The First Signs of Spring!

I saw the first robin of the season this morning! Some birds fly south in the winter and then come back when it is warmer here. Yippy! This robin says that spring will be here soon!

Also, our goldfish in our pond are hungry. That’s a sign of spring, too. All winter long the fish are practically dormant, just floating in place near the bottom of the pond my hubby built for me. Even when the pond is covered with ice, they do fine, as long as there is always a hole in the ice. Since we have a waterfall that is run by a pump, there is always a whole at the bottom of the waterfall.

So, when my hubby and I go outside, the fish are now happy to see us, and are hoping we are bringing food. They let us know when it is time to start feeding them in the spring, and when to stop feeding them in the winter. They go all winter with no food. God designed some amazing abilities in his creatures!

Soon, the fish will be spawning and maybe we will have more babies. There is a natural balance to the pond. Too many fish will not be hatched. Having too many fish in a pond is bad for the fish. But, there is something magical that God designed that no more than a healthy number of fish will occur naturally in a pond.

Most of our fish have been hatched in our pond, and are children or grandchildren, etc, of our first few fish. It’s always exciting to find a new baby fish. My hubby and I both name the fish, but I’m in charge of remembering all the names. It’s not easy! 


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11 responses to “The First Signs of Spring!

  1. Sandy

    I\’m so thrilled to see that happening around here too.. I took a picture of a robin 2 or 3 days ago and put in on my Live Space. I thought it was a Robin but made sure to ask Kimmy what she thought it was. I\’ve been taking lots of Cardinals and some Blue Jays if they ever stick around long enough for me to get a pic.

  2. X-Evolutionist

    Hi Sandy! I\’m not a very good bird photographer at all! Kimmy is so great of a bird photographer. The only thing I can do is tell one bird from another. I\’ve been a birdwatcher for many years. It\’s only been in the last eight years that I\’ve had pet birds.

  3. X-Evolutionist

    My duties as a Pet Mom are calling me outside, and I don\’t have a lap top. It\’s a beautiful and warm day outside. My bunnies want to be let out of their own yard, and Rufus (my parrot) and I want to do some birdwatching. My doggies want to show Mom how fast they can run. See you soon!X

  4. Tracey

    lt\’s beautiful here too! 14c on my balcony–wont be so warm below (almost 60F).Have a great day X.

  5. Jen

    Spring must be coming here, too. The grass is growing! Mum had a robin show up when we went to see her last Sunday. She has a garden full of birds as she feeds them. She saw her first pheasant today.

  6. X-Evolutionist

    @Tracey:@Jen:There are new leaves growing from my lily plants. I saw them this afternoon. The leaves start at the bottom of the pond and slowly grow up to the surface of the water. Oh, it\’s been a long winter!

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