Screen Captures are Easy with Windows Live Writer!

Every day for the last week, I’ve been playing with my Windows Live Essentials programs looking for new ways to use them. Yesterday, while playing with Windows Live Writer, I found out that you don’t need a special tool like Snagit to do screen captures (getting a picture of what is on your computer screen).  Here’s what I discovered:

As a test, I did “Shift/PrtScn”  (while holding down “Shift” key, hit the “PrtScn” key near the top right of your keyboard) and went directly into Windows Live Writer and did “Right Click/Paste”. By golly, there was my image! Crop

If you want to try it, paste in your image like I just said, then click on the image to bring up the photo tools on the right side of Writer. If you do not see the photo tools, select the “View” pull down menu, and put a checkmark next to “Taskpane”.

Before you crop, be sure to make the image the “Original” size so you can see what you are doing. Go to the Advance tab, and click on “Crop”. A new screen pops up, with a windows for you to center on the desired part of your image. You can also see on the actual image the area that has been selected. When you like your selection, hit “OK” in the bottom corner.

Also, if you don’t like how the Crop turned out, click your image and try again! You can keep adjusting the limits of the Crop until you like what you see. You can’t make a mistake, because you have unlimited chances to get it right!


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12 responses to “Screen Captures are Easy with Windows Live Writer!

  1. Greg

    Great post, X! Tip: if you\’re trying to nab a specific window instead of your entire desktop, just hold the Alt key and press Print Screen.

  2. X-Evolutionist

    @Greg. Thanks bunches for the kind comment! That means a lot to me. Thank you for the Alt/Printscreen tip, too. It would be nice if there was a magic way to highlight a part of an image for emphasis (instead of going to paint shop, I mean.) I tried the watermark, but you can\’t control the exact spot to put it. Ideally, I wanted to emphasize the "Crop" area of the image, but I guess it shows up alright.X

  3. Mike

    I really like using Jing, SnagIT from Techsmith. Jing is free and creates free screenshots and 5 minute flash videos. There is a Pro version you can pay for and get the H.264 Mpeg codec to make 5 minute videos.I also didn\’t know about Alt-Printscreen. Great tip.

  4. X-Evolutionist

    @Mike: Thanks for the recommendation!

  5. Mike

    I also forgot Camtasia Studio 6. This program has a lot more features and does video capturing. I was working on a project with A/V yesterday and tried to make a video as we were programming a/v projectors on our network but we kept running into a lot of bugs so we skipped the video for A/V till we got the process down.You can get Camtasia 6, SnagIT at and Jing is free at

  6. X-Evolutionist

    @Mike: Thanks!

  7. Curtis

    What a great tip. I have for the longest time have been using print scrn and the pasting it into software. Then croping it.@Greg I didn\’t know that how cool. alt+prnt scr

  8. X-Evolutionist

    @Curtis: I was pasting it into paint to crop it and save it as a jpeg. Finding out you can do it all with Writer made me very happy! I\’m happy you like it too.

  9. Jen

    I use Shift+PRT SC a lot. It\’s brilliant. Must try Greg\’s tip as well next time I want to do something with a screen catch but I haven\’t needed it yet!

  10. Curtis

    @X-Evolutionist Yes I am very happy you found and posted this tip.

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