Have you discovered Windows Movie Maker, yet?

I recently discovered Windows Movie Maker.

Since this is my first effort with movie making and editing, I am happily overwhelmed with options! You can import existing video files, image files, and sound files, edit the sound with the video, add titles, narration, captions and fades from scene to scene…

For me, most of this is still theoretical, since I just discovered it and am still learning. But, I wanted to call your attention to it if you have not noticed it yet. I’m having so much fun, I just had to tell you about it so you could have fun, too!

Eventually, I want to edit together movies to show in a blog on my Space, but that might be a while. I want to make some movies, or even just a slide show, of my family, mostly pets, but still family. I will eventually add my movie to Soapbox and show the player with Windows Live Writer. Wish me luck!

If you want to learn how to use it, click here: Windows Movie Maker


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48 responses to “Have you discovered Windows Movie Maker, yet?

  1. Lezli

    I made a movie and put it up on YouTube. I\’m gonna shamelessly plug it right now cuz I like it and think you may too. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eT1hwahawdcLezli

  2. X-Evolutionist

    Lezil! I love your movie! I just made it one of my youtube favorites. What a great job you did, and what a wonderful message. Beautiful and inspiring!I don\’t mind your shameless plug at all!X

  3. Mandy

    I\’ve had WMM for ages (3-4 years) it doesn\’t just come with LIVE, and also Photostory, but the new live essentials doesn\’t work on older nVideo, must be 5900 (I think that\’s the number or above) and it won\’t even download if you haven\’t got that. But I guess if you go to MSN download Centre you\’ll find older versions!

  4. Jen

    I have the Vista one so I could (hopefully) play around with that. Having said that, if Live prefers it\’s own Movie Maker, I\’ll give that a go, too, but I prefer to save films \’n\’ pics on my own drive so hope the Vizzy one can patch through like my photos can.

  5. Jen

    I just watched that film. I have so much to learn if I\’m to do one.

  6. X-Evolutionist

    Thanks Mandy and Jen,Yes, Jen, that film shows me just how untalented I am. I have to much to learn!

  7. Bill

    That was a very nice video! Keep up the good work!

  8. Greg

    Be careful of the differences here, X. WMM has been around for a while; it was included with XP and is also available as an optional download for Vista. WLMM, which is available through WL Essentials, is a different program. Supposedly, it\’s going to replace the older version once it comes out of beta, much like WL Mail has replaced Outlook Express and Windows Mail, Contacts, and Calendar. Sadly, the new WLMM lacks a lot of the features of its predecessor (but at least it has a shiny new UI ribbon, so that\’s something…). Anyway, until they finally get the new one out of beta (and hopefully add more features), I\’ll stick with WMM 2.6 for Vista.

  9. X-Evolutionist

    @Greg, I didn\’t realize that. Thanks for the info.You mentioned the mail programs. How about Microsoft Outlook? Where does that fit in? Somebody on ATL said I should switch from that to the new Live mail program. I have Microsoft Office 2003.Jeffrey wants me to make you come back. Stump is a ghost town with you gone. I told him that you have an open door, and it is your choice.X

  10. Ed

    Apple always go on about how their video editing software which come as part of the iLife package is "better than Windows Movie maker" (along those lines anyway). But it isn\’t. In iMovie you can\’t add any effects, you don\’t get a linear timeline, you don\’t get an easy to use clip cutter (only a stupid drag bar to select the bit you want to delete) and you can\’t easily place text ontop of a clip (you have to use a default title and when you have more text than will fit into the box, you can\’t scroll through it). WMM isn\’t the best of editing software, but then again it\’s free and very easy to use…and is a damn site better than iMovie. I use more \’pro\’ software myself like Adobe Premiere and Apple FinalCut- when at uni).

  11. Mandy

    @Greg …… guess I\’ll stick with the old one too, one assumes, that when they make a new version of something, that it\’s going to be better than the old! And I was a bit miffed when it wouldn\’t download on to my PC (with XP) cos I had an older nVidea!

  12. Jen

    @Greg. It\’s not optional in an OEM copy of Vista. It came bundled in with mine as part of the whole thing.

  13. Greg

    @ Jen – Good to know. I have Vista Business edition, so I had to download it separately.@ Mandy – I think lots of folks were disappointed about the lack of features on the WLMM beta. Maybe that\’s why they\’re keeping it in beta for the time being. @ X – Outlook is part of the Office suite, so it tends to be used more widely in corporate and educational venues. Sure it makes an effective personal information manager, but a lot of its features are kind of overkill for a basic mail client. Of course, Office is supposed to be moving to a web-based platform that\’ll be free (to some extent) for non-business consumers, so it\’ll be interesting to see what they do with Outlook in that context. Maybe an OWA option for all of us?

  14. Jen

    Oh, so WVBusiness doesn\’t have all the bits of Prem, and Ultimate might just have everything? It was a bit of a blow that Prem didn\’t have full HDD backup capability – one of the first things a user requires! But hey, I can keep my files…

  15. X-Evolutionist

    @Greg,This was my computer for the job. I needed Office for Excel, Word, and all the other fun stuff. So, it wasn\’t overkill at the time. But, now that I can\’t work, and I bought this computer from my boss, which email program would you recommed that I use? I had that job for eight years, so I\’m pretty used to Microsoft Outlook.Thanks, X

  16. Greg

    @ Jen – Also interesting, they came out with a nifty hack to allow all versions of Vista to run Ultimate\’s DreamScenes, which granted, is a huge waste of computing resources, but is quite lovely to view.

  17. Mandy

    I use Livemail, it does the job, and juggles, several mail accounts! If you want fun stuff proper smileys ecards, etc etc Incredimail (I use it to send Xmas cards etc), but unless you pay there\’s no junk filter, so don\’t use it other than that!

  18. X-Evolutionist

    Mandy, I definitly need a junk filter. That\’s a must. I get a lot of junk.

  19. Jen

    Rather have the HDD backup facility than the view, though, Greg! My Desktop was stunningly \’re-created\’ with the download "Wallpapers From MSN" which I copped a long time ago. M\’soft ruled OK (again!) there.

  20. Mandy

    @X Livemail it is then! I don\’t EVER download mail to incredimail now (I started using it in BETA, and a junk filter came with, but had to reload after a problem with my PC and lost the beta!) The junk filter is ACE on LM!

  21. X-Evolutionist

    @Everybody,I am still confused about mail programs. Like I said I have Office 2003 (that costs money) and it came with Microsoft Outlook for email. This is what I used for my job. What I want to know, is how are the other programs better than this one? How can free ones be better than ones that you pay money for if it is made by the same people, Microsoft?Thank you!X

  22. Mandy

    Well firstly it\’s free, and pretty good, I\’ve never used outlook, but thought you were having a few probs with it and were looking for a new one. So if you have already the Essentials package, get mail!

  23. Ed

    outlook is very good yes, but is designed for business use. Thats why it has all the features such as Tasks, calender, meetings etc. all of this can be synced with your Windows Mobile device- your paying for all these extra features. Live mail (desktop version) isn\’t so focused for business use. as it says on the site "Get multiple e-mail accounts in one program – Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo! and more. And now Windows Live Mail has a calendar, too. Mail combines the ease of use of Outlook Express, with the speed of Windows Live." so it doesn\’t have the extra features that Outlook does, and doesn\’t sync with a WM device (to an extent). look at it this way: Pay for and use Outlook if your going to make use of all its features, not just sending and receiving email. Use Live Mail if you only need to send and receive email.

  24. X-Evolutionist

    OK, Thanks Ed!

  25. X-Evolutionist

    Thanks, Mandy!

  26. Michael

    I hope I\’m not offending you, but it\’s really called "Windows Live Movie Maker" (see my insertion of \’Live\’?). Just to get the name of the software correct, since there is another software called Windows Movie Maker, but they\’re different programs. For a first timer, yes, Windows Live Movie Maker may seem pretty neat, and easy to work with. But if you\’re more of an amateur video editing person, and want some more, WLMM just doesn\’t cut it. People would love an HD output, have a real timeline to work on, more effects/transitions, etc. Of course, they\’ll continue on improving it, but I hope Microsoft isn\’t aiming for only the people who want everything VERY simple.

  27. X-Evolutionist

    @Michael. The program I found on my program is: Windows Movie Maker"C:\\Program Files\\Movie Maker\\moviemk.exe"If it didn\’t get downloaded with the Windows Live download, then I don\’t know where it came from. I can\’t find another movie program anywhere else on my computer. Thanks for the info. I\’m going to see what the heck is going on.Thanks,X

  28. Iantra

    i got a problem, when i open the windows live download WLMM doesnt appear as an option, so i dont have anywhere to download it.=/ please tell me if i can do anything to get it because i really want it pleaseeee

  29. Carlos

    I used it once when I was a Windows user… and it\’s pretty cheesyEver since I saw the light (switched to Mac) I\’ve been a heavy iMovie \’06, \’08 and now \’09 user and it\’s so much better in terms of usability, speed, ease of use, options (like green screen) and the final result are like professional – but in just 5 minutes! And with just one click you export it for iTunes or YouTube! Prety nice!

  30. alan

    Is there a non beta version?

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