Beginner’s Visual Guide to Windows Live Writer Photo Effects

I’ve been using Windows Live Writer since it first came out in beta. I love it to death, but, for some reason, I’ve never gotten around to learning how to do photo effects. I have been so happy with the text editing features, that I just never got around to it. Or, maybe I am intimidated by the beautiful work I’ve seen. Either way, it’s time for me to learn.

I figured that while I am learning how, I can post it here, and the next beginner can have a little head start by seeing at a glance what the different effects look like. (My parrot Rufus, is going to model my photo effects)

I’m going to tell you the name of the option, and where to find it, I’m going to tell you what you have to do, and I’m going to tell you the results.

My comments will be to the left or right of each photo, and in this format:

Picture Edit Feature Name and Location

What you have to do

My Result



No effects: This is the picture I am using in all my examples

Now I click on my picture and the Picture tabs come up: Advanced/Actions/Rotate

You don’t have to do anything

Each time you click it it turns another 90 degrees around




There are two sliding bars where you can change the brightness and contrast.

I made it darker, with more contrast


You get a window with an outline where you can select what area to show as the new image

I made a close-up of Rufus’s face




You get a sliding scale that you can move back and forth

I chose 20 to the right


You get a dialog box to fill in text, font and position

Cool! Wow, I like that! I put my screen name in the bottom corner!



On the next tab: Effects/Add Effect/Black and white

You don’t have to do anything

It turned black and white!

Effects/Add Effect/Sepia tone

You don’t have to do anything

It turned sepia toned!



Effects/Add Effect/Adjust Temperature

You get a cooler/warmer sliding bar

I chose all the way cooler

Effects/Add Effect/Color Pop

You don’t have to do anything

Apparently, this just makes the colors brighter!



Effects/Add Effect/Sharpen

You don’t have to do anything

Look at the edges of Rufus’s feathers!Everything is outlined “sharper”, hence the name. Wow, I like that.

Effects/Add Effect/Gaussian Blur

You don’t have to do anything

It blurs it a teensy bit




Effects/Add Effect/Emboss

You don’t have to do anything

Cool! It looks like the engravings on coins.

So,there you have it! We have now tried all of the photo effects that Windows Live Writer has to offer. In addition, you can combine all of those effects on a particular picture in an unlimited number of ways, for unlimited results. But, now I know, and now you know, the basic photo options in Windows Live Writer.
Using all I’ve learned from playing around with the features, I’m going to try to apply them all to improve this picture of Rufus that I took in my back yard……

Wow! All I did was use Color Pop and Sharpen, and it makes a world of difference! Thank you Windows Live Writer!


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32 responses to “Beginner’s Visual Guide to Windows Live Writer Photo Effects

  1. Jen

    I used to use Serif for all these features. That\’s one software I definitely miss. Was it made under the GSM License? I can\’t remember. It\’s a long time since I had Windows \’95!

  2. X-Evolutionist

    @Jen: My mother gave me her old version of Paint Shop Pro. I\’ve never used it. I just never have gotten around to playing with photo effects

  3. Mandy

    A while ago I bought Jasc paint shop pro, and Jasc animation and have played with making cartoons, films, and pretty pics……… but eventually boredom set in and I don\’t bother much anymore, however, Jasc paintshop pro is invaluable for cleaning up photos, and repairing, old ones, and I have acheived great results with old torn pics of my dad, which are70 years old and 50 year old sisters baby pics.I\’d hate to lose it, I no longer play, but wouldn\’t be with out it, tomorrow I may do a quick blog to show you!For the diving pics, it is great for bring back true colour, lost in the blue!

  4. H

    Hiya .. thankyou so much for the info in your blog .. I have just started to use LiveWriter so need all the help I can get. take care, love H

  5. ThisIsMyHomeRightHereWithYou

    Oh wow, didnt know windows live writer could do these things to a photo…who needs expensive software, (like jen i use serif)… when you have all you need right there, in live writer Thankyou for sharing.

  6. X-Evolutionist

    @Mandy: I\’d like to see what you did with the pictures you repaired!@Sweet and @H Thank you for the kind comments. It was really easy! I was surprised.

  7. Jen

    There are other effects that this picture software can do as well. I must make time to have a play with it all. Sorry I haven\’t been yapping with everyone tonight. Finally got all the washing done so decided to plunge through the ironing while WLOC was doing its \’bits\’!

  8. X-Evolutionist

    @Jen: What is WLOC? What\’s a bit? Thanks!

  9. Jen

    Okay: WLOC = Windows Live OneCare, Microsoft\’s bestest answer to anti virus software, to be replaced with "Morro" later this summer.As per the pictures, go back to your original post in Live Writer, put your cursor at the bottom of the first set of pictures, press ENTER once or twice and see if your spacing comes up to your satisfaction. Do this for each set of pictures. When happy, repost to your site! Hope it helps:-)

  10. X-Evolutionist

    @Jen: Oh, Windows Live OneCare! As far as my spacing, it looks fine on the windows live writer. It looks dandy. This is the first time I\’ve had this happen with margins. It\’s a glitch or something.

  11. Jen

    I get the feeling Microsoft (love you to bits M\’soft, I\’m not having a grumble!) are faffing about with the site. Your page jumps about when I\’m here and my home page takes a million years to load and strange things keep happening to it. Maybe that\’s the problem with everything??? Know what we say over here? "It\’ll all come out in the wash!"

  12. X-Evolutionist

    @Jen. Yep, "It\’ll all come out in the wash!" We say that here, too.

  13. X-Evolutionist

    I am very pleased that this blog entry was nominated in the first ever "Clubhouse Choice Awards". See this link to see everybody else who was nominated:

  14. Gerry

    That was a neat Demo X. I am still using the older version of Live Writter so I guess I should download the newer one.

  15. Jen

    I\’ve heard that even with playing around with your picture, it doesn\’t affect your original. Is that right? If so, no harm can be done to your original photograph, which is great for those who are experimenting. Lovely blog. I remember reading it when you posted it orignally.

  16. X-Evolutionist

    Thanks, Gerry!

  17. X-Evolutionist

    @Jen, You are right, it does not affect your original picture. Not only that, but once a picture is inserted into Live Writer, you can\’t copy it and do different things with the copies. You have to insert each one separately in order to edit each copy differently. (guess how I found out) X

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