Goodbye Pipsqueak. We will miss you very much…

Pipsqueak - Lovebird My lovebird, Pipsqueak, died some time during the night. Writing a tribute to my lost pets is a way I have found to deal with my grief.

I first saw Pipsqueak in the “sick room” of a local pet shop. Pipsqueak had been injured terribly. I was told that he had been attacked by other lovebirds. The top of his head and his neck were covered with large wounds, and he had a lot of feathers missing. I took Pipsqueak home to help him recuperate and make him a member of the family.

I had another lovebird at the time named Sunshine. After a long period of introduction is separate cages nearby, Pipsqueak and Sunshine got to be good friends and I could trust them together in the same cage.Lovebirds, despite the name, can be very violent towards other birds that they didn’t grow up with.

Soon, Sunshine was tending Pipsqueak’s wounds, nibbling off the edges of the healing scabs. They were a very sweet couple together. Sadly, Pipsqueak outlived Sunshine all too soon, and he was alone in a cage.

Then, Pipsqueak found out how to open his cage door, and he would go next door to the parakeet cage to let himself in. He just enjoyed being with the parakeets, and behaved himself most of the time. Sometimes, he would chase the parakeets around and pull their tails and try to bite their feet. So, I kept having to put him back next door in a cage by himself.

But, he kept going to visit the parakeets, and I would keep an eye on him and let him visit with them as long as he behaved himself. Eventually, he got to be special friends with Shelly, one of the parakeets. I watched them together a lot, and then decided that they could live together in Pipsqueak’s cage. Pipsqueak never acted aggressive towards Shelly.

In the last few months, I’ve been blogging about Pipsqueak and Shelly deciding to start a family. With lovebirds, you can’t tell if they are male or female, but, after seeing Pipsqueak and Shelly mating, I knew for sure that Pipsqueak was a boy.Pipsqueak - Lovebird with Shelly - Parakeet

Shelly started laying eggs, and Pipsqueak was always at her side watching over her.

But, then I started noticing two sizes of eggs, one size in Shelly’s food bowl where she laid her eggs, and slightly larger ones around the cage. Eventually, my hubby decided that Pipsqueak and Shelly were both girls.

After a while, I had to agree with him. There were too many eggs, more than one bird could lay. For some reason or another, two girl birds fell in love, and their hormones got them both to start laying eggs at the same time.

I was wondering how all those eggs could come out of those little, bitty birds. Pipsqueak’s eggs were so big that four of them were about as big as his body. (as you can see, we never got used to Pipsqueak being a girl)

Soon, Pipsqueak and Shelly both were happily sitting on eggs. Of course, they were never going to hatch, but they were happy, so we let them keep the eggs. 

So, an hour ago, I noticed that Pipsqueak had died some time during the night. I called my hubby and he came home from work. Because God put him in a job that is just around the corner, he was home in just a couple of minutes. He buried Pipsqueak for me, held my hand while I cried my eyes out, and then went back to work.

So now, I am dealing with my sadness by writing an obituary of Pipsqueak.

I counted the eggs – there are 14 eggs between the two of them. I suppose Pipsqueak’s little body couldn’t handle it.

Pipsqueak was a feisty little guy. He never did get totally tame. He would let me pick him up, but he would bite me each time. But, once I had Pipsqueak in my hand, he liked to snuggle. Several times a week, I would spend quality time with Pipsqueak, trying to tame him.

Pipsqueak loved getting wrapped up in a paper towel like a burrito, with just his little head sticking out. Once he was in that little burrito, he would nibble on the paper towel and close his little eyes while I petted his little head with my thumb.

If I was in the middle of something, like laying here in my Lazy Boy chair typing, I would sometimes put him, burrito and all, down my shirt. For some reason, the little guy just loved being down my shirt. I would peak down at him and he would just be in his burrito nibbling the paper towel. He could walk right out of that burrito if he wanted, but he didn’t want to.

But, once out of his burrito, he was a feisty little guy. He never would get on my finger, I just always had to carry him in my hand against my chest after I took him out of his cage.

I enjoyed spending time with Pipsqueak. He was a fun, yet feisty, member of our family.

Good bye, Pipsqueak. We will miss you very much.


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44 responses to “Goodbye Pipsqueak. We will miss you very much…

  1. Greg

    Sorry for your loss, X.

  2. X-Evolutionist

    Thank you, Greg.

  3. Robin

    I am so sorry for your loss X. He was very handsome with such pretty colors !God bless & hugs !!!Robin

  4. X-Evolutionist

    Thank you, Robin.

  5. Gerry

    Hi X,I\’m sorry for the loss of your bird. When I was a teenager I had a couple of trained parakeets that would sit on my shoulder and land on my finger and so forth. It took a long time to get them to that point, and it was sad when they died. I hope things are going well for you otherwise this week.Gerry

  6. X-Evolutionist

    Thank you, Gerry.

  7. Jen

    Oh sweetheart. I remember crying over Charlie when he went, and my dear Tom. Both budgies. It is sad, isn\’t it. I went \’gulp, gulp\’ reading this.Hugs, X.

  8. X-Evolutionist

    Thank you, Jen.

  9. Clare

    Oh i am so very sorry you have lost one of your flock. I know how awful it is especially when they are like \’kids\’. Poor Shelly must be also missing her mate.He sounded like he had a very happy life with you so take some comfort in that x

  10. X-Evolutionist

    Thank you, Clare.

  11. Tracey

    Aww X, l\’m so sorry. l know you\’re going to miss him. l\’m going to miss hearing about him and his shenanigans. (((BIG HUGS)))

  12. X-Evolutionist

    Thank you, Tracey.

  13. Kimmy

    Awe.. I\’m so sorry to hear this X. You gave Pipsqueak a wonderful life and that\’s what counts. Will you be looking for another bird to keep Shelly company?

  14. X-Evolutionist

    Thank you, Kimmy.

  15. Jeffrey

    A long time ago I rescued a baby cockatiel meandering across a busy road in Orange County, CA. It was only slightly wounded, and had lost the feathers on top its head – otherwise it was fine. I was amazed how much personality a little bird can have and how fast they bond. That little bird loved to play with rubber bands, and would swoop down and land on whatever book I was reading and demand my absolute attention. Anyway, I eventually had to give up the bird – or my roommate as it was a noisy little thing. So I found it a good home. Anyway, your birdy obit reminded me of that long forgotten memory, and I thank you for that. And I am very sorry about your loss.

  16. X-Evolutionist

    Thank you, Jeffrey.

  17. Les

    That is very sad, I also enjoyed reading about what he was doing, and then yo finding that he was a she. In the world of animals, if one gives birth and there are others nearby that are close to their due date, they generally will have their babies one right after the other. I have seen this happen many times with animals of all kinds. Your little Pipsqueak was very cute, and she had a good life with you. You must be a very good person… Take care and my heart goes out to you.

  18. Jen

    Oh, Jefferey, you\’ve got me going, now. I forget exactly where I was; it was some years ago but I noticed a baby blackbird (I think) that had not long hatched and was walking in one of the main roads where there was a lot of traffic. I walked out into the road and guided this little bundle of feathers back onto the verge where he found his way home again, thank goodness. Strangely enough, one driver saw what I was trying to do and stopped his car until we\’d both got safely out of the road. It is amazing, isn\’t it, how memories come flashing back. It only takes someone else\’s story, sometimes, to do it!You okay, X? You\’re not saying much. Another huge hug to help you through this tearful time.

  19. X-Evolutionist

    Thank you, Les.

  20. X-Evolutionist

    @Everybody: I\’m not quite ready to visit with everybody, yet. But, I really appreciate your kind wishes in my comments. I am especially enjoying your remembrances of pets in your lives. All of these comments are meaning a lot to me. Thank you very much. X

  21. marge

    I,m really sorry pipsqueak a few year,s ago i had to put my dog to sleep, He had liver cancer worst thing i ever had to do. God got me through thoes tough time,s you and pipsqueak will be in my prayer,s Marge

  22. X-Evolutionist

    Thank you, Marge.

  23. H

    Hiya .. awww gentle hugs .. it is never easy losing a beloved pet .. take care, love H xo

  24. Sandy

    I\’m sorry to hear about your family\’s loss.. My parent\’s oldest dachshund passed away at the end of January. My parents have a little cemetery for all our beloved dachshunds that we\’ve had over the yrs and from time to time I have a woman paint a plaque for my mom of a picture of the dog with their name one it. She hangs them on her wall.

  25. Mandy

    Aaaawww, That\’s so sad X, I was following the adventures of Pipsqueak and Shelley. It\’s so sad to lose a much loved pet.My condolences X.

  26. X-Evolutionist

    Thank you, Granny

  27. X-Evolutionist

    Thank you, Sandy

  28. X-Evolutionist

    Thank you, Mandy

  29. Unknown

    So sorry to hear about Pipsqueak.I wonder if she was eggbound?

  30. Happy

    So sorry to hear about Pipsqueak. Pets are such great friends. God bless.

  31. HARRIS


  32. Cynical

    I\’m sorry to be so late in visiting my friends, and specially sorry to hear about Pipsqueak. It may be harder on the human to lose their shorter lived little furry or feathered family members. I know that losing Boomer, the white cat in my pictures, occured shortly after Annie died and briefly put me into a state of traumatic stress disorder. I don\’t believe that they anticipate their own deaths. That is left to us so that we may love them more while they are here.Peace, Doc

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