Hi Everybody! Old boring X is back!

Thanks for understanding my need for some solitude in the last couple of weeks. First off, I appreciate everybody’s kind words about the loss of our pets. Things are getting better here. We have looked at a lot of pictures of Lily in her happier days, and it has helped. We are getting better at remembering the good times, although, it is still difficult at times. But, things are doing better.

I am getting a lot better physically, too. In the past year, when I have been in Windows Live Land so much, I was tied to an oxygen machine, and had to stay in my lazy boy chair all day, every day. I don’t have a lap top. I was using my computer sitting in my lazy boy chair all this time. Being online was my only contact with the outside world while my hubby was at work since I couldn’t go anywhere.

Now that I’m feeling a lot better physically, and now that it is spring, it is time for X to go outside and play more often. My lung disease has improved a LOT and I am able to do more and more every day. Being cooped up in my house when I was sick actually made me more sick. Going outside and playing in the backyard with my pets is making me stronger. I only need my oxygen at night now, so getting around is a lot easier.

Another thing is, my regular doctor and my lung doctor keep pestering me to give away my birds. Parrot-type birds have protective feather dust that is bad for my lungs, according to the doctors. I think it was the mold, and NOT the birds that made me sick. But, still, being cooped up with feather dust all winter probably was not helpful, either. Taking my birds outside, and visiting with them there, is better for me physically.

There is NO WAY that I am going to get rid of my birds, so I just have to be wise about it. Now that I feel better, I have taken over the job of cleaning the bird cages. Keeping the cages clean, and taking the birds outside on nice days to give them spray-bottle baths (which they love) is good for my lung recovery, now that it is nice enough to go outside.

It’s going to take a lot of time to get caught up responding to all of my friend requests and private messages I’ve received lately, (if I get caught up.) Please know that I appreciate all the posts and private messages about the loss of my pets and I appreciate hearing about all of your own pet experiences over your lives. It was a big help to me and my hubby to have so much support from people who understand how it is to love a pet.

Unfortunately, at this time, I am unable to get the strength emotionally to respond to all messages personally. Just know that I really appreciate hearing from you all, and it was a big source of comfort.

Like I said, right now, it’s not healthy for me to be inside on the computer so much. I need to be out in the sunshine moving around to keep getting stronger. Besides, it was a long, cold winter, and things are getting green outside. It is my favorite time of the year. I’m going to be spending a lot of time in my backyard with my dogs, birds, bunnies. Besides, the fishpond that my hubby built me several years ago is starting to grow new lily leaves, and I found a brand new baby goldfish that I have never seen before. I love to sit outside and marvel at God’s creation. I especially like to watch the wild birds as they start getting ready to have families.

So, here’s the deal, X is back in Windows Live Land, but I probably won’t be as available as I have been previously. Being on the computer all day while I was sick made me get cabin fever. Now that I have the option to go out and play, I will be doing that more often.

Besides, my house needs a lot of work. While I was so sick with the lung disease, I couldn’t do anything around the house. My poor hubby had to work all day, plus take care of me, plus do all the shopping, cooking, laundry, and everything else. Now that I have been feeling better physically, I’m gradually starting to help with the housework. I am slowly but surely turning into a Housewife, which I have never, ever been. I have always been the self-sufficient career girl until the pesky lung disease which made me lose my job, and is keeping me from being able to get another one.

So, what have I missed?



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12 responses to “Hi Everybody! Old boring X is back!

  1. Mandy

    Wonderful news that your feeling so much better! We have missed you being around (I think I can safely say we here! but they will I\’m sure speak for themselves!)Spring is in the air here too! buds are budding, grass is growing (Damn …. mower needs fixing!) and it\’s altogether a happier time of year!What have you missed ……….. well everything and nothing X. Have a great day!

  2. X-Evolutionist

    Thanks Mandy. You bringing up your mower reminds me to mention that my hubby planted me a vegetable garden again. So, it\’s time to watch for new life popping up there, too. X

  3. Jen

    First of all, sunshine = Vitamin D. Good move on getting outside. So long as the air is clean – breathing it for a time will help to get more goodness into you. Do it as often as you can, or like! Next, birds outside. Another good move. Put a mask over your face when cleaning the cages if you need to. That way, you don\’t breathe in any unwanted muck. Coming on here for a while is great, but do other things as well. Keeps the brain alive. another good idea! You\’re doing well and it\’s blinking brilliant for you to be back in contact. Take care coz we care, as the old (true) saying goes. We\’ll be around whenever ya need us. You\’ve done well, X. Regards to your Mr., who I\’m sure will appreciate whatever tasks you can take on. It will build a further bridge for you both. I wish you all the luck in the world. Thumbs up to the pair of you. Great to see you back amongst us.

  4. Satish

    Good to see you back at WL and hope you have a good time ahead this season……..

  5. Robin

    Great to see you back ! I am so glad you are feeling better, it is a one day at a time process so take it slow.I have not been on here as much myself, lots of stuff going on. I missed you a lot and I will be around.Take care & God bless,Robin

  6. X-Evolutionist

    Thanks, everybody. Well, I posted a blog and made the rounds of my groups. So, it\’s time for X to play. See you soon. X

  7. Fernando

    Hello X! Good to hear you are getting better! =)

  8. Jeffrey

    Hey! Look who\’s here! Glad you\’re back!

  9. Horst

    Glad to see that your back.

  10. Happy

    Welcome back. I don\’t think you are boring! Fabulous you are using less oxygen and out&about in the yard. Yah the winter months can produce a bit of cabin fever. Sometimes a break to \’real\’ world also essential for health. Glad to hear you feeling so spritely.

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