Windows Live: What is official policy on setting up a space for business and spamming in comments. Detailed question with copy of abuse report and response.

I have also posted this information in Feedback, Windows Live Wire, individual Live team members and on the All Things Live group. I have gotten no response. This is a last ditch effort.

I just saw a spam comment in my space for this space:

Jeff Mr. Yeah wrote:
Ringtones free download, online TV, B2B sites

13 hours ago | Delete

What is the policy on a space that is used as a business and posts spam? I clicked on the space link, and clicked Report Abuse. Posting or sending spam is not listed in the pull down list of violations to select. I would like to know Window’s Live’s policy on spaces that are set up as businesses, and as such send spam email to addresses. I get a lot in my Microsoft Outlook.

If sending spam is a cause for abuse of a space, please list it in the pull down menu. Please post the best way to handle situations like this. I have also asked this question on All Things Live in a new discussion:

All Things Live Group
Sharing info about Windows Live services

A lot of us have this problem, as you can see below:

Here’s a recent snapshot of Windows Live Spacers protesting against spammers:

More info. I have received a response from the abuse report on that space above. Here is the response from Microsoft that I found in my junk mail folder:

This message was marked as junk and will be deleted after ten days.
Messages in the Junk folder never get opened automatically. Open message

RE: SRX1092880982ID – Windows Live Spaces Abuse‏

Microsoft Customer Support (


Fri 2/06/09 4:48 PM



I have made several reports over the months. I wonder how many answers I might have missed since they are deleted automatically. I use Outlook Connectror, so I usually don’t go to Hotmail. This time was a fluke. How can I find out what the previous answers were since they were deleted automatically?

Text of that email from Microsoft:

RE: SRX1092880982ID – Windows Live Spaces Abuse‏
From:  Microsoft Customer Support (
Sent: Fri 2/06/09 4:48 PM


Thank you for writing to Windows Live Spaces Customer Support.

We appreciate your interest in reporting possibly unacceptable activity in Windows Live Spaces.  For us to be able to investigate this matter, please reply to this e-mail with the following information:

– a clear description of the violation
– Space Name
– the link or URL of the web page where you found the offensive material
– Blog Title, Date blog was posted, time blog was posted, permalink (if applicable)
– List title, date posted, sample contents/entries
–  a copy of the offensive e-mail with complete full headers

Once we are in receipt of this information, we assure you that we will investigate the Space and take appropriate action based on our findings.

Windows Live Spaces has comprehensive online help available to you. For more information, click the "Help" button at the top of any Spaces page.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.


Support Specialist
Windows Live Support Team

— Original Message —
From :
Sent : Friday, February 06, 2009 2:58:17 PM UTC
Subject : Windows Live Spaces Abuse

   Windows Live Spaces Abuse

What type of problem do you have?
Full name:

The e-mail address for us to send a response:

Primary e-mail address/member ID associated with the account you are inquiring about:

Please enter the URL (Web address) of the Space you are reporting. (Example:

Type of Abuse
   Other [Other]

Location of Abuse (include exact link or cut and paste the content into the details section below)
   Other [Other]

Please provide as much detail as possible regarding the abuse or offensive behavior you are reporting to help us investigate the issue quickly
   This space posted spam in my comments


There is a problem with reporting spaces that spam. Spam is not listed under the abuse pulldown selector. So, so you have to click other. Then, you get an email saying how to report abuse. But, I just reported it! It is in the email that you are responding to. There’s got to be a better way.

It a report says "other" apparently it is ignored.

Please add "posting spam" to the list of abuse for reporting space abuse so reports will not be ignored.

Thank you!  


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30 responses to “Windows Live: What is official policy on setting up a space for business and spamming in comments. Detailed question with copy of abuse report and response.

  1. Tracey

    l would also like to know what WL thinks about spaces being used predominantly to sell things. Recently l recieved an invite from Spiros B and discovered he sold FUR and other merchandise from his blog.

  2. X-Evolutionist

    I\’m with you, Tracey.

  3. Tracey!C1D933DD383A16B!741.entryHere is a link for a blog l wrote about it at the time if you\’re interested. l wish l would have reported him. But then seeing the lack of response to reports made l\’m thinking why bother reporting anything?

  4. X-Evolutionist

    Yep, that was a drag. I\’m still waiting for an answer to my question. I\’ve posted it here, in All Things Live, and on the Windows Team blog. Nothing.

  5. Jen

    You may need advice as to a better place to post this, X, as the "Live" gang presumably wouldn\’t actively come and rumble around our Spaces, to see what we post, would they? I wouldn\’t have thought so. Wonder who I could ask about that… Are you in contact with anyone from Live as per your Groups or Clubhouse?

  6. X-Evolutionist

    Jen,I\’ve posted this several places, Windows Live team blog and All Things Live, beside here. Besides, guys have been here before. It wouldn\’t be the first time.

  7. Tracey

    l like the pic X

  8. Jen

    Yup, I like the pic as well. Wish I could remember where it\’s from! I\’ve seen your post on Live Spaces, X. But you know what they\’re like for answering! Very seldom do they come back to anyone.

  9. Greg

    I\’m going to sound like a broken record, but

  10. Jen

    @Greg: send that \’broken record\’ everywhere!

  11. Cynical

    You wouldn\’t happen to be selling pitchforks and torches to members of the group, would you? If ya can\’t beat \’em, join \’em?Peace, Doc

  12. X-Evolutionist

    I have reported this problem on Feedback, Windows Live Wire, to individual Live Team members and All Things Live. My not reporting it is not the problem. Please see All Things Live Spam discussions for a copy of my latest transacction with Report Abuse. Spamming is not listed as an actionable offense, so I have to select "other" and explain the problem. But, reports that say "other" are automatically rejected and sent back for more info. "Spamming" has to be added as an actionable offense.

  13. X-Evolutionist

    I have added a copy of my abuse report and a copy of the Microsoft official respose. Spamming is not listed as an offense, and listing other gets a request for more info. Please add Spamming as an actionable offense.

  14. Happy

    An assertive group. Good show.

  15. X-Evolutionist

    Success!: "Spam" has been added to the Report Abuse pull-down menu for list of offenses.!25A0033DD834DD1D!11888.entry

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