When it rains, it pours… Pet problems…

(I am way behind on answering my PMs, and I am way behind on accepting network requests. I have not been online the last couple of days. I apologize, but I will eventually get back to everybody.)

We have been having several pet issues this week. Last time I blogged, I wrote about Pipsqueak, our lovebird, dying. But, the day before Pipsqueak died, my cockatiel, Penny, had a stroke (or something), that scared the dickens out of me.


Penny: My constant companion Penny spends a lot of her time with me. If I am in my lazy boy chair, like now, typing or watching a movie or crocheting, Penny is on my shoulder or on a perch on the armrest, or running back and forth the two.

Well, a couple of days ago, while Penny was on the armrest perch, her right wing shot up into the air and stayed there. At the same time, her right leg collapsed.

I picked her up and put her on my chest while I examined her. She could not walk, she just tipped over. It was very, very scary for me. While I held Penny with one hand, I called my hubby with the other hand and asked him to pray for Penny. After we prayed, we visited more on the phone. Penny is my constant companion, and it was very stressful for me to think she was about to die.

The thing with birds, they hardly ever have any symptoms. Usually, the first hint that something is wrong is when they die. I was thinking that Penny was going to die right then and there.

As my hubby and I talked on the phone, I was describing what Penny was doing. My hubby works just around the corner and he was going to rush home and take me and Penny to the vet. The bird vet is just a few doors down from where he works. We could have gotten her to the vet in just a few minutes.

But, whatever happened, it went away. Gradually, her wing went back into place, and she gained control of her right side. Suddenly, she was all back to normal, just walking around on my chest, and then she ran down my arm to get back on her perch. The whole incident just lasted five minutes or so.

I told my hubby that she was all back to normal, and that I would just keep an eye on her.

So what happened? Was her foot asleep? Was it a charlie horse? Did she have a mini-stroke? I don’t know. She is her usual self now, like nothing ever happened. But, I know that Penny is a very old bird. I know she doesn’t have much time, anyway.


Lily: Very old girl dog In addition to the bird problems, we also have three quite elderly dogs. Our oldest dog, Lily, is getting worse and worse in the last few days. We took her in just two years ago. She had been abandoned.

She was already totally deaf and mostly blind when we got her. Now she is getting incontinent, and confused and just wanders around aimlessly. We’ve been thinking hard about what is best for her, wondering whether she is having a happy life.

Homeless Pet Town

My house is where homeless pets come to live out the rest of their lives. Most of our pets come from sad situations. The cute baby animals don’t  have much of a problem finding homes, but the old, handicapped, abandoned and mistreated pets come to live with us. Whenever we get a new pet, it is a pet who needs us, one that wouldn’t have much of a chance otherwise.

The sad thing is, that when you take in the old, sick, mistreated animals, they don’t tend to live a very long time after they come here. That never gets any easier for me. But, I just have to think of the good times that the pets got to have that they wouldn’t have had otherwise.

Fred and Ginger – a Success Story:

Ginger: Parakeet with crippled legs

My two best survivors right now are two handicapped parakeets that have lived here for several years. They were abandoned on a doorstep, literally.

A parrot owner had found a shoebox on her porch with two featherless baby parakeets with crippled legs. I happened to be at the pet shop when the babies were brought in, and the pet shop manager asked me to take them.

They had to be hand fed, but they grew up just fine. Now, they are both in love. I have six parakeets besides Shelly who was widowed when Pipsqueak died. The six are in three committed relationships.

The two handicapped parakeets can’t get around much, but their mates sit beside them and lean their heads on their necks to snuggle. It’s the cutest thing. I can’t get close enough to take a picture because they get scared easily and move, but it is so sweet.

Their mates compensate for their physical limitations, and everybody is happy. (That is Ginger in the picture. You can see his leg sticking off to the side, instead of being next to the other one)

I am happy I am able to give happy lives to needy pets, but it is very sad when one dies, and that happens way to often around here.

Sorry this is so long. If you made it this far down, thank you. I use my blog as a diary to talk out things sometimes, like today.


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31 responses to “When it rains, it pours… Pet problems…

  1. Jen

    All you can do, X, is be there for them all and you\’ve proved you can do that. I know what it\’s like to lose pets that you\’ve invested your heart in/on. Just think of the life they all might have faced if not for you. You gave them comfort. That\’s what matters most.

  2. X-Evolutionist

    Thank you, Jen.

  3. Tracey

    l can\’t help but tear up when l read about Lily and Penny. l can imagine how you feel–l\’ve been there. lt\’s got to be so hard when several are sick at the same time.Thank God you\’ve been there to give these animals and birds their last and best home. He found them a sanctuary for the end of their lives. (((HUGS)))

  4. Robin

    Penny is the one that I stuck Leonadius\’s face on! Your gonna be soo mad, X!

  5. Curtis

    So sorry to hear about our pet troubles. I understand how your feeling. Our bird when me and my wife were first married was always around me and landing on me untill one day when I stepped out of the door and he flew to land on me and ended up flying off.

  6. Sandy

    You are a real blessing to all the animals that you\’ve taken care of.

  7. Happy

    So sorry to hear about your pets. I can imagine as illness/death of pets was always so hard for me. What wonderful caregivers they have in you and your hubby. God bless.

  8. Jen

    All the best people flock to our blogs, X, to give their support. I think the world of everyone who pops onto my Space. Hope your Today feels much better along with everyone else here. Some of you, I\’ve met, some not yet!Love \’n\’ hugs – Jen

  9. ThisIsMyHomeRightHereWithYou

    It is people like you X that makes the difference especially in a pets world….must admit when i read you had so many pets in one of the group threads week ago, i thought \’OMG how does X cope with a house full of pets..can see now why and the how.Take care and hope to chat with you all in the group soon.

  10. Denise

    Hi,,Oh my Goodness, just read about you and your animals…It\’s beautiful. Almost made me cry….

  11. Cheetah

    You have really inspired me to want to help take care of animals like you do.

  12. Marcus

    Hi X,I\’m so sorry to hear about all of your pet problems. We\’ve had our fair share of them too, and as vet told us, pets that have problems tend to find the people that can care for them the best. You and your husband are those sorts of people. Hang in there, and know we\’re all pulling for you and your pets.- Marcus

  13. X-Evolutionist

    @Everybody:Thank you all for your kind wishes. X

  14. Jen

    You\’re on again. Thank goodness. We were so worried, X.

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