The “Photo Gallery plug-in for Facebook” announcement came one day too late for me!

Today, the Windows Live Team blog Posted A Photo Gallery plug-in for Facebook. Here is a part of that article:

Check out the LiveUpload to Facebook plug-in for publishing from Windows Live Photo Gallery. It allows you to upload photos directly from Windows Live Photo Gallery to Facebook. It even preserves the people tags you added in Photo Gallery and matches them up with your Facebook friends.

This is wonderful news! But, it came too late for me! I loaded up pictures onto my Facebook page yesterday! Anyway, it is very nice that Windows Live is continuously making things easier for us to interact with the rest of the internet.

Hopefully, I can save you the effort that I did. Find out more about the plug-in here: A Photo Gallery plug-in for Facebook.

Happy photo uploading!



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8 responses to “The “Photo Gallery plug-in for Facebook” announcement came one day too late for me!

  1. Kimmy

    After seeing the terms facebook has in place for everything we upload now.. I\’m not sure I want to upload anything to facebook anymore. grrr

  2. X-Evolutionist

    Man, the text on that page is too itty bitty for me to read even at the largest text setting. Would you please give me a one-line summary? What did they change?

  3. Horst

    I canceled my account, they not only can use what photos you uploaded but they even own what you say on Facebook. Also they can take your photos change and manipulate them as they feel like.

  4. X-Evolutionist

    Horst, Yikes! That\’s not right. Can they DO that? That\’s awful.@Kimmy, Horst just posted what you must have been talking about.

  5. Tracey

    lt does seem some harsh conditions! They OWN everything we put on there! So for people who want to maintain ownership of their photos, they have to worry.

  6. X-Evolutionist

    That\’s just nuts. I took those pictures, I own them. Is that in the fine print everywhere on the internet I wonder?X

  7. Mandy

    @ everybody terms and conditions have reverted to the previous ones, because of all the complaints. Facebook assure everyone this "ownership" issue is one of misunderstanding, or misinterpreting the wording….. but I would certainly keep an eye on it!

  8. X-Evolutionist

    @Mandy, Thank you for this info! That is good to know! I was going to take my pictures down today!

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