How not to sell me vinyl siding

I had a total stranger ring my bell yesterday to sell me vinyl siding (it covers up old house paint and lasts for years). He was the most high-pressure salesman, and the most rude salesman, that I’ve ever encountered.

First off, we don’t buy anything from door to door people who say we need it. If we think we need something, we check around for the best price.

Anyway, this guy was insisting, rudely, that I needed to buy vinyl siding from him, when I told him “No thank you”, he kept on and would not stop.

I am not rude to sales people. I just politely tell them “No thank you”, and they usually leave. But he kept on. I told him “No” again, he started trying to sell me new windows, as well. He was so insistent that being polite was not going to make him go away. Finally, I just had to close the door and walk away.

You haven’t heard the worst part, yet.

As he walked away, he yelled “You better find Jesus!”.

What in the heck? I found Jesus 12 years ago, but that is beside the point. What does finding Jesus have to do with buying vinyl siding from a rude salesman?

He needs a better sales technique.


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6 responses to “How not to sell me vinyl siding

  1. Jen

    He certainly does. Who is it on Live who has a favourite saying? It goes: "There\’s one born every minute". (Oh no! Heh, heh;-)

  2. X-Evolutionist

    @Jen: Thanks, Jen!

  3. Jen

    S\’all right, X. Now, if you were to take the word Siding off, bloke could probably get away with selling me some vinyl. Long as it\’s the type that loads on a turntable and rocks the rafters!

  4. X-Evolutionist

    @Jen: Yep, I like that kind of vinyl a lot more, too!

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