Numa Numa – Warning do not watch this video! You will get addicted to it.

If you watch this video, the song will never get out of your head. But, it’s fun!


My hubby and I recently signed up for Netflix. It’s a mail order DVD rental service. But, it recently added streaming movies to the service!

So, my hubby and I bought a Netflix player to receive the streaming and feed it to the TV. I found out that in addition to playing Netflix streaming, I can also get YouTube videos on this device! I can even log in to my YouTube account, and access my favorites.

So, I was playing around YouTube on the Netflix viewer yesterday adding things that I thought my hubby might like to my favorites…

And, I came across this one again. Remember, I warned you! This song will be stuck in the head for a while, and this guy is so fun to watch!


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13 responses to “Numa Numa – Warning do not watch this video! You will get addicted to it.

  1. Jen

    I\’ll assume I\’m safe, X. All my stuff runs through an amplifier – even my computer and, since I\’m playing CD\’s at present, I\’ll just watch this for now without the sound. I\’ll rewatch it tomorrow before I go to see my doctor. I might need a silly song (if it is one) to cope with that!

  2. X-Evolutionist

    @Jen: This is the perfect song to take to the doctor with you.

  3. Jen

    Lookin\’ forward to remembering the words, then;-)

  4. X-Evolutionist

    @Jen: If you understand the words I will be very surprised

  5. Jen

    Heh, heh – here goes. (I can\’t wait no more…)

  6. Cassie

    It is in Romanian and the lyrics (both original and the English translation) can be found HERE:

  7. Cassie

    Incidentally, the version used by that video is by O-Zone and this is will take you to their website

  8. Cassie

    Almost forgot 🙂 You think THAT\’S addictive? Try THIS one:

  9. Jen

    Wowee, Cass. To think I\’ve heard Romanian music from the times my husband brought some back with him in the days when he used to go there on aid trips. Even though we have Romanian friends and I\’ve heard them speak many times, I didn\’t recognise the language through the song. I went to read the lyrics page. Now, I\’m off to suss your other links…

  10. Jen

    Isengard: Seen the film a few years back. Remembered all the characters. Loved it.

  11. ThisIsMyHomeRightHereWithYou

    lmao… OMG is he funny, got to love the tune, but that guy has you laughing p.s- not good to watch armmed with cup of coffee hahaha

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