There is currently a shortage of Dick Tracy cell phones

The 2009 Consumer Electronics Show was recently. I thought, finally! Somebody will come out with more Dick Tracy cell phones, one in my price range. Sadly, I was disappointed. Again. dicktracy

When I was a kid, I read Dick Tracy in the funny pages. I still read the funny pages, but Dick Tracy is not in them. Anyway, Dick Tracy had a nifty two-way wrist radio. I have always thought that this was the coolest of cool. I’ve been waiting, year after year, for somebody to come out with a Dick Tracy cell phone in my price range.

As far as I’ve seen, only one came out at this year’s CES. and you can see it here

As soon as my cell phone breaks, and as soon as the Dick Tracy cell phone price comes down to my level, I’m getting one.

I’m a woman, but I do not carry a purse. My policy for years has been that if it won’t fit in my jeans pocket then I don’t need it.

Well, I recently decided I needed a cell phone for safety, but I don’t want to carry a phone. I wear it around my neck so I don’t have to carry it or clip it to my belt, which I don’t wear.

How hard could it possibly to make a cell phone you can wear like a Dick Tracy two-way wrist radio! Why don’t all electronics firms have this style of phone?

Anyway, when I get a cell phone that has the features I want, and is able to strap onto my wrist, I’ll be visiting Windows Live Mobile every day! It would be so handy to visit my space, read the comments, write a blog for my space, read my friends’ blogs, and go to the What’s New page. It would be nice!

Chester Gould started drawing the Dick Tracy comic strip in 1931, so he showed the need for this technology years ago! Surely, we won’t have to carry a thingy around with us all day soon.

Hey, Microsoft, are you ever going to make small electronics? I would be very happy to beta test a Dick Tracy cell phone.

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11 responses to “There is currently a shortage of Dick Tracy cell phones

  1. Mandy

    I thought that\’s what jeans\’ back pockets were for! I\’m slightly afraid to say it but….. LOL

  2. Greg

    Good call, X. Assuming they pack all of that functionality into such a device, wouldn\’t it be ironic if there wasn\’t any room in there for an actual watch. Then again, I don\’t wear a wristwatch, since my phone has a built-in clock. And I keep that in my pants pocket. I\’m fond of saying, "Unless you\’re Batman, you really shouldn\’t have anything hanging off your belt."

  3. X-Evolutionist

    Mandy, I\’m afraid to break my cell phone. I never had one before, but I got one after I was stuck in a car, in a parking lot, when my oxygen ran out. I couldn\’t get out of the car to tell him. So, now I have a cell phone. It\’s a reconditioned Go Phone because I\’m cheap, I mean thrifty. I crocheted a little bitty purse, just the size for my cell phone, and I have it around my neck at all times. I\’m ready if I have one of those "I\’ve fallen and I can\’t get up" episodes. (Commercial on TV in USA for overpriced two-way radio)Greg, Yeah, I haven\’t worn a watch in years. The only reason I would wear a watch is if it had a phone, mp3, and maybe a microwave. X

  4. X-Evolutionist

    Mandy, that didn\’t make sense. Meant to say that I would keep it in the back pocket of my jeans, but I would be afraid to crack it or damage it. X

  5. Mandy

    As I did when I fell on my bum, and cracked the screen! now have a Samsung Toca with flap cover.I actually dropped a phone down the loo, once, fell from my back pocket straight down the pan! …….on reflection your idea is the better one!

  6. Tracey

    Maaaan – l HATE when l drop things in the toilet! Over the years l have learned to just go after it QUICK – no thinking.

  7. Mandy

    Yup that\’s the ONLY way and hope it dries out after!

  8. Mike

    I was just talking with a Dean of a school who I work with and wanted one also. Great story!

  9. X-Evolutionist

    I\’m surprised that everybody wouldn\’t want a cell phone that straps to your wrist. Dick Tracy had it made! You still would have to hold it up to your ear, so what is the difference? I just hate carrying stuff.

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