Pipsqueak just ran out on Shelly!

On the continuing saga of the relationship between Pipsqueak, the lovebird, Shelly the parakeet:

Pipsqueak used to live with the parakeets, but he picked on them way too much. He would chase them around and pull their tails and bite their feet. I took Pipsqueak and his girlfriend out of that house, and put them in their own house next door. They have lived together, just the two of them, for a year or so.

Pipsqueak, lovebird and Shelly, parakeet But, Pipsqueak just lifted up the cage door of his house and went next door to the cockatiel cage. He hung out there for a while, then crossed back over his house to the house where the rest of the parakeets live. He lifted up the door of the parakeet cage and just went in.

I guess marriage is taking its toll on him. The thing is, my six other parakeets, besides Pipsqueak’s mate Shelly, are all paired up in three committed relationships. If Pipsqueak thinks he’s going to have a beer with the guys, he is going to have to get the girls to agree to it, first.

When Pipsqueak is finished visiting, I hope he goes back home to Shelly, after all, she has seven eggs to support…

Maybe in a day or so, Pipsqueak will show up at the foot of the stairs in a torn, dirty T-shirt, hold his head in his hands and yell, Shellllll-llllly!! Then, Shelly will come down the stairs and hold him and then they will slowly walk up the stairs together. Take that, Tennessee Williams!

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11 responses to “Pipsqueak just ran out on Shelly!

  1. Robin

    LOL, I hope Pipsqueak goes home soon. Poor Shelly ! I can almost picture that too. Shellll-lllly !!

  2. X-Evolutionist

    Thank you, Robin. I will pass your good wishes on to Shelly.

  3. Mandy

    And then if she\’s got any sense, she\’ll read him the riot act, and he\’ll be sleeping on the perch tonight!

  4. X-Evolutionist

    Mandy, You mean the front "perch" under the "perch" light? We get a lot of moths flying around our "perch" light at night.

  5. Jen

    How are the eggs coming along?

  6. X-Evolutionist

    Pipsqueak finally came home to Shelly. It was no voluntarily, though. I had to put him back into his own house at bedtime. He pulls tails and bites toes of all the birds except Shelly. (I don\’t let my parrot Rufus near the little birds. He\’s too big to play with them)

  7. H

    love it! take care … H

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