Windows Live Group features that I’d like to see in a new release

I own and co-own several Windows Live Groups, and I spend a lot of my Windows Live time there. Groups is an excellent product, and I recommend it often.

However, I would like to see a cafeteria of choices added to enable both Owners and Members to interact better within Groups, and between Groups and the rest of

Ever since Windows Live Groups opened, I have been requesting options as I have seen the need for them. At this time, I have organized my requests (I’ve probably left out a few) into a cohesive unit, hoping that some of these will be added in a future release. 

As it stands now, the Profile for a user who has actively been participating in existing discussions on Groups shows that they have been offline. I would like my friends to know where I am and what’s going on. I’ve had some excellent discussions in various groups, and I would like other people to see what a good time we are having.

Currently there is no way to keep up to date with all group activity. The following options would help integrate Groups with the rest of Windows Live:

  • Recent activity, including comments, on Profile, Home and My Groups pages
  • RSS Feed
  • Email notification
  • Windows Live Alerts

The following options, if added, would enable group owners to personalize the operation of their group, and help the group run better:

  • Additional pages, such as a for a “How To” page or FAQs
  • Comments on the Group’s What’s New page.  
  • Whether to allow groups to show in a public search engine
  • Sticky discussion to stay on top, like Group Terms and Conditions
  • Groups Terms and Conditions, with wording to not spam the group
  • A way to delete a member for abuse, and add a reason, and see the profile picture
  • A way that the flagged reason for abuse will show if that person reapplies
  • More discussions per page
  • A side navigation menu that is the same on every page

Everything that I propose would be an option, so everybody would have the option to keep it the way is now, if they desire. Nobody would have a private group shown on a search engine, for instance.

Windows Live, Thank you for consideration of these options.


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22 responses to “Windows Live Group features that I’d like to see in a new release

  1. Cliff

    Excellant ideas … I hope windows live listens.

  2. X-Evolutionist

    Thank you, Cliff. I hope so, too.

  3. Deo

    Excellent ideas! In addition, it would be great if audio would be added to Groups chat! I have family members all over the world, and we use yahoo messenger to have a group chat in real time. Now, I continue to convince them to download Windows Live so we may have our family conference there. Thank you!

  4. X-Evolutionist

    @Deo: That\’s a great idea!

  5. David

    I have three problems with web forums.First I hate your colour scheme and there is no way I can change it. Second, I will get in here again in maybe a fortnight and I don\’t want to see all the posts back to 2007. I just want to see what has been added since my last visit.Third, in other groups I might find something I want to keep and I don\’t see a way of downloading a single message to be available when I am not connected.I will not be holding my breath for a positive response to any of these problems.

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