New Windows Live Group for the fans of the TV show Lost! Join now! (we can’t search for groups, you will never find it otherwise)


Because there is no ability to search for groups, I am forced to do this plug using a blog on my Space:

Attention: Fans of the show Lost: this Windows Live Group, Lost,  is for you!

Sadly, all groups at this time are treated by Windows Live as if they are to be private. If that is not bad enough, if you do a Windows Live Search for “Lost Fans Group” you get groups in every other community except Windows Live.

Windows Live, do you really want to publicize every group site on the internet except your own?

But, an important topic like the best TV show in the history of the world needs a big group for it to be a fun group, and a group where we can share all the latest ideas. So, it needs publicity.

So, please help get the word out. If you have a friend, relative, spouse, or coworker who loves Lost,  please be a good sport and send them a link to Lost group. I thank you and they will thank you!

So far, the members of the group are all watching Lost in the USA and have seen all available episodes. If you are watching it someplace else, and have not seen the all the episodes yet, be prepared for some Spoilers.

Hopefully,the ability to search for groups will be coming in a future release. (While I’m dreaming, I’d like too see group updates on RSS feed, also.)



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