her maternal hormones calmed down. But, every time since, when I get a new pet, and there’s been lots of them, she kicks in to Mommy mode. Since the bunny, she has thought she has given birth to a box turtle, several goldfish and each bird I brought home.

For the birds, I sit the cage down, and Nicki lays next to the cage as close as she can, trying to get the cage in the position to nurse. She pants and pants like she is wore out. (I had been a bird watcher for many years when I married my hubby. He suggested we get a bird. He didn’t realize the monster he would create by getting me my first pet bird.) So now, all of my pets are Nicki’s “Babies”.

Nicki is as old as my marriage with my hubby. We figure she was born about the time we got married. So, she is a 12 year old doggie, but she still thinks she is a puppy. When she was young, she had a lot of psychological problems, and peed whenever she got scared, which was all the time. She has gradually grown out of it, but still gets scared a lot, (but doesn’t pee).

I just remembered something. here’s a blog I wrote when parakeets got loose in my house: "Nicki, find the babies…."


I’m happy to have this forum to tell about my good girl, Nicki. I couldn’t resist after reading about that greyhound.


PS: Thanks everybody for your kind wishes about my physical recovery from the lung disease that lost me my job a year and a half ago. I puttered around the house and yard all day yesterday, doing chores. Well, not ALL day. I need frequent breaks to catch my breath. I didn’t get much done, but what I DID manage to get done makes me feel powerful.  It feels very good to be contributing to the household in some way, finally. My hubby and I have decided that I’m just not going to bother trying to worry about getting another job once I am better, how ever long in the future that will be. I’m just going to concentrate on getting better. So, I suppose I can consider myself officially retired now. I got my first job in the early 1970s, and I am all tuckered out…

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14 responses to “Jasmine the Greyhound and Nicki the Mutt

  1. Cassie

    This happens all the time…back when I was a child in Ohio I had a chihuahua who used to lead our cocker spaniel around—take her to her dinner dish and even out in the backyard. The cocker was blind. We didn\’t train him to do that—it just comes natural to animals.

  2. X-Evolutionist

    I know what you mean, Cassie. Lily, our doggie who just died, was deaf and mostly blind. My boy dog, Belty, is going deaf. So, Nicki took it upon herself to let the other dogs (now just Belty) know if there was some interesting sound to go bark at. Belty can hear some things, still, so when he hears something, he looks at Nicki to see if it is anything he needs to be concerned about. X

  3. Jen

    You two will never guess what I saw today – a Huskie. I kid you not. I\’d finished shopping, (yes, I actually went out today!) and came back to the train. Got on the train and this massive dog was laying on the floor. His owner was talking to someone else so I waited to catch his attention. When I could, I said: "Excuse me for being thick but that dog looks just like a Huskie!" Bloke answers: "He is. He\’s a pure-bred Siberian Huskie!" I was thrilled to have actually got something right coz I\’m useless at species\’ names;-) He was the most beautiful animal. Wow. I\’ve seen a live one, at last.

  4. X-Evolutionist

    Huskies are so pretty! I love the blue eyes. My girl dog, Bo, had blue eyes, too. X

  5. Cynical

    We had Huskies around nearly all the time we lived in the house farther out in the boonies. Every son (4) had at least one and my bio-son has had at least four. We also had two Samoyed\’s (Yes, we were suckers for Northern Breeds.) When we Boomer, a sickly white cat who wandered into our lives was nursed to health, he took over, let all other animals in the house (ourselves included) that he was to be worshiped and obeyed, and generally took care of everyone. He became the cat who everyone that got a new dog brought over to teach them what a cat was. He taught them exactly, to the centimeter, how close one could get to a happy, placid feline before it becomes a hissing, snarling, screeching furball. As soon as they backed up he went back to happy and placid status immediately. I miss him.Peace, Doc

  6. X-Evolutionist

    @Doc: Wonderful. It\’s amazing how much of an impression animals make on our lives. I have an African Grey parrot sitting on my arm rest happy tearing up a paper towel. Later, I\’ll have to clean up a mess. But, I would rather have pets and a mess rather than no mess and no pets. I remember when my new puppy got taught by my kitty how close you can safely get to a cat. Nosy puppy plus old kitty equals a scratched nose.

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