Blogged from my cell

This is my first blog from my cell. X


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80 responses to “Blogged from my cell

  1. Bob

    this is my first comment, to a cell blogged blog. what a coincidence.

  2. Mandy

    LOL ……. this fell into the American to English dictionary category ……. I saw the news feed and thought what the hell is X doing in a CELL???

  3. X-Evolutionist

    Bobo, this is my first comment to a first comment to a cell blogged blog.Mandy, Why do you think they call them CELL phones?

  4. Mandy

    LOL X………. glad you\’re not IN a cell, just ON a cell! (mobile)

  5. Bob

    theres that culture thing again…… funnybet i can get more in my comment then you can tapping that phone x

  6. X-Evolutionist

    I wanted to type as few characters as possible. I am an almost six foot tall girl, and I have huge hands. It\’s not easy to work with my itty bitty phone with my big hands. Besides, my hands are over 50 years old. They get pooped out quickly doing some things. I just found out that typing on an itty bitty phone is one of them.

  7. X-Evolutionist

    Bobo, I\’m on the computer, now. I just sent that blog from my cell (this black and white outfit is cute) for fun. Now I can say I did it.

  8. X-Evolutionist

    Bobo, Just how many times is it possilbe to L your A O? Does it grow back, or what?

  9. Mandy

    I hope so X, or my A would have disappeared by now ………hmmm there\’s a thought!

  10. Bob

    good question? nope still got it. damn

  11. Bob

    don\’t tell anyone x but i had to tivo dollhouse and im watching it now before tracey finds out. i crashed early last night. shhhhhhh

  12. Mandy

    the link X ……………… LMAO ………………….!

  13. X-Evolutionist

    Mandy, yes, I am the Google Queen.

  14. Mandy

    You Tivo …….. we skyplus

  15. Mandy

    Such a handy thing google!

  16. X-Evolutionist

    Hey, that gives me an idea: It would be fun to have a Google Off where we give each other challenges. Like find a picture of a zebra in a hat. Ha ha. Just for kicks, I\’m going to google that as a test.! You can find ANYTHING with google!

  17. X-Evolutionist

    Bobo, I haven\’t seen that show. But, I could watch it on the web if you recommend it. My hubby and I are couch potatoes.

  18. Mandy

    I got a zebra print cowboy hat, for sale at Cowboy and Western?

  19. Mandy

    I can\’t watch it till it comes over here!

  20. Bob

    mandy cant you just go to and watch it on the internet? the full episode is all ready there.So far x….so-so first 10 minutes though

  21. X-Evolutionist

    Hey, Mandy, speaking of TV, Greg started a Lost Group, but you would hear spoilers all over the place since we have seen all the episodes. If you want to take your chances, you can join:, do you watch Lost? The more the merrier if you are interested.

  22. Bob

    i hate this though because Eliza looks great……but she is like my daughters age so it messes with me to much.

  23. Bob

    i watched to first year but "Lost" touch with it…pun intended same with heros

  24. Mandy

    Can\’t do it Bob, they don\’t stream outside the US, or at least they don\’t stream the series or episodes, not yet available on Brit TV, I tried……….DOH!@X yeah I saw he\’d started the group, but didn\’t join, because of that!

  25. X-Evolutionist

    Bobo. I understand what you mean about women your daughter\’s age. My stepdaughter is a beautiful 20 year old college girl.My hubby and I are hooked on Heroes, too.

  26. X-Evolutionist

    Yeah, I\’ve heard that about other countries trying to watch USA shows on the internet. Yeah, Mandy, I figured you wouldn\’t want to join, but I wanted to make sure you know you were invited.X

  27. Bob

    well that isnt right. you would think the internet would be open to all, at least i thought it was? that sucks.

  28. Mandy

    My daughter 26 a couple of weeks ago……. and gorgeous too…….. but I have 3 gorgeous sons too Bob so know what you mean!

  29. Mandy

    I love heroes can\’t wait for it to start up again!

  30. Mandy

    From waht I read about Dollhouse it sounds a little like Dark Angel (another beautiful woman)

  31. X-Evolutionist

    Save the Cheerleader – Save the WorldMandy, sounds like you hit the jackpot in the gorgous kids department!

  32. Bob

    it\’s that apple falling off the tree thing x

  33. Mandy

    Well they\’re my kids course they\’re gorgeous!! The third son is 29 tomorrow! Now I feel OLD!

  34. Mandy

    Sorry that didn\’t read how I meant it! I mean of course I think they\’re gorgeous …… they\’re my kids!

  35. X-Evolutionist

    I never got around to having kids. I never thought I\’d be a good mother. But, I\’m such a good pet mom that my hubby says I\’d have been a good mom. Too late now. I wouldn\’t want my hubby\’s kids to have to share him with other kids.

  36. Bob

    X pets are people too. and no more or less important. a mom is a mom either way.

  37. Mandy

    I seemed to go a bit overboard with kids, i only ever wanted two, then a second husband and I had 2 more, only he had 2 as well so I had his two too! We were the Brady Bunch alive and well and living in Essex!!!

  38. Mandy

    Kids .. pets, they are largely interchangeable as far as mothering goes, so Grumpy\’s probably right!

  39. Bob

    Same for me but they are all over 21 so i went from 3 to 5 but late in their lives

  40. X-Evolutionist

    Bobo said:X pets are people too. and no more or less important. a mom is a mom either way.and Mandy agreed.So, I\’m happy. Grumpy and I are happy. His kids are all in college, and it is just us and the pets. Grumpy does not feel good today. He\’s in bed. Poor guy. He works hard all week to take good care of me, then collapses on the weekend. Not fair. I wish I could get better enough to pull my own weight around here. I haven\’t brought in any income for a year and a half.

  41. Bob

    grumpy? who\’s gumpy? i thought i was Doc or sneezy? whos grumpy?

  42. Bob

    ohhhhh x\’s hubby is grumpy\’\’\’\’\’\’ok Im Doc then

  43. Mandy

    That must make me Dopey then???? LOL

  44. Bob

    Hey……………no self insulting allowed…….if its needed we\’ll do it ok?

  45. Mandy

    I\’m alone now (sniff….. kidding) I have thought I\’d get a pet when I\’m in my 70\’s ……considering their life span, I wouldn\’t want to lose one!

  46. Bob

    ok done…….dollhouse is a keeper for now so watch it when you can.

  47. Mandy

    X . How\’s your new regime going of not being sick, how are you feeling?

  48. Bob

    grey parrot……..40 plus yearssiamese cat 17 to 20 years

  49. Mandy

    Not a cat person …….I thought about a parrot…… but would have to teach it to answer back!

  50. X-Evolutionist

    I\’m feeling some better, but it\’s still going to be an uphill battle.I have outlived a lot of pets, sadly. I just am too old. I get used pets. Even if they don\’t live as long as me, I still get to give them a happy life. We had a used parrot, Peanut Boy, who was very, very sad after his owner died. He had pulled his feather out. When he moved in with us, he fell in love with my hubby and his feathers grew out. He died some months back. It still breaks my heart to think about it. But, Peanut Boy needed us. He had a happy life with us. And that is important.All three of our dogs are over 12. We got Lily two years ago. She was a sick stray that a vet had taken care of. If I think that these are just temporary pets, it makes it easier to deal with. We take in pets who need us.

  51. Bob

    sorry….had to go out back for a smoke………..we dont do it indoors? i think because it offends someone but i dont know who cause there is just susan and i and our Cat LB?

  52. X-Evolutionist

    I thought I smelled smoke!

  53. Bob

    ahhh see i knew it was someone………….

  54. X-Evolutionist

    I can tell if somebody is smoking two cars away on the street. I\’m very sensitive to cigarette smoke.

  55. Mandy

    Glad your feeling better X, Take it slow, ……….. Someone said probably Confusious (I have no idea how to spell that!) A journey of a thousand miles starts with one step! Had several pets mainly dogs, had a Falabella horse, who died a couple of years ago, she was lovely. At the moment am content on my own(ish).Has LB protested then?

  56. Mandy

    My ex was like that! We used to joke that if you wanted to find him, all you had to do was light up!!

  57. Bob

    well……..i am a pretty much an insensitive smoker (sorry, nothing personal) and i gave up and gaveup and gave up more but the anti smoking people wouldnt stop… now i just gave up caring.

  58. Bob

    LB has only seen me do it. she is an indoor cat so she dont complain…….least not to me? 🙂

  59. Mandy

    And now my friends, I must away, ………. though parting is such sweet sorrow …..and all that BS!Seriously, it\’s been good to talk, but it\’s 11pm here and I have to get up for work tomorrow! Take care you both!

  60. X-Evolutionist

    Hey, you guys. this has been really fun. But, Grumpy just woke up, and I\’m going to spend some time with him.Thanks a lot for the fun Mandy and Bobo!!X

  61. X-Evolutionist

    Have a nice Valentines Day!X

  62. Bob

    it\’s been great Mandy………… too x but i will be getting dinner tonight.

  63. Mandy

    This time zone thing sucks!Say hello to Grumpy for me!

  64. Tracey

    l hate trying to find the beginning of the comments!! BUT l did see Bob what you said to keep secret from me!

  65. Tracey

    All that time trying to figure what this blog was even about!

  66. X-Evolutionist

    Hey, Tracey, are you still there? My hubby just went to the store, so I\’m here on line again.

  67. X-Evolutionist


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