Do you use Microsoft Outlook AND Windows Live Hotmail? Try Outlook Connector!

I like to tell my friends about things that I find helpful. I have an email address I set up for work that I use with Microsoft Outlook, plus, I have a Hotmail account that I use with my Windows Live service. I was continuously having to go back and forth to the two separate accounts to check my mail.

Then, some months back, I came across Microsoft Office Outlook Connector. I was able to quickly and easily set it up so that I could receive my Hotmail in my Microsoft Outlook program!

Don’t take my word for it, This is what it says on the Microsoft Office Outlook Connector download page:

Manage all your email accounts with ease

Outlook Connector provides a free solution for managing your Windows Live Hotmail e-mail and contacts from within Outlook. With the new release of the Outlook Connector, you can connect your Windows Live Hotmail account in Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 or Outlook 2003 free of charge.

You can also connect your Windows Live Calendar and Contacts with your Outlook Calendar and Contacts. What a convenience! I especially like that all my Contacts can be accessed  in one place.

(One more thing, if you are concerned about the spam filters of Hotmail and Outlook, for instance if you trust one spam filter more than the other, rest assured that none of that will change. The Hotmail inbox, after the spam filter process, will show in Outlook in a separate inbox from the Outlook inbox. Nothing changes, except you get to receive and send email with both accounts in Outlook.)

Click Here to download Outlook Connector. That page also has simple instructions to get your accounts together in no time!

Happy e-mailing!



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8 responses to “Do you use Microsoft Outlook AND Windows Live Hotmail? Try Outlook Connector!

  1. Robin

    The Calendar doesn\’t work

  2. Mike

    I still like the Windows Live Mail interface and use it but the Connector is a nice utility.

  3. Jen

    Ooohh – so that\’s what it\’s about! Do you get a nice spam filter?

  4. ♨ gRaNt

    I am very worried, about doing this, my hotmail gets spam all the time while my Outlook account is spam free.I just do not trust this.I think Jen\’s comment about a spam filter is relevant.The saying "not having all your eggs in one basket may apply" if something go wrong.

  5. Cynical

    I\’ve been doing something similar for years, having my web-based dot com mail, as well as my MSN (hotmail, live mail) account, go to Outlook via Microsoft\’s last two or three connectors and have come to hate Outlook and its eccentricies with a passion second only to Vista. The Outlook spam filter has improved, especially with the last two or three updates. If Live Mail had just two more features (flags and the ability to save as text rather than trying to save as PDF or Copy & Pasting) I woul feel that my needs were met without Outlook. It has many valuable features such as the business contact manager and the free, limited feature accounting express features for a small business, it usually just makes me crazy(r) slowly.Peace, Doc

  6. Ali

    Hi. First of all, to those who are worried about spams and junks: if you are a 2007 version user and you keep updating your apps, then you would be definately sit back and relax while spams would be filtered 99% of the times by outlook itself. Trust me, it\’s really working for me and many ones I know. Just keep updating.And then I\’m having a question though: I\’m using Outlook + hotmail for months and during all this time, i had to reconfigure my account for times cuz for unknown reasons it happened to me that there were messages on the cloud, but not in my Outlook inbox! I wonder why it is for and how come it\’ll be solved after removing my account and renewing it?Thanx

  7. X-Evolutionist

    @Everybody: I added a paragraph at the end of my post addressing the spam issue. Nothing changes. Each program, Hotmail and Outlook, still uses the same spam filter. It\’s just that the Hotmail inbox shows in Outlook, and you can send email from Hotmail using Outlook.

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