How I spend my time in Windows Live: A day in the life of X

I spend a lot of time in Windows Live. It is a wonderful community.

The first thing I do when I turn on my computer is to log in to Windows Live Messenger with my Windows Live ID. I have my Windows Live Alerts sent to Messenger so I can keep up with what is going on. I love the sounds that alert me to new activity.

The next thing I do is check my Hotmail. I see who has sent me an invitation to their network, who has sent me a Private Message and who has applied for membership in my groups.

I open Internet Explorer to my Home page and reply to my invitations, adding people to my contacts, and answer my PMs. Then I spend some time in my groups. Windows Live Groups might be my favorite part of the Windows Live Community. I used to spend more time in Spaces, but I find myself spending more and more time in groups.

The groups that I am most actively involved in are All Things Live and Stump the Creationist. All Things Live group is the latest version of a group called Hack MSN Spaces started by Dev in the old MSN Groups. It is a group where Windows Live enthusiasts gather to share information and opinions about Windows Live products and activity. I have been a co-owner or assistant manager of this group for three years.

My other group that I am actively involved in is Stump the Creationist, a group with a silly name, but a serious intent. I started this group after a lively debate in my blog comments. This group was set up to be a place for open discussions between people of all faiths and beliefs. There are discussions on a variety of topics.

Another group that was just started by my friend, Greg, is Lost Fans Group. This is a group for fans of the Lost TV series. I just added it to my Shared Favorites to hopefully get new members when my network sees the gold star on my profile.

Depending on the activity in my groups overnight, I will will spend some time between my groups talking to my friends in them. You are invited to apply to join these groups!

And then, maybe I’ll write a blog entry for my space with Windows Live Writer. I love Windows Live Writer. I not only use it to write my blogs, but I use it to add and revise pages to my website. It is my favorite Windows Live tool.

Yes, I spend a lot of time in Windows Live. At this time in my life I spend a lot of time at home. Windows Live is a great place to spend a few hours.

Thank you, Windows Live, for a wonderful place to spend some time.



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3 responses to “How I spend my time in Windows Live: A day in the life of X

  1. Ali

    So, as it seems to be, Windows Live is a way for you to get socialized as well as organized. Same here and I guess everywhere! WL Rocks:)

  2. X-Evolutionist

    Ali, you and I feel the same way! Thanks for writing.

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