Happy Valentine’s Day!


Windows Live, will you be my Valentine?

I had to write “Love” day, because I wanted to play with my blocks, and I think that “Valentines” is too long of a word to fit across the space with my blocks.


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6 responses to “Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. Bob

    Love….Love….Love…dum-dee-dumLove…Love…love….dum-de-dumLove…love…love. hmmmmmmhmmmmmhmmmmhmmmmmhmmm "All you need is Love"

  2. X-Evolutionist

    Absolutely right, Bobo! All you need is love….

  3. Kimmy

    Happy Love Day to you too X!

  4. X-Evolutionist

    Happy Valentines Day everybody! I\’m going to hang out with my hubby today. But, that\’s what I do every Saturday. My hubby just left the house to go to the library to take some books back. But, he just renewed them on the internet the other day. So, where is he going? Maybe Valentine\’s gift shopping? Probably not. I don\’t require material things from him. I still have my plain gold band he gave me when we got married. We think the diamond commercials are funny. "Give your wife a diamond ring, because she won\’t believe you love her otherwise". Har har har. We\’d rather have a paid off house some day than a bunch of expensive jewelry. My hubby would get me a slinky or a Rubics cube. He knows I\’d rather have a two dollar toy than a diamond ring. Enjoy being with your valentines!X

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