25 Really boring things about X

  1. I am a Christian happily married lady in my fifties.
  2. I like my animals better with all their parts still on rather than on a plate
  3. I have one parrot, 2 cockatiels, one lovebird, seven parakeets, three dogs, two bunnies, and approximately 50 goldfish in a fishpond,
  4. Most of my goldfish were born in our pond.
  5. I was a birdwatcher for many years before I had a pet bird
  6. I don’t smoke, drink, wear makeup, do drugs, or eat animals, and oddly enough, all of these choices came many years before my religious beliefs.
  7. I still have my factory issued face, hair and body, in the original color, except for wear and tear.
  8. I consider myself the “control group” for all the beauty products
  9. I wear denim jeans or shorts, a T-shirt, plastic Birkenstock sandals and maybe a sweatshirt and socks every day of the year
  10. I was a blood donor for many years.
  11. Most of my T-shirts say “Give Blood” in one form or or another.
  12. I love free T-shirts
  13. Lost is my favorite TV Show
  14. I have watched Saturday Night Live since it first came on in 1975.
  15. Favorite TV shows of the past include: original Twilight Zone, Northern Exposure, Beauty and the Beast and Twin Peaks
  16. I have seen every episode of the shows listed above
  17. I believed that life began by a process of time and chance for over 40 years
  18. I have believed in God for 12 years
  19. “Dogs” is my favorite thing that God created.
  20. I lived in Southern California for over 40 years
  21. I love movies from the 1930s and 1940s and a few special ones from later on like Singin’ in the Rain and Psycho.
  22. I learned how to knit socks to celebrate that I was a middle aged lady.
  23. I played clarinet all through school, and I met my trumpet playing hubby in a community band.
  24. I learned the hard way that a happy marriage is possible, but you both have to really want it and really work hard at it.
  25. I’ve learned the hard way that surviving the bad times enables you to grow as a person.

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32 responses to “25 Really boring things about X

  1. Jen

    Gret list, X. You\’re keepin\’ the ball rolling! Come \’n\’ read mine. Did it yesterday;)

  2. Tracey

    Beauty and the Beast??!! OMG l LOVED that show!! l saw every episode but l will NEVER watch it again! Far too sad!

  3. Tracey

    http://easydoesit2008.spaces.live.com/blog/cns!C1D933DD383A16B!1624.entryyou can come and read mine too, see what a geek l\’m becoming – l brought you a link!!

  4. Greg

    See, that wasn\’t so hard. Great list, X. Thanks for playing the game and keeping the ball rolling, as Jen said.

  5. X-Evolutionist

    Tracey, I just read your list. You are brave to be so open. I loved Beauty and the Beast. I was mad at Linda Hamilton when she decided to be in Terminator 2. She broke Vincent\’s heart. The show fell apart after that.

  6. X-Evolutionist

    Thanks, Greg. My list took me several days to write. I\’m way too boring. I had to work hard to find 25 things to list.

  7. X-Evolutionist

    Jen, I just read yours, too. Great list. I like gray hair. It shows you are not ashamed of your age. (that\’s how I rationalize it). My husband has three gray hairs. I hate him.

  8. Mandy

    That wasn\’t so hard was it …..now I\’ve done mine, I keep thinking of things I should have put!! (see number 26 on my list!) I love the 30\’s and 40\’s films, we\’d watch them at home with my mum and dad, every sunday afternoon, when I was a kid ! And Beauty and the Beast I remember that too, it was so sad! Great list!

  9. Greg

    Then he (Ron Perlman) went and grew those horns and became Hellboy…and infinitely more awesome.

  10. Jen

    I loved Beauty and the Beast too, in the old days. Wonder if it\’s available on DVD or even MSN Vids (Soapbox – keep forgetting!) or something? Thanks for readng mine, X:-)

  11. Kimmy

    Awe I really enjoyed reading this X! I did mine on Facebook. Maybe I should copy them over to Spaces too.Hope your enjoying your Tuesday!

  12. X-Evolutionist

    Kimmy, Copy it to Spaces!Jen, It\’s got to be on DVD.Greg, Yeah, but he was more handsome as VincentMandy, Yeah, old movies on TV. That\’s how I got to like them.

  13. Tracey

    Yes it is on DVD but l\’m never going there again. l swear, l cried every week even before the REALLY sad part came. And X, are you sure she left for T2?? The time frame doesn\’t seem right to me.But as much as l hated that she left B&B the world would have been a worse, worse place without Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2. Perhaps my fav action movie of all time – she was awesome!

  14. Tracey

    He was Sooooo hansome as Vincent. And his voice! But l think the biggest factor was the writing.Unbelievably romantic, and doomed – the two actors carried it off.

  15. X-Evolutionist

    Hi Tracey, According to IMDB.com, Linda Hamilton left BandB in 1989 and T2 came out in 1991. I have never seen the terminator movies, but I am watching Sarah Connon on TV. I just remember she left to be in that movie. Poor Vincent. No, I\’m with you, I could never watch it again. It was heartbreaking.

  16. X-Evolutionist

    Oh, yes. He was handsome, indeed! That was my favorite TV show of the year. I used to only watch one TV show a year. But, since marrying my hubby we\’ve been couch potatoes. We watch something every night.

  17. Mandy

    T2 was my favourite too, way better than T1, Sarah Connor is on here too, X, I\’ve caught a couple of them but seem to miss them when they are on!

  18. X-Evolutionist

    Sarah Connor is interesting, but there is too much action for me. I have this deal where my brain can\’t keep track of what is happening if it is all movement and no talking. It\’s like I get hypnotized. I do best with mysteries and psychological dramas where the whole thing is talking.

  19. Sherri

    Loved reading this, learned a few things. I posted mine on facebook and then thanks to Greg copied it to here. Great idea!

  20. Mandy

    I love a good mystery, I used to drive my ex nuts and guess the ending or "who done it" Not always difficult on tv programs, where the criminal is always the other main star! I like clever films and programs, that really make you think and are surprised (not always pleasantly) by the ending! (I was gonna name an English Tv prog then but the name now escapes me, had a bad IBS night last night and am seriously flagging now!)

  21. H

    Hiya .. interesting stuff in there .. i wont tag anyone but i will copy and paste it … take care, H xo

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