The Clubhouse has been remodeled!

I wrote this post on the day the remolding was to be unveiled. Now that the remodeled Clubhouse is open, I thought you might want to see this video in case you miss any of the new additions:


Some time today, the new look for the Windows Live Community Clubhouse will be unveiled. I am looking forward to the changes. More features will be added in addition to the new look. The page might be down periodically while they are in the process of updating it.

I have recently joined the Clubhouse. You apply to join by filling out a short survey here. If you are selected to join, you start writing blog posts about Windows Live and Microsoft products that you use and recommend, and how you use them in your daily life.

Here is a video starring the Leader of the Club: Marcus. Marcus also has a Windows Community Clubhouse Space. In this video, he is talking about the changes in the Clubhouse, but if you are not in it yet, you can gat an idea about what it is:
Video: Sneak Peek at the New Windows Community Clubhouse

Thank you for the tour, Marcus!


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6 responses to “The Clubhouse has been remodeled!

  1. Jen

    I watched it and it all looks very interesting! Maybe, in a few months, I\’ll have yet another go at trying to join it:-)

  2. X-Evolutionist

    I hope to see you there, soon!X

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