A tornado is in my town right now. What recurring natural phenomenon happens in your area?

Oh, the joys of the first tornado warning of the season.

There is a tornado warning in my area right now. The tornado sirens just went off, so I turned on the TV to look at the map. Fortunately, tornadoes are slow enough that you can get out of the way if you have enough notice. You can watch the map on TV and watch what direction it is heading.

Right now, it looks like is west of us, and it is heading northeast. So, this one looks like it’s going to miss us.

When a tornado hits you, it’s bad. But, if it is heading for you, you have time to go underground or go to a shelter. We have a whole in our garage floor with a sliding cover. It is between the wheels of the car, so it doesn’t take up any room. It’s small, but my hubby, the three dogs, and the birds can all squeeze in. The bunnies like to stay outside most of the time. They will probably safe be underground in their burrow.

So, this is how Oklahomans celebrate that spring is almost here. There will be weather news on all TV channels all night tonight. If there is one tornado, there will be more. So, I know what I’m going to be doing tonight. Here’s a Weather map of Oklahoma City if you want to watch the fun on weather.com.

But, there are bad natural conditions all over the world. I lived in southern California for 40 years and lived through a lot of earthquakes.

So, why do I live in a town with tornados every year? My hubby’s kids live here. I moved here when we got married.

So, what recurring natural conditions happen in your area? Floods, fires, blizzards, etc. It is my feeling that there is no place in the world that does not have something like this that happens every year.


I had to pick a category for this so I chose “Entertainment” since we have to watch the weather news all night. Fun fun fun!

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8 responses to “A tornado is in my town right now. What recurring natural phenomenon happens in your area?

  1. Mandy

    Rain ….just god awful, miserable, cold RAIN! Living in a temperate climate, we don\’t get extremes of weather, just boring old rain! That\’s what happens every year, no floods, earthquakes, hurricans, heatwaves….. Yes we do have all of those, occasionally but only very mild by comparison, and never regularly!

  2. X-Evolutionist

    It\’s been raining a lot here, too. It rained all night the night before last, lightning, thunder and hail. No tornadic activity with that storm, though. I don\’t mind the rain. But, I\’m not fond of tornadoes.

  3. Jen

    I noticed the other nght that you\’d mentioned lightning, X. Last night on the radio, after our weather warning came up, somewhere fairly local supposedly had a lightning storm! Since snow, hail, rainbows and lightning are actually formulated in the same type of cloud, it didn\’t surprise me to hear that news. We had a fairly high wind which started about 1 o\’clock this morning and lasted throughout the rest of today with lots of rain. Mandy\’s right. We get so much rain now, it seems we spend most of the year worrying about flooding!

  4. John

    Only thing extreme here is smog, pollution, and bad air but all man made. Weather here is similar to Virginia Beach, gray damp cold winters, short falls, long wet springs, hot and humid summers. We get an occasional typhoon but it isn\’t the season for that. We felt the May earthquake here as the building swayed pretty good. There is the annual tidal surge called the Golden Dragon close to Shanghai, where the tidal surge sends seawater into the river causing a huge wave the travels around 60 MPH, I hope to catch it one day…

  5. Tracey

    Thankfully nothing that we have to pack up and run from! But plenty to complain about lol. Too cold and too much snow in the winter. Too humid in the summer. The most dramatic thing is we get a lot of thunder storms. Thunder, lightening, sometimes big winds. l love storms, so primal! But big winds kind of scare me. l always worry (a bit) that my windows could blow in, or some object could blow in through them. OH, and like John, we get smog in the summer especially on the humid days – makes those days extra special! Heat, humidity and smog all add up to one unpleasant day for me to be outdoors.

  6. Happy

    Hope you\’re OK X. LOL re. choice as entertainment.

  7. X-Evolutionist

    Thank you all for your comments! We made it safely through the night. Sadly, some others did not. Some died, and others lost their homes or businesses in Oklahoma last night. February is very early for tornadoes. May is the most dangerous month.

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